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Positivity Boost: 78 Positive Adjectives That Start With L

Have you ever stopped to think about how many amazing words there are in the English language? Going through each letter, you can find hundreds and hundreds of different positive words to use in your everyday life. For example, there are so many positive adjectives that start with L. Not only that, but this letter also rolls nicely off the tongue!

I like to write down one positive affirmation every day, so having an A-Z list of adjectives helps a lot.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of my favorite adjectives that start with the letter L. Feel free to use them to write a lengthy letter to a loved one!

Positive Adjectives That Start With L to Compliment Someone

Laid-back — someone who is relaxed; unhurried; easy-going; easy to talk to.

Large-hearted — used to describe a generous and sympathetic person.

Larkish — someone who is gaily mischievous.

Latitudinarian — tolerant; not restrained; someone with open views on different subjects.

Law-abiding — abiding the laws of society; free from a criminal record.

Learned — a knowledgeable person; someone with higher education.

Legendary — extremely popular; famous; fabled.

Leisurely — similar to laid-back; unhurried.

Leisured — having leisure and plenty of free time; relaxed.

Lenient — not strict; generous; permissive; merciful; tolerant;

Lepid —amusing; pleasant.

Lettered — someone who is literate; learned; highly educated.

Level-headed — sensible; rational.

Light-hearted — happy; carefree; cheerful; merry.

Likable — pleasant; attractive; someone who is easy to like.

Liked — someone who is enjoyable; pleasant to be around; attractive.

Lionhearted — a courageous person; brave; not afraid of anything.

Lissome — thin; supple; graceful; flexible; nimble; active.

Literary — someone with a vast knowledge of literature.

Literate — a person who is able to write and read well.

Lithe — calm; mild; easy to bend; flexible.

Lithesome — flexible; nimble; lissome; supple.

Livable — suitable to live with.

Live — active; energetic; full of life.

Lively — energetic; refreshing; invigorating; brisk.

Logical — someone who is reasonable; a person that is skilled in the use of thinking and reasoning.

Lovable — someone with attractive features and characteristics; easy to love.

Loved — someone who is held dear; the object of love.

Lovely — beautiful; enjoyable; delightful.

Loving — affectionate; kind; nurturing.

Positive Adjectives That Start With L to Use at Your Leisure

Ladylike — characteristic of a lady or woman; well-bred.

Laudable — praiseworthy; commendable; healthy; salubrious.

Lavish — excessive; very abundant; bestow or give in abundance or profusion.

Liberal — unrestrained; tolerant to new ideas; free; generous.

Liberated — freed; released; unburdened.

Light-footed — fast; nimble; someone who is stealthy on their feet.

Liberating — giving freedom from restraint or restriction.

Like-minded — of similar opinion; of the same mind; having similar tendencies or thoughts.

Likely — plausible; appropriate; suitable; believable; attractive; pleasant.

Limitless — without end; without boundary; endless.

Living — full of vitality; realistic or true to life; in active use or function; relating to the maintenance; support or conduct of life; lifelike.

Limber — flexing or bending readily; supple; pliant.

Limpid — accessible; melodious; unclouded; clear.

Lordly — something related to a lord; noble; proud; lofty.

Loyal — custom; ideal; faithful to a cause, duty or person; unwavering and steadfast in devotion to friend or vow.

Luminiferous — producing or transmitting light; yielding light.

Luscious — luxurious; pleasant and sweet; delicious; very appealing to the mind or senses.

Lustrous — someone that has a glow or sheen; radiant; luminous.

Luxurious — characterized by luxury; being extremely fine; superior and rich in quality.

Lynx-eyed — having incredibly keen vision.

Lyrical — someone with an artistically expressive or beautiful quality; melodious; highly enthusiastic; rhapsodic; something that sounds nice.

Miscellaneous Positive Adjectives That Start With L

Lambent — softly brilliant; bright or radiant; flickering softly and lightly on or over a surface; having a gentle glow (especially without heat); luminous; twinkling.

Large — big; of relatively or considerable great size; extent or quantity; abundant; full; boastful; profuse; liberal; tolerant.

Larruping — excellent; delicious; very good.

Lasting — enduring; durable; existing; remaining or continuing for a long time.

Laudatory — conferring or expressing praise; extolling.

Laureate — worthy of the greatest honor; decked or crowned with laurel.

Lawful — authorized; recognized; established; constituted by law or rules; rightful.

Leading — principal; best; chief; guiding; directing preceding; occurring in advance.

Leading-edge — most up-to-date; latest; leading; at the forefront or cutting edge (especially of technological development).

Legal — a legal right; being allowed by law or rules.

Legible — apparent; easy to read and understand.

Legit — legal; legitimate; cool; genuine.

Legitimate — lawful; authentic.

Long-awaited — something that has been hoped for or expected for a long time.

Long-established — something with a long history; something that has existed or continued for a long time.

Long-standing — having existed for a long time; persistent.

Loquacious — someone who is very talkative.

Lucent — shining; translucent; clear; bright; lustrous; lucid.

Lucid — easily understood; sane; intelligible; transparent; clear; shining.

Lucky — fortuitous; favored by luck or chance.

Lucrative — profitable; producing wealth or success; gainful.

Lucullan — extremely luxurious; deluxe; lavish; luxe; luxuriant.

Lūculentus — full of light; brilliant; bright; splendid; distinguished; excellent.

Luminous — emitting light or full of light; illuminated; bright; easily understood or comprehended; enlightened; clear.

Lush — plentiful; abundant; extremely productive or pleasing; voluptuous.

Lusty — strong; powerful; vigorous; robust; healthful; big.

Luxuriant — characterized by abundance; richness, or growth; extremely elaborate or florid.

In Conclusion: Let Positivity Lead the Way

Nowadays, it’s especially important to incorporate as many positive words into our everyday vocabulary. It may sound impossible, but telling someone they are lustrous or lovely can truly make their day!

If you would also like to make it a point to be kind to people, I would highly recommend using some of these positive adjectives that start with L. They’re sure to leave a lasting impression!

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