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positive adjectives that start with m

Positivity Boost: 87 Positive Adjectives That Start With M

by Martha Simmonds

Are you looking for some words starting with the letter M to use in a letter, message, or in your everyday vocabulary? Are you trying to bring a bit of joy to the people around you? If so, then reading these positive adjectives that start with M is a marvelous way to motivate yourself!

All jokes aside, words are a powerful weapon. They have the ability to make a person laugh, cry, get angry, or smile. Ultimately, it’s completely up to you to decide which words you’re going to use, and how you want them to impact the person you’re saying them to.

That’s why I’ve decided to compile a list of positive adjectives I’d like to start using. Take a look at what’s on the menu for the letter M!

Positive Adjectives That Start With M to Describe Physical Attributes and Someone’s Nature

Magnetic — attractive; someone who pulls you in with their beauty.

Magnificent — amazing; splendid; elegant in appearance; grand; outstanding; exceptional for its kind.

Maiden — earliest or first; fresh; pure; virgin.

Maiden-like — befitting or characteristic of a maiden; a person that is considered pure of heart.

Magniloquent — high-flown or bombastic language; grandiose; lofty; heroic.

Majestic — exhibiting or possessing majesty, dignity or nobility; noble; grand.

Mannerly — someone who is polite; respectful; civil; well-mannered

Manly — used to describe a courageous man; a strong man; masculine.

Marvelous — miraculous; exciting; wondrous; astonishing; extraordinarily great or good.

Masculine — mannish; chiseled; muscled.

Masterful — someone who is very skillful or powerful; expert; in the manner of a master; fit to command or lead.

Maternal — of or pertaining to a mother; motherly.

Mature — having reached full development or growth; perfected.

Meek — showing humility and patience; gentle; humble.

Merry — happy; upbeat; jolly; joyous; offering fun, laughter, and gaiety.

Mesmerizing — someone or something that attracts interest and amazement.

Methodical — characterized by systematic and ordered behavior or habits.

Mettlesome — courageous; fiery; full of spirit.

Meticulous — extremely precise and careful.

Mighty — very strong and powerful; excellent; wonderful; great in size, extent, or degree.

Mindful — attentive; observant; heedful; regardful.

Minikin — small; diminutive; miniature.

Mirthful — arousing or provoking laughter; full of merriment, gladness, and gaiety; jovial;

Model — worthy of imitation or copying; also used to describe a person with incredible beauty.

Modelesque — someone who looks like a fashion or glamor model.

Modern — pertaining to the current style and time; avant-garde; ahead of the times of the current era.

Moral — virtuous; exhibiting or teaching correctness or goodness of behavior and character.

Motherly — someone with nurturing abilities; kind; loving.

Muscular — having physical strength, power, or well-developed muscles; brawny; powerful.

Miscellaneous Positive Adjectives That Start With M

Made — pieced together; created; produced; when someone is successful.

Main — most important; principal; absolute; great in degree or size; vast; extremely strong.

Major — great in number, scope, size, extent, or effect; greater than others.

Malleable — capable of being formed, shaped, or influenced.

Manageable — capable of being managed, controlled, or used; possible to do.

Managerial — of or pertaining to a manager or management.

Manifest — clearly apparent to the senses, mind, or judgment; obvious.

Many — numerous; amounting to or consisting of a large number.

Marked — having an identifying or visible mark; clearly evident.

Master — predominant or principal; highly proficient or skilled.

Matter-of-fact — adhering to facts only; literal.

Maturing — someone who is approaching maturity.

Mediate — being in a middle position or between extremes; connected indirectly through another person or something.

Meditative — of or pertaining to meditation; deeply thoughtful.

Ministerial — acting or serving as a minister or agent; tending to promote or advance.

Mint — like new or near in perfect condition.

Mitigatory — alleviating, lessening, or reducing the effect of something.

Moldable — something that is easily molded or modeled; flexible; bendable.

More — greater in amount, number, size, extent or degree; additional; extra.

Most — greatest in amount, number, degree, and the like.

Motor — producing or causing motion.

Moving — producing or causing motion; capable of arousing deep emotion.

Much — a lot; great in amount, degree, or extent; plentiful.

Multidimensional — having or marked by several aspects or dimensions.

Multi-disciplined — involving several disciplines or fields of expertise.

Multifaceted — having multiple aspects or facets.

Munificent — generous; very liberal in bestowing or giving.

Must — highly recommended or needed.

Mutual — shared or common to by two or more persons or things.

Positive Adjectives That Start With M to Brighten Up Your Day

Magical — enchanting; supernatural; beautiful, delightful, good or powerful (especially as being seemingly supernatural).

Magnanimous — generous, tolerant, understanding and noble in spirit; unselfish.

Manifest — clearly apparent to the senses, mind or judgment; obvious.

Masterly — showing or having the skill or knowledge of a master; domineering.

Matchless — without equal; unsurpassed.

Maximal — being the highest or greatest possible; largest; most complete.

Meaningful — having a meaning, function or purpose; significant.

Mellow — soft, juicy and sweet; soft and rich in quality; calm; relaxed; having a pleasing and full flavor through proper aging; a person who is relaxed.

Melodious — tuneful; having a pleasant sound or melody.

Memorable — worth being noted or remembered; remarkable; very important; easy to remember.

Merciful — exercising or having mercy; gracious; compassionate.

Meritable — deserving praise or reward.

Meritorious — deserving praise or reward; worthy of honor or recompense.

Metaphysical — highly theoretical or abstract; supernatural; immaterial.

Meteoric — like a meteor in brilliance, speed, or brevity.

Miraculous — so wonderful and astounding as to suggest a miracle; wonderful; phenomenal; supernatural.

Modernistic — recently developed style or fashion.

Modest — someone who is unpretentious and humble; sufficient or limited in size or scope.

Modifiable — capable of being modified in form or character or strength.

Momentous — very important; critical; weighty.

Moneyed — wealthy; having a great supply of money or possession of value.

Monumental — imposing in size or bulk or solidity; something of outstanding significance.

Motivated — enthusiastic; striving toward goal or action.

Motivating — encouraging to action or causing motion.

Motivational — intended or tending to motivate.

Multilingual — someone who is able to use more than two languages for communication.

Musical — melodious; pleasing to the ear.

Mystical — inspiring a sense of spiritual mystery, awe, and fascination.

In Conclusion: The More Positive Words You Use the Merrier

Be honest — how many of these words do you use on a regular basis? Or, in general, how many positive adjectives do you use throughout the day?

If the answer is not a lot, then I hope my list will motivate you to use more positive words when communicating with your friends and family. You won’t believe how much impact a single praise can have on someone’s day!

Remember, you have the power to turn someone’s frown upside down, so give some of these positive adjectives that start with M a try. Afterward, you can move onto some other letters of the alphabet. Trust me, once you start using positive words, you won’t be able to get enough!

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