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positive adjectives that start with n

Positivity Boost: 53 Positive Adjectives That Start With N

by Martha Simmonds

Now is the perfect time to accentuate the positive, and for me, that means gathering a lot of positive adjectives that start with N. As far as negativity goes, there is already plenty of it out there to go around. I feel I can do my part to counteract it by reminding people of just how many positive things there are to say, since it’s easy to forget that when surrounded by so many serious issues. And merely saying something encouraging or kind when given the chance could be enough to dispel the dismal feelings that come with too much negativity.

I like to keep these words in mind for when I want to spread some joy with a compliment, or just offer a gentle reminder that there are so many reassuring, impressive, and amusing things to be glad about. N is a good choice, too, because these neat words convey a lot of nifty meaning.

Positive Adjectives Starting With N Denoting Beauty, Tenderness Or Purity

Nascent – emerging; having freshly emerged into the world.

Natty – neat, tidy, and trim.

Neat – well arranged and presentable; tidy; in place.

Neater – more well-arranged than previously, or than another.

Neatest – unmatched in tidiness; the most well-arranged.

Neighborly – warm and respectful towards others, especially those in the immediate vicinity; genial.

Neoteric – originating recently; updated; modern.

New – recent; different than others from the past; having recently come into existence.

Newborn – young, pure, and innocent; delicate and endearing; freshly created.

Newfangled – having the appearance or air of something modern and up-to-date; state of the art; at the leading edge of its field.

Nice – presenting a pleasant aspect or demeanour; amiable or approachable; pleasing to the senses.

Nicer – having become more pleasant; more amiable than other people; relatively kind.

Nicest – unmatched in pleasantness or amiability; the most pleasing of many alternatives.

Nifty – clever or cute; impressive in operation or appearance.

Nimble – having a natural talent for physical alacrity; deft, agile or dextrous.

Nippy – full of exuberance; insistent; refreshingly cool.

Nobby – elegant and stylish; well arranged and chic.

Noiseless – not making unwanted sounds; well-oiled or maintained; unobtrusive.

Non-belligerent – without the appearance or threat of hostility; peaceful or benign.

Non-violent – not presenting aggression; peaceful, tolerant.

Nourishing – offering sustenance or satisfaction.

Nouveau – newly developed; recent; fresh.

Novel – surprisingly different or inventive; interesting for being new.

Nubile – of the age to be married; young and exuberant.

Nurturing – presenting protection and reassurance; encouraging.

Positive Adjectives Starting With N Expressing Strength, Virtue Or Character

Native – original; being of pure origin; belonging to a place or society inherently.

Natural – occurring without effort; in a form that fits the unadulterated world as it is; organic; unforced.

Nervy – displaying bravery in trying situations; unable to be intimidated; confident and courageous.

Never-failing – certain to succeed; invulnerable to failure; reliable in all situations.

Noble – of distinguished rank; having superior inherent qualities; on a higher level.

Nonchalant – having an easy-going, confident manner; unfazed by the judgment of others.

Nonpareil – of a quality without equal; unmatched; unique.

Normal – without exceptional or disturbing qualities; standard.

Noted – widely respected; famous.

Noteworthy – of high quality; deserving of praise.

Number-one – of the highest quality; first or best.

Numinous – awe-inspiring; presenting a supernatural quality.

Positive Adjectives Starting With N Denoting Intellect Or Thought

Noetic – related to human intellect and thought; connected to the operation of the mind.

Normative – presenting a norm as a standard to be followed or emulated; establishing correct or exemplary form.

Notable – worth taking into consideration or mentioning; significant.

Other Positive Adjectives Starting With N

National – representing a nation, culture or people; joining things or people in one united group.

Nationwide – having large, unlimited scope; meeting the wants and needs of an entire nation.

Navigable – able to be traversed without risk; straightforward to deal with; manageable.

Nearby – located within a reasonable distance; not overly far away; local.

Necessary – called for; instrumental; indisposable.

Needed – required or wanted; in high demand.

Negotiable – able to be negotiated; open to other possibilities; not strict.

Non-toxic – able to be ingested or touched without causing permanent harm; not dangerous for living things.

Noticeable – standing out from the rest; drawing attention.

Nourished – fed, maintained, or satisfied; sustained.

Nutrimental – giving energy or sustaining growth.

Nutritious – containing many vital substances for a living thing; healthy.

Nutritive – related to nutrition and sustenance.

Conclusion — Positivity Should Be Nurtured

Ultimately, this is quite a list. Just reading over it fills my mind with positive energy! As far as I am concerned, that is the whole point of compiling lists of positive words. After reading over such a list, the words remain fresh in my mind, and then they tend to crop up repeatedly in my speech without effort. And I have to admit that I always appreciate hearing these words from people I talk to.

I will keep coming back to this list of 53 positive adjectives that start with N. A list like this is good to internalize, so they just come out when needed. Until then, there are lots more letters and words to explore!

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