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positive adjectives that start with y

Positivity Boost: 17 Positive Adjectives That Start With Y

by Martha Simmonds

A good day starts with a positive mindset — and the best way to achieve that is by using the right words to give you a boost. Citing the right words like a mantra as soon as you wake up can really work wonders towards setting you on the path to success. So, I decided to compile a list of positive adjectives that start with Y to help you start every single day wonderfully.

Since life never comes with just flowers, love and unicorns, you need to be prepared for any situation. Always try to focus on the positive and learn to accept the negative. Positive words have a much bigger power than you can imagine. So, by having “Y” in the spotlight, let’s take a look at all the positive adjectives that start with Y.

Yappy — loquacious; talkative.

Yare — eager; agile; keen; lively.

Yawning — gaping; wide; wide open.

Year-long — something that expands for the duration of one year; long.

Yearly — something that happens every year; annually.

Yeasty — something that contains yeast; something resembling yeast.

Yern — active; quick; brisk; eager.

Yellow-bellied — cowardly.

Yellowish — something with a tint of yellow; something that contains yellow.

Yielding — productive; submissive; obedient; flexible.

Yogic — something that relates to yoga.

Yonder — distant, but still within sight; far away, but seeable.

Young — being in an early period of life; fresh; vigorous; youthful.

Young-at-heart — act the way someone young would; having a fresh spirit, no matter the age.

Youngish — appearing young; acting young.

Youthful — active; fresh; vigorous; early.

Yummy — delicious; tasty; delectable; very attractive; pleasing.

In Conclusion — Yummy Words Satisfy Our Minds

Even though there are not as many positive adjectives that start with Y as with other letters, they can still be used to form amazing, thought-provoking phrases. Don’t let that stop you, though — who says you can’t borrow some from other languages? I hope you will find this list helpful and that you’ll always stay young-at-heart!

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