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Positive Affirmations For Women: What They Are & What They Do

Whenever I start doubting my ability to make it through the week, I have to make a conscious effort to remind myself that I can do it. Recently, though, I discovered that reminding myself that I’ve lived through challenging situations before is a well-established practice. So this whole time, I’ve been saying positive affirmations for women and I didn’t even know it!

Still, up until a few weeks ago, I rarely used these kinds of mantras. Since then, I’ve realized that the practice is intertwined with the Law of Attraction. According to that philosophical belief, thoughts have the power to attract positive or negative experiences.

Upon learning that, I started wondering what would happen if I made positive statements a part of my daily routine. If you’re interested in the results of my little experiment, read on!

What Are Positive Affirmations for Women?

According to the Law of Attraction, repeating certain sentences every day will allow you to achieve your wildest dreams. But is it really as easy as looking at yourself in the mirror and saying a catchy mantra?

Well, while voicing positive thoughts could block out negative ones over time, most people can’t effortlessly manifest their wishes. If a mental block is stopping you from believing your statements, it may prevent you from achieving your goals. Still, if you manage to work through that, you too can experience the many benefits of encouraging self-talk.

The Power of Affirmations

At this point, you’re probably eager to hear some of the benefits I’ve been talking about. So without further ado, let’s talk about how positive statements may improve your life.

First and foremost, practicing self-affirmation has been shown to increase self-compassion, which can have many psychological benefits. To be completely frank, that conclusion came from a study in which participants practiced self-affirmation by writing about their values. Still, you should be able to replicate these results through spoken statements. After all, they are just articulations of your values and desires.

Therefore, those who use positive affirmations for women are essentially strengthening their self-perception. Simply put, telling yourself that you’re confident and calm can make you showcase those traits more often. So that’s how this exercise could increase your self-esteem.

What’s more, you may find yourself feeling composed even in anxiety-inducing situations. In that way, telling yourself positive statements can make you more capable of solving problems as they appear. With enough time, these new, positive thought patterns should become your new normal. So the next time something threatens your self-perception, you’ll automatically fall back on the values you express through your mantras.

There’s even evidence pointing to the fact that these mantras can increase your financial self-control. According to one study, you can use them to change your learned preference for smaller yet instantaneous rewards over larger ones you might receive at a later date. So in a way, the power of positive thinking may improve your ability to grow your savings. There’s just one catch!

The Secret to Making Positive Affirmations for Women Work for You

Most people tend to forget that these mantras are supposed to be a way to remind yourself of the truth. For example, let’s examine one of the most commonly used positive affirmations for women: I am strong and resilient. Simply saying it won’t make you believe that it’s true on days when you’re not feeling particularly strong or resilient. Sometimes, you’ll have to make yourself believe your mantra even when you’re not inclined to.

There is one exercise that might help. When you’re composing your mantras, it might help to list all the evidence that supports them. So if you ever forget why you thought yourself strong and resilient, you’ll be able to remind yourself.

To complete this exercise, write down each of the mantras you use on separate pages in your journal. Once you’ve done that, fill the rest of the page with descriptions of past events that support the statement. For the example I mentioned above, you might recall a time you got through a particularly difficult ordeal like bouncing back after losing a job.

Still, if you’re especially prone to negative self-talk, I can only encourage you to go to therapy. CBT, in particular, has shown great promise when it comes to dealing with invasive thoughts. Once you work through the underlying cause of your thought spirals, you’ll be able to imagine a better path for yourself.

Some Disclaimers

As I have established, positive thoughts can attract positive outcomes. If you feel good about a work project, you’ll probably go into a presentation with a more relaxed mindset. That will ultimately serve you better than if you had stepped into that room a nervous mess. Even so, I wanted to take a moment to make an important disclaimer.

Unfortunately, there will always be things that are beyond your control. For example, if you’re trying to manifest prosperity — that may or may not result in financial abundance. After all, that kind of thing isn’t only contingent upon your thoughts or even your actions. Factors like your class and the overall state of the economy can help or hinder your ability to make money.

Similarly, intention setting won’t be able to affect other people. You can’t hurt or attract someone with your thoughts. You can’t make people change or understand your point of view by mumbling some phrase in front of a mirror. That’s something you’ll have to achieve through your actions — and even then, it won’t work for everything.

So instead of relying on mantras to attract money, try manifesting opportunities or a certain kind of energy. Likewise, instead of wanting to make someone love you, think about attracting love in a more general sense. You may not get the specific person you wanted but you’ll end up with someone even better. Most importantly, you have to work for what you want, not only think about it.

How to Personalize Your Affirmations

Now that you know what you can achieve by using positive affirmations for women, are you ready to try them? If you’re a complete beginner to this kind of personal development exercise, you might need help composing your mantras. Here are some tips that might help:

• Start by examining your values and goals. If you value the feeling of security your loved ones give you, tell yourself: I am safe. I am loved. Alternatively, if your goal is to attract positive relationships or even a romantic partnership, say: I attract positive energy and love.

• Make your statements in the present tense. For example, you would say I am a runner before going out for a jog to remind yourself that you know what you’re doing. Saying that you will be a runner makes the statement a vague vision of the future rather than a presently achievable goal. As soon as you start running, you are a runner.

• Use first-person pronouns. Some people like to say their mantras in front of a mirror — and that’s completely fine. However, many of those people also use second-person pronouns when they do so, which isn’t necessary. By doing so, you may subconsciously detach the claim from yourself.

Of course, there are plenty of other examples you might use depending on your circumstances. I am happy is a fairly popular one, as is I am surrounded by abundance — which you would use to remind yourself that you naturally attract positive things into your life.

What Are the Best Positive Affirmations for Women?

Even though most people could benefit from using mantras, women might find certain statements particularly helpful. For example, if you’re a woman who tends to apologize often for no reason at all, you might start telling yourself I will not apologize for being me. I am not responsible for other people’s feelings.

Similarly, if you struggle with low self-esteem, you might want to try something like I am worthy of compassion. I deserve everything life has to offer. If you have body image issues on top of that, you might try saying My body is beautiful. It is the vessel that holds and expresses my soul.

There are many other statements you could try. As I have said, as long as you follow the rules I’ve explained above, you can’t go wrong. But if you need any help believing these claims, write down the proof.

If none comes to mind right away, you could wait for a day when you feel more optimistic about your prospects and do it then. Alternatively, you could ask a loved one to supply the answers for you.

To Conclude

Incorporating positive affirmations for women into your daily routine will change your life one way or another. But don’t get me wrong, these mantras aren’t magic. Still, they’ll almost certainly affect the way you think about yourself and the world around you. More importantly, they’ll change the way you behave, allowing you to avoid the standard pitfalls you used to fall into and succeed in every way that matters — take it from me!

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