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Positivity Boost: 103 Positive Words That Start With F

by Gloria Louden

A positive vocabulary is the perfect start to a happier life. After all, the way you express yourself dictates the way you feel. I found that making an effort to improve my vocabulary made a huge difference in my mood. And it’s easier than you may think. Every letter of the alphabet offers plenty of options. So, to help you start on your journey to positivity, I’ve compiled a list of 103 positive words that start with F. They’re sure to make your life that much brighter.

Positive Words That Start with F Denoting Beauty and Attractiveness

Fab — wonderful; (short for fabulous); very pleasing, usually from a visual perspective.

Fabulous — astonishing; exceedingly pleasing; amazing.

Fair — light in color; beautiful and pleasing appearance; reasonable.

Fancy — highly decorative; fine; of a superior grade; extravagant.

Fashionable — stylish and elegant; having a good sense of style.

Fashionista — with a great liking for fashion; expert in the fashion industry.

Fascinating — having the ability to attract attention; attractive; mysterious.

Faultless — perfect; without flaw; free from defect.

Fetching — very attractive; charming; possessing an attractive allure; interesting.

Fine — very attractive; good-looking; of superior quality; smooth; dashing; fetching; characterized by elegance.

Finer — greater in quality than others.

Finest — superlative to fine; most fine or delicate.

Fit — proper; healthy; in good shape or suitable to a purpose; optimized.

Flashy — visually impressive; stunning; dazzling or wonderful for a moment; expensive looking.

Flawless — perfect; free of defects or flaws.

Foxy — attractive; sexy; fierce; stylish.

Fresh — new; clear and bright; clean; recently made; just arrived; first-rate; refreshing; youthful.

Fragrant — having a pleasant or sweet smell.

Flavorful — tasty; savory; full of flavor or pleasant to the taste.

Positive Words That Start with F About Ease, Freedom and Happiness

Facile — easy; easily achievable or done; quick; ready.

Facilitative — free from impediment; with a low degree of difficulty.

Fain — satisfied; happy; content with one’s situation.

Fare — to manage to do something; to achieve something.

Fearless — bold; without fear; exhibiting bravery.

Feasible — a task that is capable of being done; logical.

Fast — swift; capable of moving, thinking or acting quickly; lasting.

Fleet — moving rapidly or swiftly; light and quick.

Fairytale — fictional story with a happy ending; ideal.

Flexible — adaptable; responsive; capable of being changed, adjusted, or molded.

Fluent — capable of flowing or moving smoothly; able to speak with minimal effort and well.

Flying — capable to fly; moving fluently and quickly; progressing swiftly.

Fortuitous — a happy and unexpected accident; occurring unexpectedly; fortunate or lucky.

Foolproof — easily understandable or doable; something so simple that a negative outcome is near impossible.

Footloose — free to act as one wishes to; freedom of choice.

Free — costing nothing; unconstrained; able to act or do as one wants or wishes.

Freedom — state of liberty; lack of limitations or inhibitions.

Fond — friendly; displaying affection or warmth; loving; cherishing.

Fulfilled — finished or completed; satisfied; done.

Fulfilling — that which causes a feeling of satisfaction; satisfying.

Fortunate — bringing something good and unforeseen; lucky.

Fun and Exciting Words That Start With F

Fervent — glowing; very hot; eager and willing; manifesting intense passion and emotion.

Festal — offering joy and fun; high-spirited; festive; fun-loving.

Festive — joyful; excited; merry; eager to celebrate.

Fevered — state of ecstasy and excitement; anticipatory and joyous.

Flourishing — very lively; prosperous; succeeding in everything; thriving.

Formidable — inspiring awe, wonder, or admiration as a result of some impressive quality; of great size or importance; impressive in excellence or strength.

Frisky — high-energy and lively; playful; displaying or manifesting enthusiasm.

Frolicsome — playful and frisky; full of mirth and high-spirited fun; active.

Fun — enjoyable; good time; amusing; entertaining.

Funky — groovy; fun; rhythmic and energetic; cool and unconventional.

Funny — causing amusement or laughter; intended to amuse or entertain; of comical and light-hearted nature; amusing; humorous; curious or strange in a good way.

Fantastic — excellent; marvelous; existing only in fantasy; of unreal beauty or quality.

Fiery — showing great passion; glowing with desire; spirited; very intense; resembling fire.

Positive Words That Start with F Describing Relationships

Familial — having similar characteristics to those of a family; family-like; simulating a family.

Familiar — intimate; friendly; known to one; acquainted; recognizable; comfortable.

Family-friendly — suitable for anyone; appropriate for all audiences and any age.

Fan — admirer; very fond of someone.

Favored — aided; regarded with kindness and admiration; preferred above others.

Favorite — preferred above all others; appealing to the general population.

Fellowship — friendship; buddy relationship.

Fraternal — resembling a brotherly figure; a close friend relationship.

Fraternity — a bond similar to that of blood relatives; brotherly relationship.

Friend — buddy; someone familiar and close.

Friendly — comforting; kind and warm; like a friend; approachable and sweet.

Friendship — a bond between two people; casual relationship.

Positive Words That Start with F Denoting Power or Wealth

Famed — well-known and esteemed; widely popular and praised.

Famous — renowned; well-known; relevant in the public eye.

Far-sighted — anticipative; planning for the future; ability to see and focus to a great distance.

Fecund — highly fertile; capable of producing offspring; intellectually productive; fruitful.

Felicitous — working out well; showing prosperity; successful; marked by good luck; delightful; exhibiting; agreeable style and mannerisms.

Fertile — fecund; fruitful; capable of developing and growing; able to reproduce.

Fierce — competitive and attractive; exhibiting confidence.

First-class — highest of the class or rank; very good; best in quality.

First-rate — of the highest importance or rank; exceptional; marvelous.

Five-star — of supreme quality; classy and elegant

Flush — abundant; wealthy; having a great amount of fortune.

Far-reaching — having an influential effect or range.

Forceful — powerful; strong; mighty.

Foremost — of a higher position or rank; above anything and anyone else; paramount.

Fortified — having something added to increase the security, durability or strength.

Foundational — fundamental; the basis of something; of key importance.

Front-page — important above others; of major importance; headlining.

Frontman — leader; a representative for a group;

Fruitful — fertile; productive; producing abundantly; yielding great results, profit.

Positive Words That Start with F About Character or Personality

Focused — brought into focus; concentrated on something.

Failte — welcoming; to welcome someone.

Faithful — having faith (can refer to religion); one who does not break oaths, promises, contracts, etc.

Fairy — someone sweet and innocent; reminiscent of the mythical creature of the same name.

Fastidious — detail-oriented; perfectionist; attentive to details.

Favorable — helpful; advantageous; encouraging; useful; supporting; pleasing.

Finesse — high degree of delicacy and skill.

Firm — strong; solid; hard to disrupt; steady; constant.

First — best of the bunch; earliest; leader.

Fitting — appropriate; suitable; proper; precisely right in size or accuracy.

Flamboyant — richly colored; elaborate; showy in behavior; happy-go-lucky; peppy.

Flash — showy; sparkling and glittering; happening suddenly; expensive looking.

Foresighted — able to anticipate beforehand; provident for the future.

Forgiving — inclined to forgive; providing closure and forgiveness; compassionate.

Forthright — straightforward; blunt; direct and without subtlety.

Forward — eager; being ahead of current trends; direct; blunt.

Forward-thinking — progressive in thought; modern; change-oriented.

Frank — honest and sincere in expression; straightforward; unrestrained; direct in expression.

Futuristic — characteristic of the future; modern; ahead of the times.

Conclusion: Fly Towards Fulfillment

Basking in negativity doesn’t do anyone good. Happiness is a choice, and little changes in attitude can help you reap great benefits.

The best place to start is your vocabulary. Choosing to speak more positively will change the energy around you and improve your overall state of mind. So, I hope this list of 103 positive words that start with F can help you on your path to a happier life.

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