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Positivity Boost: 96 Positive Words That Start With S

There are many positive words that start with S, as you’ll soon see. These words can bring you encouragement as well as help you express love and care for the people that matter to you. Also, they can help you tap into your spiritual side, or simply boost your vocabulary. Remember; positivity starts with you, your attitude, and the words you use.

So, check out the plethora of positive words that start with S below. Introduce them to your everyday vocabulary, and you’ll instantly see what a change positivity can bring.

Positive Words That Start With S That Can Bring You Encouragement

Safe — protected from harm or risk. Secured from any form of danger. Unlikely to be lost.

Satisfying — rewarding, pleasing, gratifying. Bringing pleasure associated with the fulfillment of a wish or desire.

Salient — the most important one out of the group. Someone or something that stands out from the crowd due to positive qualities.

Salutary — something with a good outcome despite the odds. Beneficial and advantageous in the end, though initially, it might not seem so.

Sensational — very impressive or attractive. Able to cause great thrill and excitement in public.

Sophisticated — enlightened, cosmopolitan. Gifted by much experience and knowledge regarding the world, fashion, and culture.

Superb — magnificent. Impressive by its perfection.

Spirited — loaded with enthusiasm, energy, and will. Positive and relaxed, easy-going.

Spontaneous — having a welcoming, friendly, and open nature that doesn’t pay attention to inhibitions.

Strong — powerful, secure. Determined and resolute.

Sufficient — ambulant, plentiful. Suitable to meet the needs.

Stunning — remarkable, extraordinary, astonishing, phenomenal.

Sprightly — energetic. Full of life. Animated, perky, or playful.

Spunky — brave and determined. Keep in mind that though “spunky” means courageous in the rest of the world, in Australia it can also mean sexually attractive.

Stupendous — amazing. Highly impressive, extraordinary, or remarkable.

Sharp — precise, exact, and punctual.

Scintillating — highly skillful. Impressive by its brilliance.

Seamless — perfect and brilliant. Flawless or picture-perfect.

Shining — brilliant or excellent at something.

Significant — noteworthy, remarkable, outstanding. Special in a way that demands extra attention.

Skillful — able to master a certain skill to perfection.

Splendid — wonderful, marvelous, spectacular. Very impressive or glorious.

Smart — intelligent, clever, sharp-witted. Can also be used to talk about someone stylish and well dressed.

Self-sufficient or self-sustainable — independent. Able to manage with no help from outside forces or sources.

Sound — reliable and secure. Based on valid reasoning and good judgment.

Shrewd — quick-witted. Astute, possessing sharp wits.

Super — first-class, superior. Better than the rest by and large.

Self-assured — confident. Assertive and positive when it comes to dealing with one’s skills and wisdom.

Streetwise — able to manage the hardships of urban life, especially in big cities.

Souped-up — more powerful than it used to be. More elaborate or impressive than before.

Sanguine — having an optimistic and easy-going attitude, especially when dealing with extreme difficulties.

Sunniness — ability to bring joy and cheer due to good nature.

Sportive — playful, lively, fun-loving and light-hearted.

Special — unusual, remarkable. Better and different from the norm.

Sublime — awe-inspiring and noble. Possessing undisputable, remarkable beauty.

Talk About Beauty, Looks, and Love With These Positive Words That Start With S

Saucy — sexually teasing in a playful, joking manner.

Sightly — visually appealing. Pleasing to the eye.

Stripling — a good-looking young man, or a man who looks younger than his age.

Smashing — exceptionally good looking.

Spellbinding — able to capture someone’s attention as if by magic. Hypnotic and fascinating.

Spectacular — beautiful in a way that is impossible to ignore.

Sleek — flowing, elegant, and graceful. Also, a person who looks and dresses nicely.

Sensuous — attractive and appealing in a sexual manner. Highly pleasing to the senses, much more than to the intellect.

Soulmate or soul-mate — a person that you develop a feeling of deep compatibility with. This compatibility doesn’t have to be limited to love and sex. It involves any form of intimacy, affinity, and spirituality.

Soigné — sharply dressed. Having an elegant and well-groomed appearance.

Seemly — possessing good taste in moderation. Proper and decent.

Seductive — enticing. Attractive and tempting, particularly when it comes to sex.

Snazzy — stylish, smart, and attractive. Glamorous and gorgeous.

Smitten — being strongly affected by someone’s looks or personality. Attracted without the ability to resist it.

Sensual — pleasing to the senses, physically stimulating and loaded with passion.

Sexy — extremely physically attractive.

Stylish — modern and voguish when it comes to fashion. Elegant and sophisticated.

Sturdy — athletic and strong. Well built and muscular.

Sizzling — very hot, exciting, and thrilling, especially in a sensual manner.

Suave — charming, sophisticated, and elegant. World-wise.

The Best Positive Words That Start With S Denoting Spirituality and Wisdom

Sacred — connected to God, belonging to a spiritual domain rather than the mundane one. Holy. Also used to describe something that is displaying the laws and dogmas of religion.

Sage — experienced and wise. Denotes a person who has obtained wisdom through practical experience, rather than through theory, as well as someone kind and polite due to their old age.

Sagacious — wise. Clever and intelligent. Possessing a gift of greater knowledge.

Soul-stretching — unifying and useful to both body and soul, mostly via meditation and spiritual exercise.

Self-compassion — a combination of mindfulness, humanity, and kindness that you should express to yourself. This is a skill that’s particularly useful when going through a prolonged period of troubles.

Self-acceptance — a state of being at ease with yourself, knowing both your virtues and things that are not so great about yourself, understanding them, and using them to your advantage.

Serenity — a state of tranquility and calm.

Self-determination — a process by which a person takes control of their own life.

Self-esteem — the ability of an individual to objectively see their virtues and self-worth and appreciate those qualities.

Soft-hearted — tender, kind, and compassionate.

Solace — comfort in times of trouble.

Sincere — honest. A person who speaks their mind without dishonesty and hypocrisy.

Selfless — someone who is focused more on the needs of others than their own. Altruistic and unselfish.

Soothing — calming. Able to take the pain away or bring ease to those who need it.

Smooth — calm, placid, undisturbed, and collected.

Stability — the state of being firm and undisturbed.

Sensitive — able to sense and appreciate others’ emotions and moods. Highly responsive to any change, signal, or influence.

Spiritual — non-material. Related to and affecting the human spirit and soul, instead of the material and physical.

Sapient — wise, both in mind and in appearance.

Sanctuary — a place of religious worship. Can also refer to a place that offers shelter and safety of any kind.

Some More Positive Words That Start With S to Spice Up Your Life

Saint — formally, this word is used for describing someone who is considered holy in the Christian faith. Informally, it describes a person who has many virtues, patience, and is very kind to others.

Savior — a person who saves others from harm, danger, or difficulty.

Salubrious — something that has a healing quality. Beneficial to health or health-giving.

Salvation — the act of keeping someone or something out of harm’s way. Conservation.

Scenic — presenting a beautiful natural surrounding.

Scholarly — related to academic knowledge. Erudite or intellectual.

Sizable — worthy of admiration due to its volume. Large and substantial in its scope.

Snappy — quick-witted. Clever in a catchy way. Concise and straight to the point.

Stirring — able to cause excitement and other strong, positive emotions. Thrilling or gripping.

Solicitous — eager and willing to do something. Highly enthusiastic.

Savoring — very pleasing to the senses, especially when it comes to food and drinks.

Sedulous — dedicated and diligent. Devoted to details.

Serendipity — a serialized turn of events that leads to a surprisingly nice ending.

Snug — comfortable, warm, and cozy. Well protected from the elements (when talking about a place.)

Smashing — excellent, wonderful.

Solidarity — a union between individuals. Usually, these individuals share a common interest or stand behind the same cause. All of the members benefit from the union.

Spry — active, energetic, lively, jovial.

Sprout — to cause someone or something to develop and grow.

Spot on — correct, exact. Can also mean completely accurate.

In Conclusion

Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes. That is why you can rely on this list of positive words that start with S whenever you want to make an impact on your life and your surroundings. Words are loaded with meaning and might. So, it’s extremely important to choose your words wisely, as they can shape your reality. Be strong, self-sufficient and spiritual. Make your life a smashing spectacle like no other!

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