possible causes for hair loss

3 Possible Causes For Hair Loss And What You Can Do About It

Your hair is not just, ideally, a functional element of your body to protect your head and scalp, but a stylish way to express your personality and a source of comfort and for most people, confidence as well.

If you or someone you love has recently been experiencing hair loss, either in small tufts sporadically or on a more serious and patchier basis, then you have come to the right place. Here, for your information, are 3 of the most common possible causes for hair loss and what you can do about it to evoke a positive change.

1. Anxiety & Stress

As with a myriad of other signs and symptoms visible on the human body, high levels of stress and anxiety can even make your hair start to thin and fall out.

Furthermore, due to the nature of anxiety and stress, you may well be currently suffering from both yet are not consciously aware of either, which obviously makes it more difficult to identify. If you do feel as if stress may be the cause of your hair falling out or thinning, then you have a duty to yourself and your emotional and mental health and wellbeing to do something about it.

Some practical ways to combat stress which may work for you include:

• Engage in enjoyable physical exercise.
• Yoga and meditation.
• Go to bed earlier.
Keep a writing journal of your feelings in an attempt to ascertain the root of the problem.
• Surround yourself with calm and positive people.

2. Genetics

Another primary possible cause for your hair loss could simply be a genetic predisposition towards thinning hair and a way to confirm this would be to see whether your parents, sisters and brothers and even grandparents have also experienced a similar thing.

If it does turn out that the reason for your hair thinning and falling out is down to genetics rather than another environmental factor, then no amount of yoga or changes to your diet will make a difference and instead, it is time to turn to more effective action.

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular amongst both men and women across the length and breadth of this country and beyond, and reputable and renowned clinics, such as hshairclinic.co.uk, offer a bespoke consultancy and surgical procedure to permanently increase both the volume of your hair and the number of hair follicles.

3. Medical Procedures & Treatments

If you have either recently, or else in the past couple of years, undergone treatment such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy, then this may well be the reason why your hair is thinner or else changed color or reduced in volume.

Such medical treatments are also a cause for hair loss and if this is the case with yourself, then there are several things to do as to try to restore your hair to its proverbial former glory, including but not limited to the following:

• Improve your diet with vegetables, red meat and oily fish.
• Ensure to get enough sleep.
• Stop using harsh dyes and chemicals on your hair.
• Stop using hairdryers and straighteners and instead let your hair dry naturally.

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