potential of personalized healthcare

The Benefits and Potential of Personalized Healthcare

An impressive 75% of US consumers wish that their healthcare experiences were more personalized, according to one Redpoint Global survey. Being a revolution in healthcare, the use of personalized medicine has a myriad of benefits for patients and their health and wellbeing. From telehealth to personalized micronutrient formulas designed 100% to fit an individual’s needs, here’s what you need to know about how personalization is changing medicine.

An innovative healthcare experience

A personalized healthcare experience not only focuses on someone’s individual needs and is based on their genetic makeup, but has a number of additional benefits that can immensely aid in a number of different aspects. For example, personalized medicine allows for more effective drugs to be prescribed, an improvement in disease detection, and customization for disease prevention strategies, to name just a few. Not only does this enhance a patient’s experience by tailoring it to them, but can aid in improving outcomes as well.

Notable examples of personalized healthcare

Whether we realize it or not, personalized healthcare can be found in a number of different and accessible services. Telehealth is just one example that offers a truly tailored experience by allowing patients to see a doctor remotely, without having to drive to a doctor’s office or schedule an appointment week in advance.

In turn, this allows patients to have access to more flexible healthcare options, and can even be found for mental health therapy through services like Talkspace, which offers personalized therapy approaches for every individual.

Another example of personalized healthcare includes Your.MD, which uses artificial intelligence algorithms in order to search medical literature (of which covers an impressive 1,000 conditions). While this certainly isn’t a replacement for seeing a doctor, people can talk with a bot regarding symptoms and any questions they may have, which will be answered via personalized and accurate responses.

While services like Your.MD and Doctor on Demand do a lot in personalizing healthcare, tailoring nutrients is yet another major example as well, where unique nutrition through customized micronutrient formulas are engineered to fit each individual’s needs and goals. Not only can this aid in reaching health and wellness goals in a more streamlined way, but it can also help by allowing you to build a stronger cellular nutrition foundation and gaining peak performance via increased energy and better mood.

The future of medicine?

While personalized healthcare can be seen in a number of different ways today, there’s no doubt that it also holds a lot of promise for the future, too. Aside from the fact that nearly 70% of healthcare providers want to continue having telehealth visits (thus proving how popular it is), other aspects of personalized care hint at what the future may look like. For instance, the sheer amount of data that one person generates over their lifetime can potentially unlock valuable insights into their health and wellbeing; something that could help advance the field in the future.

Automation also holds a lot of promise in advancing personalized healthcare. For example, in the future, automation will allow for data to be sorted through much quicker.

When it comes to getting a more personalized experience in regards to healthcare, telehealth services, customized nutrition, and artificial intelligence are just a few innovative ways that one can see it in action.

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