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power of custom koozies

The Power Of Custom Koozies As A Promotional Tool

by Martha Simmonds

We all know the feeling of getting unexpected freebies during events. Offering free promotional items to advertise your brand/business is a great way to step up your business. Job fairs, shows and special events are the best opportunity to find potential customers through attractive promotional gifts, one of the most popular being customized koozies.

People love koozies and a customized one with your business name, logo and description makes a huge improvement in sales and business reach. It’ll not only help your business grow but will also make your existing and potential customers happy and more engaged with your business.

Things To Consider Choosing Custom Koozies As Promotional Item

Choosing the right design for your custom koozies is a fairly tricky task. The design and branding should be done in such a way that’s simple as well as memorable. For this, you’ll first have to understand your target audience and how they’ll respond to your product.

Would they like something adorable like a cartoon? Or something more elegant? Or they’d enjoy having humour on your koozie by playing with words? In simple words, what phrase or image would be engaging and relevant to your brand that’d grab more attention?

Since koozies are widely used at parties and events, you should use simple phrases or images that cab ve understood immediately. Colours also play an important part when choosing koozies for promotion. You should use bright and attractive colours that’d catch more eyes.

What Makes Koozies An Excellent Promotional Item?

There are many options for promotional items. You can use mugs, t-shirts, pens, fridge clips and many other things. But why custom koozies are the best way to promote your business? Here are some reasons why!

Better Advertizing

The thing is, people aren’t going to notice your business name on pens, mugs, and fridge clips, because the majority of the time these are gonna stay at home or in your pocket. On the other hand, koozies are widely used outdoors also. Many people travel with bottle/can koozies and having your brand name on it will catch more eyeballs. Additionally, you can put more business information on koozies, like your brand’s name, logo, slogan as well as contact number.

Koozies Are Long Lasting

One of the most aspects to calculate a promotional item’s value is knowing how often it’ll be used. People tend to avoid offering promotional items that are disposable as they’ll not have enough outcomes for the business. Compared to other promotional items like clocks, t-shirts and mugs, koozies are affordable, add value to your promotional product and last fairly long. This will make your business name and purpose more memorable.

Koozies are Very Affordable

The fact is that as much as people want their business to shine in public, they don’t want to spend their entire marketing budget on promotional items. They want to select a promotional item that’s affordable but still offers great value and happiness.

A good thing is, even though bottle/can koozies are very popular among customers and they are affordable, especially when you buy them in a large number. This means even though, you are selecting a better promotional product that’s affordable and speaks great value, you are not paying a large chunk of money if you choose to give away your own branded custom koozies.

People Love Koozies

Among other available options for business giveaways, koozies rank at among top because of their popularity among big crowds. There are many reasons for this. The practical use of koozies in daily life is a big reason why people love koozies. You can use koozies for any drink, whether it’s soda, cold drink or beer.

Koozies are also very popular and passed around at sports events, festivals and family parties to keep canned and bottled drinks ice chilled. A custom koozie with your business logo will surely catch many eyes in such events.

Koozies Are Versatile and Premium

Koozies stays at the top of the bestseller list and have a variety of uses even after they wear out. They are compact and most of them are collapsible (you can fold them without breaking them). This means people can use them while travelling also. It also prevents your hand from getting cold due to insulation.

You’ll also not have to worry about tables or desks getting wet due to water rings. Koozies stand out even more for advertising as they look attractive and grab more attention. Although koozies are affordable, you can still get a premium quality koozie from your important clients and brand partners.


You have many choices available if you are planning to give away items that’d help promote your brand. You can use pens, clocks and mugs but these will stay at home or pocket, which isn’t that advantageous from a marketing point of view. A T-shirt is also a great option but it’ll also cost more.

However, you’ll never go wrong choosing customized bottle/can koozies that advertises your brand perfectly. People use them outdoors also in sports events, parties and festivals. All in all, koozies are budget-friendly, grab more attention, and people love them as a freebie, which makes them one of the better options to use as a promotional tool.

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