Top 3 Precision Rifles for Deer Hunting

Back in the day, precision rifles were about the range. However, these fantastic weapons are making their way to the field big time. If you’re a hunter yourself and you love the thrill of the kill, this short guide is for you.

We’re going to delve deeper into the top 3 precision rifles with the best rifle scopes for deer hunting that will help you become an avid hunter in no time. At the moment, one of the hottest trends driving precision shooting sports is the precision rifle series.

All those who consider themselves riflemen know just how precious these rifles are. Aside from exceptional quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and unrivaled innovation levels, precision rifles are designed to provide the riflemen with unprecedented levels of practical accuracy.

However, the PRS rifles are typically very heavy and aren’t the best solution to hunting, especially something as sophisticated as deer hunting. Since we’re here today to talk about the exceptional pieces of weaponry that will do miracles for your accuracy and lethality, we’re going to mention the best precision rifles that will help you take your deer hunting skills to a whole new level.

1. Remington M700 Magpul

Remington is a titan among rifle manufacturers, and it’s probably one of the most legendary weapon manufacturers in the world. This particular model is founded on Remington’s world-famous M700 action model.

The M700 Magpul surpasses most big-game rifles wear & tear by including a significantly heavier profile barrel. The rifle comes with a configurable Magpul stock and can be customized via a set of LOP spacers and different height-adjustable cheekpieces.

This PRS rifle is also very affordable and is the least expensive of the three choices highlighted here. The M700 wears some standard-issue parts. The barrel is a production-grade tube that is capable of supporting sporting 5R rifling.

The M700 action is precise and inherently accurate. With an injection-molded, synthetic version of the stock, this rifle is less rigid. A better solution would be a hand-laid stock of carbon fiber.

If you’re new to rifle shooting and deer hunting and are looking for a good value for your money, your best choice is to go with the Remington M700 Magpul. Choose from 4 different cartridges and start working on your shooting and hunting precision.

2. Seekins Precision Havak

Known among riflemen as one of the most reliable manufacturers of a wide range of highly appreciated parts for AR-type rifles, Seekings is also highly respected in shooting and hunting circles for its heavy-duty precision scope rings. Aside from top-class parts for all types of rifles, Seekings excel at manufacturing cutting edge, fine precision hunting rifles.

If you decide to give the Havak a try, you’ll get the top quality that easily outmatches full custom rifles that cost twice the price. The Havak is designed for custom-grade action and comes with the uber match-quality barrel.

The rifle is heavily bedded into a superlight, heavy-duty carbon-fiber stock. This deer hunting rifle provides the CNC-machined shooting action that’s both true and perfectly square.

Its advantage over the M700 is that it supports individual action and provides precision-grade barrels fit for 5R rifling. The rifle provides top levels of stiffness you need to achieve true accuracy, all the while the rifle is light enough to reduce weight to mountain-rifle levels.

3. Christensen Arms MPR

For all those riflemen who prefer the chassis-stock look, the MPR is for you. Christensen is a well-known and respected rifle manufacturer that has been manufacturing top-class rifles for a very long time.

The MPR is built on top-level custom action with a match-grade lightweight, large-diameter barrel coated in carbon fiber. Such an impressive build is then bedded into a folding, fully configurable chassis.

The Arms MPR looks more like a nightmare machine gun from Rambo movies than a deer hunting precision rifle, but don’t let the looks trick you. This PR arm comes with a user-friendly adjustable stock and provides an excellent level of ergonomics, which is especially important for sports hunting that requires patience.

Because of its outstanding properties, the MPR allows you to achieve the highest performance, great ammo tolerance, and outstanding accuracy. Carbon fiber wrappings tame barrel oscillations stunningly well, all the while providing enough stiffness for consistent precision shooting.

If you’re into achieving incredible levels of consistency, performance, and accuracy, the MPR should be your weapon number one.


Precision rifles are extremely popular among hunters and precision shooters these days. With that in mind, our top selection of top 3 precision rifles for deer hunting should help you take your hunting game to a whole new level.

Get the best rifle for precision hunting, improve your skills, and get the best value your money can buy. Head over to our website or TX Fowlers to find out more about precision rifles and equipment. You can always choose from a selection of 80% AR lowers and build your own firearm for your next hunting adventure.

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