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5 Premium Lingerie Sets A Woman Can Own

by Martha Simmonds

The literal meaning of Lingerie is sleepwear, but it is fancier than usual comfy nightwear. You may have seen multiple lingerie types in stores, each of which serves different purposes.

Five premium lingerie sets are mentioned in this article that you must have in your wardrobe if you want to stir up your lingerie collection.

1. Baby doll lingerie

Many women prefer baby doll lingerie as a nightgown. The upper portion of this lingerie has cups supporting the chest, and the bottom area is a skirt. Females wear this with underwear. In some stores, you will find matching panties with baby doll dresses.

This type of lingerie is available in lace, silk, satin, chiffon, mesh, etc. To make the dress sexier, sometimes the designer adds bows and buckles. Nowadays, sleeveless and spaghetti-strapped baby doll outfits are also in trend.

You need to keep some things in mind while shopping for baby doll lingerie, including.

  • If you want to carry this outfit confidently, give it a try. Buy only if you feel sexy in it.
  • Select the material and color according to your preference. In case you feel conscious of a particular body part, choose designs that can help hide it.
  • Pick the length as per your comfort level.
  • Be sure to purchase a fancy panty with the outfit to enhance the glamor of the lingerie.
  • Many baby doll lingerie has options for personal customization. You can include ribbons, shoulder laces, bottom sleeves, frills, etc.
  • If you plan to do house chores in it, select a silk or satin baby doll outfit. Both of these are soft and less revealing.

2. Romper

Romper is a one-piece with attached tiny shorts. Some Rompers are also available in cotton and are often the best for wedding nights. Mesh and tulle are the most popular materials for this type of lingerie as they are see-through.

The fabrics used here are lightweight and breathable. In addition, many rompers offer adjustable spaghetti straps.

3. Bodysuits

Bodysuits look like one-piece swimsuits, but it is different from a swimsuit. The upper area of a bodysuit is a normal top, and the lower portion has a panty. In addition, some bodysuits have snaps at the bottom so that you don’t need to open the entire suit to go to the washroom.

If you want, you can pair it with jeans. However, there are multiple advantages of wearing bodysuits, including.

  • You will be tension free as there is zero chance of the blouse popping out.
  • The bodysuit will not shift or bunch. Thus, it will give you a seamless look.
  • This type of lingerie enhances the sexiness of the female body.
  • You can style it with a skirt or any bottom wear for a hassle-free fashionable appearance.
  • It provides the perfect coverage.
  • Many bodysuits work as shapewear, so you don’t need to purchase extra shapewear.

4. Thong

Women love using thongs as it doesn’t show any panty line. Thong lingerie has a thin waistband with a triangular-looking cloth that covers the front area, and the string on the back attaches the waistband to the crotch. Here are some pros of thongs

  • If you do yoga, you can wear these inside yoga pants for comfort.
  • You can use cotton thongs for everyday usage. You can pick a satin thong with appealing lace designs for special occasions.
  • It increases the sexual appeal of your body as it lets you show off your natural shape.

5. G string

Try G-string panties if you want to add some steam to your bedroom. This lingerie contains a V shape cloth in the front and a strap in the back area. Some pros of having G string in your wardrobe are

  • For skin exposure and breathability, the G string is suitable for summertime. Especially if you tend to sweat more.
  • Like thongs, G string also reduces panty lines.
  • Free from wedgies as this type of lingerie has little fabric.
  • G strings are available in lace, nylon, cotton, polyimide, etc.
  • You can choose among a wide range of designs.
  • The fabric is so small that it takes up little space in your wardrobe.

Over to you…

These premium lingerie sets will add a seductive and luxurious vibe to your everyday life with a sense of sexual confidence and comfortability. So, what are you waiting for?

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