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How to Prepare for a First Date

by Gloria Louden

Any first date is likely to bring about feelings of excitement and a degree of anxiety. When you meet a special person and want to get to know them better, your daily life tends to become charged with uplifting thoughts and feelings. You may spend hours thinking about that person and smiling to yourself as you imagine how things could be if you became a couple.

On the day of your planned date, it is easy to become a little overwhelmed with stress as you try to second guess how the meeting will go. This is perfectly normal and there are many reasons why playing the dating game can cause stress. With some smart preparation, you can make your date a far less nerve-wracking experience and something that is filled with excitement and enjoyment. In this article, three top tips to help prepare for your date will be discussed.

Look your best

On any date, first impressions count for a lot. It is important to look and feel at your absolute best, so you feel more confident about the meeting and are more relaxed. A key way to do this is to give yourself time to thoroughly prepare and go through your beauty and hygiene routines.

Start with a long hot shower and a thorough body scrub and clean. Make sure that you know exactly what you will be wearing to avoid trying on several outfits in the run-up to your meeting and wasting valuable time. After showering focus on your hair and skin.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, try a detox acne product that will clarify your skin and give it radiance whilst helping to remove any imperfections. Knowing how long your total beauty routine will take gives you confidence that you will not be rushing nearer the time and will arrive for the date without looking flustered.

Take your phone (but do not use it)

It is important to take your phone with you on a date. If the person you are meeting is running late (or vice versa) it is important that you communicate this to avoid any awkward delays without explanation. It can also be vital to use it to navigate to the bar or restaurant you are meeting up at.

However, there are several situations when you shouldn’t use your phone and during the date itself is one of them. Put simply, using your phone whilst on a date gives the impression that you are not interested in the other person, and it can also kill the conversation. Keep your phone with you but do not use it whilst the date is in progress.

Be yourself

As a final point, it is important to be yourself and not try to attempt to change how you are or would normally act to try and impress your date. Honesty and being genuine are extremely attractive traits in a potential partner. If you feel that you must act differently on a date it will make conversation and general interaction appear forced and unnatural. Relax and let the dating progress naturally without needing to overstate certain things or act out of character. In short, relax, be true to yourself and enjoy this shared special time.

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