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How To Properly Prepare Your House For Sale

by Martha Simmonds

When people choose to sell their homes they may do it for various different reasons. Some decide to move abroad, downsize or relocate for their work. It may be to become a student or to get married. Even difficult life events as divorce, bankruptcy, or redundancy can be factors too, forcing people to think about buying a new home.

Whatever the reasons, it may be that you are preparing to sell up and move. There are many ways to sell your house fast. Perhaps the fastest and easiest way is going through a cash home buyer. You generally don’t have to make any repairs or pay any closing costs; plus cash buyers can generally close in 30 days or less.

There are companies that specialize in buying homes for cash for those who, for instance, wonder “how can I sell my house fast in Winchester, CA?” The whole process may seem unsettling and daunting, and you may be in a hurry, too. If these things strike a chord with you, read on because this article can be your trusty guide.

Decide How You Will Do It

You may wish to approach your bank for a mortgage and to employ the services of a real estate agent. If you do this, check their websites for client reviews and to discover how long they’ve been in business. Discover how and where they advertise properties and review the quality of their photography. You’ll also need to discuss who will attend the viewings.

If you are a busy person you’ll probably require them to be present each time. Also, check out their costs because there may be extra fees for things like open days. The whole process may take several months from start to finish, and there will be a commission deduction to pay for their services. 

Some people who are in a hurry harness the power of cash buying companies. If they know how much their property is worth it can be easy to assess how viable this option is. It can be a quick and easy way to sell your house without the need for you to repair or clean the property first. Closure can be gained extremely quickly (potentially within a week) and there would be no need to pay agents’ fees and commission. 

Choose The Right Time

If you put your house on the market too late in the year, Christmas could become your enemy. Your buyers would want to be moved in before the festivities begin, which could put greater pressure on you. If you put your house on the market when things are really slow, you may not attract enough attention from potential buyers.

Additionally, you could also have problems finding somewhere new to move into. Your garden will be more likely to be in full bloom during the spring and summer, rather than during the winter when everything gets stripped back and dull looking.  

Many folks may delay looking until the spring or early fall, and if you choose a popular season it may be easier to receive lots of offers. This is surely better than having to accept the only (low) offer you receive. Because house sales involve the completion of deeds, it’s wise to be mindful of things like the summer vacations. If various parties are away at key moments, it could delay the entire process. It’s also worth thinking about school terms, as families will be keen to get the timing right in this regard. 

Decide On The Price

This could depend on the season and the general housing market. It’s always wise to know the minimum amount you would accept in advance, should anyone try to haggle with you. Compare the prices of similar homes to yours, and use a realtor as an invaluable guide. It’s usually best to trust their opinions rather than coming up with a figure yourself. 

Factors that can enhance property values include newly renovated bathrooms or kitchens, swimming pools, or solar panels. If you are near excellent amenities and schools this could help push the price up, as well as being near motorways or train stations. In contrast, you could be in an underdeveloped area with high unemployment. This would bring the prices down, alongside such issues as crime or drugs.  

Create A Good First Impression

The first few moments of a person’s visit could be the critical point as regards their final decision. When people come for viewings they will immediately make assumptions if the front door needs painting or the window frames are cracked. Anyone who sees junk in the garden or yard may think the home has not been well maintained either.

You should never spend large sums of money redecorating your house for viewings because they’ll probably change everything when they arrive. Instead, work on the curb appeal including the entranceway and front garden. There may be areas you can touch up with paint indoors to cover scuffs and scratches as well. 

Go For A Blank Canvas

If the rooms are full of junk they will feel more cramped and restricted for space. In fact, it’s best to totally declutter the entire home and garden. Not only will it improve the appearance, but it will also make things easier when you need to pack and relocate. 

If you have family photos in every room people may struggle to imagine themselves living there. For this reason, you should aim to depersonalize the home as much as possible. 

Add And Remove Things

Whilst some people will prefer you to be nearby so they can ask questions, others will want you out of the way so they can walk around with a tape measure. Not everyone will go ‘ga ga’ over your toddlers, and some people are either afraid or allergic to pets. 

What would be nice is to create wafts of scent, courtesy of freshly cut flowers, scented candles, air fresheners, and more. This can mask any stale smells generated by pets or dirty clothes etc. 

Once you have tied all these different things together you will feel more empowered for the process. Armed with a knowledge of the sale price and who you will involve, you’ll be ready to maximize the appearance of your home, ready for the viewings. Having invested your time and effort, you will eventually be able to focus on your new home and the exciting future that awaits you. Rather than being a negative experience, this could be a good chapter in your life.  

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