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Which Push Pin World Map to Get?

When you love traveling, you like to keep memoirs of your adventures. From souvenirs to candid photos, you adorn your home with memorabilia of your amazing ventures.

Owning a map is a necessity for any keen traveler. You can embellish your wall with a map on which you mark all the places you have already visited. You can also mark your next conquests, the countries you are planning to visit, or those that are on your bucket list.

The pins can depict your wanderlust and motivate you more to explore various locations all over the world. Moreover, besides being a functional tracker of your trips, maps are also innovative wall decors.

They can add more depth to your interior design and enhance its aesthetics. Here are some points to consider when you are getting a travel map with pins.

Type of Maps

The maps used for tracking trips are usually physical world maps. There are mainly two types of travel map layouts: regular and high detail.

The question might arise, how are they different? Moreover, which one will be more suitable for you? How can you differentiate between the two? We are going into that rabbit hole now to answer these questions, but don’t worry, it will not take long.

The regular and detailed maps can be easily distinguished. The simplest way to assess whether the map is detailed or not is by looking for Antarctica on the map.

Regular maps usually don’t have Antarctica on them whereas detailed maps do. Furthermore, the proportions of the continents are different on both of these maps.

The regular maps simply outline the continents and have fewer features. They provide a minimal and simplistic view of the world. This type of map is ideal for those who visit a country once or twice only.

In contrast, detailed maps have more geographical details and features. Unlike the regular ones, these maps portray more water bodies like rivers and lakes.

They also illustrate more cities, islands, and bays. This map is suitable for those who frequently travel to a certain country and explore its various provinces.

To determine whether the detailed or regular map is perfect for you, it is necessary to weigh out the pros and cons. The different qualities of each map are delineated in the following to help you decide easily.

Benefits of Regular Map

Regular maps are less detailed and so, it has a clean minimalistic outlook. As they have less text, they are not cramped and have more space. These diagrammatic representations of the world resemble more paintings and art pieces.

The text font used on the regular maps is large and more conspicuous. Hence, it is easier to read. Furthermore, it can also be printed out in a smaller format without compromising the elucidation of the words.

As there is more space on the borders of each continent, photos and other trinkets collected from the country visited can be pinned. This is ideal for those who like to accessorize and personalize their adventurous destinations.

As mentioned earlier, this map is ideal for those who travel to a particular country once or twice. This map serves more as a checklist of the countries visited, but not necessarily for pinpointing the particular regions of the country.

Drawbacks of Regular Map

If you want a map with more information and accuracy, then a regular map is not the perfect choice for you. You will not be able to use this map to enlist all the small islands, uninhabited hills, natural waterfalls, haunted houses, and abandoned castles you visited.

That low-key bar you visited in Italy and made unforgettable memories? Or that small village that has the best hospitality in Nigeria? They do not exist on the regular maps.

You won’t be able to make them checkpoints of the memory lane you are trying to frame on the map.

Advantages of Detailed Maps

Detailed maps are more comprehensive and have many intricate features. Those individuals who appreciate accuracy will love these maps as they have detailed information and geographical elements.

These maps are also great tools to teach the children about geography. They can get a clear idea and understanding from these more precise representations. As they have more information and precision, they are also incredibly useful when you are creating a travel itinerary.

With these intricate maps, you can properly pinpoint the scenic islands and beaches you have already visited or are planning to go to.

This map is mostly recommended for people who frequently visit a country they fell in love with and explore all its nooks and crannies.

The Downside of Detailed Maps

As there is much information on the map, there are numerous texts. To accommodate the space for the data, the texts on these maps are very minute and somewhat difficult to read.

Those who have poor vision cannot enjoy these picturesque depictions of the globe because the tiny font will strain their eyes. Moreover, since the writings are small, you cannot have the map in a smaller format.

The minuscule writings will appear tinier and will be more difficult to read. Additionally, the map will look crowded with all the inscriptions, if printed in smaller proportions. These maps will not be suitable for those individuals who look for minimal aesthetics.

Materials of the Maps

The push pin maps are usually made of canvases as they are strong materials that can hold the pins and can last longer. The canvases are also foldable making them easy to carry.

Pushpin maps made of other weaker materials, like cotton fabric, should be avoided. It is best to opt for canvas maps. Ensure that the print quality of the map is top-notch.

You also need to make sure that the map is covered with a clear protectant. Scrutinize all the product details and instructions issued by the manufacturers. Purchase the maps from companies that have high ratings and raving reviews.

If you want, you can frame the map to give it more structure. The frame will also make it easier to hang and pin the locations. Ensure that the pins used are of good quality and sturdy. Some map companies produce various quirky pins in different shapes like airplanes and hearts.

A Hodophile’s Perfect Gift

Traveling is immensely exhilarating and has numerous benefits. One can make many cherished memories when they experience the diverse cultures and natural beauties. Whether you are treating yourself or gifting a travel bug, a travel world map with pins will be the perfect present.

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