questions to ask your divorce lawyer

6 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Hiring a divorce lawyer is a huge step. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when speaking to them for the first time. Being such an emotional situation, it’s important to prepare for your meeting beforehand. Gathering paperwork and thinking about questions you have for them is a great start. 

Next up are 6 questions that will be useful to your process. 

1. How long will the divorce process take?

It can feel like the divorce process might be long and stressful, even full of revenge. An ideal divorce lawyer should go with collaborative family law so that both parties cooperate. This means you can keep your divorce out of court and make the process quicker and easier. 

2. What was the result in a similar case?

It’s important to ask your lawyer if they’ve had cases like yours. It might seem like your case is unique, but you’ll be comforted to know others have been through the same situation. Your lawyer’s response will allow you to see their experience and ease your mind about the outcome of your case. Of course, a lawyer won’t be able to give you specifics, but they can give you a good idea. 

3. What kind of relationship will I need to have with my ex?

If you share children with your ex, you’ll need to keep an amicable relationship with them after the divorce. This is important because you’ll have to communicate about financial obligations and visitation rights. It’s key to focus on the future as emotions will be raw at that moment. You’ll want a good outcome for both parties. 

4. What will happen to my children?

Custody is something that must be agreed on by both parents and their children. The most important thing to consider is what arrangement will benefit the children the most. It’s key to discuss with your lawyer what your custody wishes are, especially if you want sole custody. 

5. How much will the divorce cost?

It’s important to know how much a lawyer will charge you as soon as possible. You might want to avoid dealing with the costs right off the bat, but it’s your best bet to prepare for the divorce process. The first time you meet with your lawyer, ask them how they bill and what their fees are. 

6. Who will work on my case and when will I get updates?

It’s very common for lawyers to work in firms as a team. This means not only them, but their legal assistants will be working on your case. Ask your lawyer who these people are, as you will be dealing with them as well. It’s also important to know how often you’ll get updates on your case. This will vary from case to case, as it depends on how much paperwork you can provide in advance or how fast you want your case to go. Either way, it will reassure you to hear things are progressing. 

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