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10 Tips On How To Prepare For Rain On Your Wedding Day

Rain is a part of life and something that cannot be helped if it chooses to come down on your wedding day. However, raining on a wedding day can be managed, and is no reason not to have fun on such a special day.

Whether you are having weddings outside ideas or indoors, the good news is that rain signifies good luck, and so a downpour is not always a bad thing. So, if the forecast is not in your favor, and you are wondering what to do if it rains on your wedding day, never fret, we have a few tips that can keep the celebration going.

With these helpful tips, Mother Nature will be the least of your problems, and dreary weather can quickly turn into rain romantic weather. There is a lot of preparation in advance that you can do if it rains on your wedding day; and the rain will absolutely not get in the way.

Whether you will be having outdoor wedding cocktail hours or not, they do not have to be ruined. There are many ways to pull off a fantastic day no matter the weather.

1. Consider Your Venue

To avoid having a wedding in the rain, you will need to have contingencies for the weather. If you are having an outdoor wedding, then consider hiring tents or canopies so guests can be comfortable and dry. There should also be an option to move things indoors if the weather presents high winds or a downpour.

2. Check Entries And Walkways

Good luck rain on a wedding day means that guests will potentially have wet shoes, so it will be good to ensure that walkways are non-slip. Also, have lots of mats at entrances so people can brush or stomp off their wet shoes before entering the venue.

3. Keep The Décor In Theme With The Weather

Keeping the décor fresh will add a lovely feeling of spring to your venue. Whether you are having an outdoor wedding in the rain or indoors, flowers, greenery and foliage can contribute to a fresh feel and ambiance. These can look absolutely gorgeous and welcoming when it’s pouring outside. Floral centerpieces for the tables will also be a good look.

4. Get Towels

Towels are crucial for a rain wedding day. So, include getting towels in your wedding checklist. Have them handy at the entrances and bathrooms so that guests get the opportunity to dry off if they get caught in the rain.

5. Use The Weather In Your Photos

Kissing in the rain or using the rain as a backdrop are all ways that you can get some fantastic photos and use the weather to your advantage. You could choose to do this at the end of your event when you don’t mind getting wet or use clear umbrellas if the downpour is not so heavy. Either way you will get romantic wedding photos for your collection.

6. Reconsider Hair And Makeup

What does rain on your wedding day mean? Well, it doesn’t mean you need to move your wedding date. It just means you need to plan around the weather, for instance, with your hair and makeup. Talk to your hairdresser and makeup artist to rain proof your makeup and hair. With waterproof makeup and quality moisturizer for your hair to avoid frizz, you should be good.

7. Consider Your Drinks Menu

If the weather might bring cold temperatures with it, then you might want to rethink your drinks menu. Include hot drinks in your wedding bar, so that guests can have this option to help them feel more comfortable and warmer.

8. Include A Notice On Your Wedding Website

If you have a wedding website, then it would be helpful to include a notice on the chances of rain so that your guests know to prepare. Whether it will be a downpour or not, it would be nice for them to know if they should bring rain umbrellas for the wedding party.

9. Get Guest Umbrellas

Another item to get apart from towels for the guests, would be umbrellas. If you are getting married in the rain, then this would be a cool item to add to your wedding favors. Find budget-friendly options so your guests can go home with colorful umbrellas that keep them out of the rain but will also be a keepsake from your wedding.

10. Get Wellies

Whether you are considering wedding rain photos or not, it might be helpful to have some wellies on hand for when you need to walk outside. Your shoes can always be changed when you get indoors. It can also be helpful to get protectors for your shoes so you don’t slip or sink into wet grass during your celebration.

Depending on the material of your shoes, you could also douse them in a protective spray to guard against the water. There is no need for the rain to ruin any part of your day as long as you prepare for it.

It raining on a wedding day doesn’t always have to mean wet wedding dresses or a ruined day. There are so many ways to turn the dreary weather into a magical one. Use the rain to your advantage and prepare in advance. You will find that there can be many advantages to getting married in the rain.

From raining wedding photography to lovely décor and creative wedding favors, you and your guests can have a swell time. As long as you have your venue and your guests covered, all should be just fine.

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