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Reasons Resistance Training Is Good For You

by Martha Simmonds

There are many different types of workouts that you can choose to do to improve your health. Some people will pick out an exercise program based on the amount of time they have during the day to get it done, some pick it based on the space they have in their home, and others pick it based on the results that they are able to get. 

Resistance workouts are some of the best because they do not take up a lot of space or even that much time to get everything done. But the final results will be amazing. Some of the reasons that you should consider starting resistance training and adding it into your workout program includes:

Can Help Build Muscles

When you start working out, one of the results that you would like to see is the muscles are growing. And when you work hard and can finally see and feel some of the changes, this can be the motivation that you need to stick with the workout program in the first place, no matter how hard it may have seemed in the beginning. 

Resistance training is a great option to choose when you would like to build up some of those muscles and see amazing results. When you use the bands, you are going to work out the different muscle groups by resisting some force that is pushing in the opposite direction. Even though you are using small bands, you will push the muscles more and see them grow a lot. 

Reduces Risks Of Injury

Some workout programs can promise great results, but they may put a lot of stress and strain on the muscles and could lead to injuries if you are not careful. This is even more prevalent if you are dealing with a beginner to working out in the first place. If you get injured, your workout program is not going to work any longer. 

One of the nice things about using resistance training is that it will work to help strengthen everything in the body, not just the muscles. For example, when you do this workout, you will be able to help work the connective tissues, which would be the tendons and ligaments, that help to keep the body moving and feeling good. 

Strengthening all of these connective tissues will help you to continue to function in your peak condition and will be one of the best ways that you will prevent injuries throughout the body. 

Will Burn The Calories

When you get started on your exercise program for the day, you want to bring on the sweat. The more calories that you can burn during the program, the more effective it will seem. Resistance training can be a good option to help you burn the fat and all of the calories that you want. 

Many people are under the misinformation that the only way they can burn some fat is to do a lot of intense cardio, but this is not really the case. Resistance training will help get the heart pumping while also improving the metabolism, getting it to burn through calories faster than before. And this can be really important when you want to burn calories and shed fat. 

Improves Your Sleep Quality

Have you found yourself struggling to go to sleep at night? Then adding a good resistance training program to your day could help. When we are working hard to make the muscles stronger, our bodies will undergo some physical changes that will help us have the ability to cope with many stressors in our life. In turn, this means that we can get better sleep at night.

According to some research that has been done on this topic, resistance training will provide a good deal of health benefits to everyone who uses it, such as regulating your metabolic rate, resting glucose metabolism, and blood pressure. All of these factors can contribute to the reduction of stress and results in you getting more sleep at night. 

Helps With Strong Bones

In one study done in 2018, less than 60 minutes a week could be a good way for you to reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke by up to 70%. Spending more than an hour in the weight room didn’t add more benefit, but making sure that you work those muscles will ensure that you will be able to improve your heart and make it last longer. 

This is just the start of what this type of workout can do. Choosing to do some weight-bearing exercises could be the key that you need when it is time to improve your bone density. This is a key factor to help prevent fractures related to age as you get older. Add in some resistance training to your workout routine and protect your bones and heart at the same time. 

Boosts Mental Health

While the factors above are great reasons to start with resistance training, they are just the start. You will find that doing some resistance training could be a great way to improve your mental health better than anything else. 

When you use resistance training, you will find that there will be major improvements to your form, which can aid in your self-confidence and body image, which then turns around and helps your mood. This ability to feel good will be beneficial when you are working on mental health issues, giving you some of the boost that you need. 

Working out in general can be so good for the whole body. It helps you to feel good by releasing feel-good endorphins throughout the body and ensuring that you feel amazing in no time. 

Choosing Resistance Training For Your Health

As you can see with some of the benefits above, there is so much that you can get out of any resistance training exercise program. Take some time to learn the right moves and see how great resistance training can be for your overall health.

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