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6 Strange Facts About Red Malay Kratom

In recent years, kratom use has risen significantly in the U.S. This product from a plant native to Southeast Asia has infiltrated society as anecdotal evidence supports it as an effective natural supplement with a wide range of health benefits.

Although many people now know kratom and its therapeutic potential, little is known about its various strains such as the Red Malay Kratom. Well, this all-natural red Malay kratom is a highly potent strain that offers remedies to some medical conditions.

If you’re wondering what’s it about the Red Malay Kratom, here are six strange facts about it that you probably didn’t know.

Strange Facts about Red Malay

1. Red Malay comes from Exposure to Sun

Red Malay Kratom is processed from the most mature and oldest leaves on the kratom tree. The colors of the vein change as the leaves age. A young leaf tends to be green in color. As the roots pump in more nutrients and the leaf goes through more photosynthesis, the veins change their color from green to white. At this stage, you can acquire your white vein strain.

With more aging, the vein color changes to red. At this stage, the leaves are filled with most nutrition and alkaloids. They are usually the biggest leaves on the tree, with the highest sunlight exposure.

Although Red Malay may have a lower alkaloid concentration than other red strains, it can be the right choice for you if you want to try a red strain with a more balanced ratio of alkaloids and flavonoids.

2. Red Malay Has Been Used in Tea for Centuries

When was the first time you heard of Kratom? In the US, many people are just getting to know kratom. But in its native home, kratoms like Red Malay have a long history where the leaves are used for various medical purposes and as stimulants.

Herbal tea has gained popularity in the health fields due to its natural pain-relieving properties and its ability to improve your moods. Although it is known to have many benefits, ensure you understand the probable effects before consuming kratom tea.

3. Lower Doses are Stimulating, but Higher Doses are Sedating

Did you know that in Red Malay, high and low doses have completely contrasting effects? You might be thinking that high doses will increase Red Malay Kratom’s effects, but this is not the case with this strain.

At lower doses, many users report experiencing its stimulating effects. The strain can boost your happiness, leaving you in great spirits. This boost is enough to lower stress levels and calm your mind in preparation for a busy day or even bed.

Users with fatigue can benefit from the sedative effects of Kratom at higher doses. It calms your mind and body, allowing you to drowse off more easily and quickly.

4. Red Malay Kratom Enhance Sex Drive

EnhanceAre you looking for a natural way to improve your libido? In Southeast Asia, Kratom has been primarily used as a pain-reliever and stress management. With increased popularity, Kratom has also been used as all natural male enhancement and some uses such as sex drive boost have been discovered. However, it may work as a libido enhancer for some users, while it might not work in others.

As alkaloids found in Red Malay have energizing properties, this will improve your energy levels, boosting your libido.

5. Red Malay Kratom Can Be Addictive

Although it is described as a herbal naturally processed strain, Red Malay can be addictive. A study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse showed that as Kratom has the same effects as opioids, it might lead to dependence. The user may experience withdrawal symptoms after stopping the use of Kratom. Some of the symptoms include:

• Body aches
• Nausea and vomiting
• Fatigue
• Stomach issues
• Anxiety
• Signs of kratom dependency include
• Consuming the drug in large amounts to feel the effects
• You are unable to function without using Kratom
• Easily irritated if you are not using the compound

6. The Kratom is Named After Its Origin

As the name suggests, red Malay Kratom is grown in Malaysia. The area’s humid tropical climate has made this country one of the global hotspots for kratom cultivation and export.

In recent years, red Malay Kratom has been introduced into the US and other countries as many people realize its value.


If you want to experience the awesome health benefits of Red Malay Kratom, ensure you purchase from a reputable dealer. A good quality product should be fresh, potent, and packaged correctly.

Although kratom is legal federally, states have the power over its use. That means your state’s laws can limit red Malay Kratom’s availability. But if kratom is allowed in your area, you can purchase it from an online store and have it delivered to your doorstep.

For newbies, ensure you start by consuming low doses of kratom to avoid overwhelming your system.

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