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How to Rejuvenate Your Home in a Few Tips

by Martha Simmonds

There is no difference between a shiny apartment and an old one: the first one will undoubtedly win the favor of the vacationers! Simply because it will give the impression of being better maintained, more welcoming, more comfortable… To give your rental a little bit of a facelift, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Sometimes very little is needed!

What makes a home look old?

A dark room, cluttered with old objects, old-fashioned wallpaper, cracked and faded linoleum, a slumped and stained sofa, a musty smell… all this contributes to giving an impression of old-fashionedness, but above all, of a poorly maintained and untidy home. It doesn’t look very appealing! In pictures, it’s worse. A house or an apartment that is bright, modern, in good condition, will necessarily be more photogenic.

It is, therefore, necessary to take care of the living rooms and the bedroom, of course, but in priority the bathroom and the kitchen. These are the ones that tenants will look at first to get an idea of the condition of the place. If they are outdated and old-fashioned, this can be a deterrent.

What should be avoided?

I think you should avoid too many bright colors. Aggressive reds, greens that are too acidic… without going to the opposite extreme: a home that is too white can appear cold and impersonal. It should be woken up by a few touches of bright colors, in moderation. Or even cameos of neutral shades, pastel.

As for the furniture, we must be wary of the big furniture of our grandparents, too dark and rustic. We can keep one, if our room allows it and if it is beautiful, but here again, it is necessary to restrain. It is a question of balance.

For the floors, beware of dark brown, which was used a lot at one time, tiles, carpets, or lino. They darken the rooms and it looks really old. Except of course an old parquet floor, which can be very beautiful especially with light walls.

Finally, we definitely banish all personal objects of no interest to vacationers, family vases or old dolls, carpets that are too worn, dark paintings with old moldings … it is better to put fewer knick-knacks, but choose them well so that they rejuvenate your room rather than lock it in the past!

Does a home have to be absolutely new to be modern?

Absolutely not! The old is not out of fashion, on the contrary. It is even making a comeback, with vintage. But it is still a question of balance. A room with only old furniture and objects will give the effect of a flea market and yard sale. It can be pretty but it’s harder to modernize. My advice is to combine it with modern – and often, more modern than old.

For example, pair your old oak table with some nice colorful contemporary chairs, you’ll see the effect! Or, in an old house that has charm, you will just add a beautiful design object: it can be a lamp, an armchair, a vase, a carpet…

The trend is also to recover. Here again, no problem, it can be very nice but beware of the junk effect. The idea is to divert old objects by renovating them and giving them a new life. If you buy a piece of furniture from Emmaus or a yard sale, for example, paint it in a trendy color and change its handles.

How can you rejuvenate a room without spending too much money?

Staying modern doesn’t mean you have to redecorate every 3 years. You don’t have to renovate from floor to ceiling either. Of course, you can already give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Otherwise, start by changing your carpet, for example. Or maybe your coffee table, a bit faded and not very pretty.

Add a few modern candles to revive its shine and give it a more comfortable feel… you’ll see the result right away! The fabrics are old-fashioned and outdated? Buy a new pair of cotton or linen curtains, for example, or even blinds, change the cushions for others in a more trendy color. Your sofa is really too old but you can’t afford to change it? Cover it with a nice plaid and cheerful cushions.

In a not very modern kitchen, it is sometimes enough to put a new worktop, a credenza … while keeping the furniture and the floor. You can also repaint the cupboard doors, change the handles… Same for the bathroom. There are now paints for tiles.

If you have an old cement floor, beautiful but really worn, replace only the tiles that are too damaged. Or choose a more modern lino.

In short, there are plenty of solutions to give your home a facelift without too much investment. It is within the reach of everyone. And today, there are many inexpensive decorating stores.

How to keep up with trends?

Today, it’s very easy. Just browse through home improvement magazines, buy an essay and sketches of ideas designers sometimes sell, stroll through stores, and you’ll quickly get up to speed on the latest trends. Finally, you can also surf the internet, blogs, or social networks like Pinterest, for example. It’s a good way to pick up a few ideas, here and there, to give your rental the little makeover it needs… a real magic wand!


Think first of rejuvenating the kitchen and bathroom, then the living room, and finally the bedrooms.

Avoid too many bright colors or too much white: it’s better to use light colors with a few colored touches.

Don’t overload the room with too much of the old, but prefer a good association with modern and design.

Sometimes all it takes is a lick of paint, a new piece of furniture or trendy upholstery to rejuvenate a room.

It is very easy to keep up to date with new trends in decoration on the internet, in stores, magazines.

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