Sexual Tension

How to Rekindle the Passion in the Bedroom

Nearly 15 percent of all married individuals are in a sexless marriage, New York Times reports.  This means they haven’t had sex over the past six months to a year. As sad as these numbers are, they paint a very important picture about marriage and relationships.

It’s normal for passion to subside and intimacy to change with the passage of time. The complete loss of desire, however, indicates a deeper problem that wouldn’t go away on its own.

Bringing back those passionate moments will necessitate a proactive approach on your behalf. Here are the main things that can deliver impressive results and intimacy improvements.

Spend Quality Time Together

Passion stems from togetherness. By togetherness, we don’t just mean spending time in each other’s presence. It requires active involvement and doing things that will make you feel more connected.

Working out together, going on a date, practicing a favorite hobby or just watching a movie that both of you enjoy – these are just a few of the ways to spend quality time together.

Actually taking the time to be consciously present in your partner’s life will help you renew the vision you have of your significant other. Such moments will often serve as a reminder as to why you fell in love in the first place.

Don’t go into such shared experiences with any kind of expectation. Enjoy the moment, laugh and talk. In time, you will start sensing a change in the way you’re interacting with each other.

Experience an Adrenaline Rush

You often see such scenes depicted in movies. Two people go through a highly intense or dangerous situation together. In the end of the challenge, they start making out and kissing passionately.

Adrenaline and desire are very much connected to each other.

To bring the passion back, try an activity that gives you both a much-needed adrenaline rush. This is especially important for the couples who have become lost in a mundane and deathly boring everyday routine.

Try bungee jumping or climbing to the highest peak close to where you live.  Push yourselves out of your comfort zones. The thrill from the experience itself, combined with the fact that it’s so different from your daily life, can make you feel more alive and in love with your partner before.

Take Some Time to Do Spicy Things in the Bedroom

Passion is born from good sex and vice versa.

To make intimate moments more special and intense, try new ways to tease and please each other.

Talk about fantasies and things you haven’t done before in the bedroom. Engage in some light roleplay or maybe even a bit of bondage. If there’s something you fantasize about but have never shared with your partner, the time has come to bring that vision to reality.

Be daring and even a bit crazy. Have him watch you ride a humping toy. Get some cuffs and restraints to engage in a power play scenario. Dress up in a way your partner never would have anticipated. Passion is about keeping things unpredictable and dynamic. The more you’re capable of surprising your lover, the more effort they’ll put into the experience, as well.

Build Sexual Tension Throughout the Day

Teasing, seducing and flirting will all escalate the passion. Mastering these techniques and practicing them throughout the day will give you the special sex moments that you so desire.

Use the time you’re away from each other to build the sexual tension.

Sending naughty texts is a very easy thing to do but it can be highly effective. This is especially true for texts that are very visual and explicit in nature, painting pictures in your significant other’s mind.

If you feel even more daring, get an interactive sex toy that you can wear to the office. Let your partner handle the controls and turn the vibe on whenever they please. The anticipation and the erotic stimulation you’ll experience throughout the day will have you jumping each other’s bones the moment you come together.

Be More Vocal and Vulnerable During Sex

Passion and intimacy are built on good communication and vulnerability.

Learn to be more vocal during sex. Let your partner know when you’re enjoying something. Let them know when you need something else. Guide and direct them in the ways you enjoy being touched, stimulated or penetrated. Knowing what you want and communicating such information can be incredibly sexy.

Don’t be afraid of opening up and being vulnerable during sex. Make those funny faces or sounds. Don’t hold back or try to act a certain way. A fake presentation will be easy to sense and most people are going to feel turned off by such a performance.

Bringing the passion back may take some time and that’s ok. Use the opportunity to get to know each other intimately once again. Enjoy the process and don’t set deadlines or end goals. The journey can be incredibly exciting and it will soon unleash its whole transformative potential.

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