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You Should Know About These 6 Safety Tips From Uber

by Martha Simmonds

Uber is a ridesharing service that has recently gained popularity as a convenient, affordable alternative to traditional taxis. While Uber is generally safe, there have been some reports of crimes involving Uber drivers and passengers. In response to these safety concerns, Uber has implemented several safety features and policies designed to protect riders and drivers.

1. Request Your Ride Inside

If you’re waiting for your Uber outside, the driver may not be able to see you. To make sure the driver can find you, request your ride from inside a building or another well-lit area. The app will automatically share your location with the driver and alert you when the driver is close to you.

2. Check The Driver’s Info Before Getting In The Car

Ensure the driver’s name, photo, and license plate match what’s listed in the app. Once you’re in the car, you can also check to see if the Uber driver is going in the right direction by checking the route on the map in the app.

Ensure that your personal information is kept private by contacting the driver through the app’s messaging feature rather than giving out your phone number or other contact information. When exiting the car, be aware of your surroundings and take note of any potential safety hazards.

3. Check For The Right License Plate And Car Model

When your driver arrives, make sure that the license plate number and car model match what is listed in the app. If you feel unsafe during your trip, you can use the in-app safety tool to share your location and trip details with Uber’s safety team or call 911 through the app.

4. Share Your Trip Details With A Friend Or Loved One

Before you start your ride, share your trip details with a friend or loved one so they can follow along and know when to expect you. The app allows you to share your location in real time so they can see exactly where you are. Update them when you leave and when you arrive at your destination.

5. Wear A Safety Belt

For your own safety, always wear a seatbelt while riding in an Uber. Drivers are required to follow all local traffic laws, which in most states include wearing a seatbelt. The seatbelt can help protect you from serious injuries by keeping you secured in the seat. In case you are involved in an Uber accident and don’t know how to file an Uber accident claim, contact an attorney for legal help and advice.

6. Rate Your Driver

After your ride, you’ll be prompted to rate your driver on a scale of one to five stars. Use this rating system to provide feedback about your experience and help Uber improve their service. If you had a particularly good or bad experience, you could leave a comment to elaborate on your rating.

While most Uber rides go off without a hitch, it’s important to remember that you are essentially getting into a stranger’s car. Following these simple safety tips from Uber can help keep yourself safe next time you take an Uber.

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