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5 Great Tools for When You Need a Sentence Rephraser

by Martha Simmonds

I know how hard it can be to write at times. You may be having a writer’s block, or you could be outright exhausted, and having a deadline closing in on you does not help the situation at all. If that sounds familiar, you are in dire need of a proper sentence rephraser tool.

Sentence rephraser tools are helpful when you have that gut feeling that there is a better way to say something. But if you’ve been staring at the paper or keyboard for so long that you couldn’t think of a better word even if someone hit you on the head with it anymore, these tools are perfect for you.

Most of the time, swapping a word with a more context-appropriate synonym would solve your problem. Other times, you need to completely change the word order or the entire structure of a sentence.

You may also be struggling to keep your text accessible for a wide, international audience. And not to mention the hardships you may face when writing a formal, scholarly text. The never-ending sentences and formal vocabulary can make anyone’s head spin. Luckily, there is an app that can help you in each of those situations.

So without further ado, I give you the five best sentence rephraser tools available online at the moment.

#1. REF-N-WRITE — The Best Academic Sentence Rephraser Tool

REF-N-WRITE is my choice as the best sentence rephraser for academic purposes. It beats other online tools because it was designed to work with scientific texts. You can rest assured that, with this tool, you will keep the formal and authoritative voice in your writing.

REF-N-WRITE has a collection of over 20,000 academic and scientific words and phrases in their phrase bank. The vocabulary comes from high-quality scientific journals, and it doesn’t contain generic text samples that may trigger plagiarism alerts. That is particularly handy when you need to paraphrase other papers instead of citing them, which is a common problem when writing a scholarly text.

The tool also offers a variety of features. For instance, you can select a text fragment in your document and hit the “Writing Ideas” button. You will get plenty of paraphrasing and rewording suggestions in the search result box so that you can choose the best one for your paper.

Apart from that, you can have the program search for titles and similar articles, and it can even read your writing to you. By hearing the text, you would be able to notice what else could be improved before you present it to the public.

#2. SEOToolStation — The Best SEO Sentence Rephraser Tool

Apart from academic papers, writing these days usually refers to producing content for websites. Considering that content marketing is only growing stronger, the chances are you need a quality sentence rephraser tool that is customized for SEO purposes.

My top pick is undoubtedly SEOToolStation. Apart from having a standard article rewriter, this software offers many other features. It can remove duplicate lines from your text, double-check the grammar and spelling, and show you the article’s exact word count.

But what it really stands out for are its Keyword Tools and Link/URL Analyzer options. These features help you find related keywords, analyze the competition’s keywords, and suggest new ones as well as their place within the text. Also, it makes and checks your backlinks, helps you come up with anchor text, and rewrites your URLs.

Overall, it is an excellent tool that works around copyright issues and gives you an SEO-friendly text. It can do wonders for your website content. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for students and academics.

#3. DupliChecker — The Best Reworder Tool

If you don’t need to rephrase the whole sentence but rather to switch a word for a more suitable one, you need a reworder tool. Most apps that are available online have extensive synonym libraries. The rewriting is based on replacing individual words with their alternatives while preserving the sentence structures.

DupliChecker is the one program that stands out in a sea of similar other rewording tools. All you need to do is paste the text in the app or upload your document and click on the “Re-Write Article” button. If you don’t like the version you got, just hit the button again. Once you’re done, you can check the grammar and use a plagiarism checker and then save your work.

However, there is a flaw in all such tools that you should be aware of. Although they do use rich synonym banks to rewrite your text, they can make mistakes. Sometimes, they can use a synonym that is not suitable in a given context and change the meaning of the sentence. So make sure to double-check the text before you save it.

#4. Ginger Sentence Rephraser — The Best Paraphrasing Tool

Ginger is a rephraser that uses more advanced algorithms than tools that only do rewording. This software improves your text by using synonyms and idioms to spice up your writing. It also changes the word order and the structure of your sentences to make them more interesting while still keeping them readable.

This app also features a grammar and spelling checker. It is particularly apt at spotting and correcting sentence fragments that have sneaked up on you. As a result, you will get high-quality content that uses idiomatic phrases naturally and is more interesting for the readers than most other texts online. However, if you are working on a formal assignment, this app may not be the right one for you.

#5. WordAi — The Best Text Simplification Tool

Text simplification tools replace complex words with simpler alternatives. One such tool is WordAi, which stands out from the crowd because it uses artificial intelligence to understand the text better. It can rewrite content, check spelling and grammar, and recognize plagiarism.

It aims to make the text as simple as possible without dumbing it down too much. The goal is for the writing to be understandable for everyone online, regardless of their nationality, education, or English language skills. Therefore, anyone writing website content for an international audience could benefit from this tool.

But the most valuable feature that this AI software has is its ability to grasp the text’s meaning and choose the right way to rephrase it. The outcome is a version that is just as informative as the original but readable by almost everyone online.

Final Thoughts

I tried many sentence rephraser tools before I found my favorites for various purposes. Hopefully, they will be just as helpful to you as they are to me. Most of them are successful at retaining your original sentence’s meaning, but mistakes are still possible. I suggest that you try several different tools and settle with one that suits you the most.

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