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sex in a relationship

Understanding The Importance Of Sex In A Relationship

by Martha Simmonds

Sex is an important component of a healthy relationship. Usually, when a relationship breaks down, sex is the first thing that goes into decline. When a couple isn’t having sex it’s usually a sign of trouble. With that said, some people don’t have sex and still have very fulfilling relationships. While this is out of the norm, it does happen. Some reasons for this include:

  • Both people have low libidos or ‘sex drive’
  • One person has a medical condition that affects sex
  • They are abstaining for religious reasons or until marriage

In this article, we will explain why sex is an important part of most healthy relationships:


Sex is even more satisfying when it’s with a person that you love and care about. When you have sex with your partner, you hopefully both feel very satisfied and content afterward.

Even when people aren’t ‘experts’ at having sex, they can still pleasure their partner using sex toys, according to the sex professionals from thehotspot.com.au, who add that they can help couples to achieve wonderful orgasms. This allows people who aren’t skilled at having sex to please their partners, leaving both parties satisfied.

Stress Release

Sex is a good way to burn off stress, particularly after an argument or disagreement. In fact, lots of couples find that they have better sex after an argument than they ordinarily would. Sex is very important to a relationship because of this.

When a couple doesn’t have sex often tension tends to bubble to the surface, causing further arguments and disagreements. When couples don’t have sex for prolonged periods of time, they’re more likely to break up with one another. Sex helps both parties in a relationship to burn off any stress or tension, allowing them to focus on their love for one another.


One of the most notable benefits of sex is that it helps people to bond. When people have sex with one another, they feel more attached to one another. During sex, oxytocin is released into the body, which is a hormone linked to bonding, trust, and loyalty.

This hormone’s release instantly makes you feel more attached to your partner. This hormone is also called ‘the love hormone’ because of its ability to help people bond with each other. With all of this said, not all types of sex lead to this feeling of attachment afterward. It truly depends on who you’re having sex with and how.

Love and Affection

Sex is a good way to show your partner that you love them. This is partly why it is such an important part of a relationship. When you have sex with your partner [as we mentioned in the previous point] the ‘love hormone’ is released.

This means that afterward, you feel a stronger bond with one another. There’s very little that can increase your partner’s love for you as much as this can. It also makes you feel more protective over your partner, which increases your affection for them.

sex in a relationship


Sex provides security because it is an inherently vulnerable act. When you take your clothes off and allow yourself to be penetrated [or penetrate a person] you make yourself vulnerable. You usually have to really trust a person to have sex with them, which means that you feel secure with them. Afterward, you will feel even more secure. Sex makes you much more content in your relationship and allows you to truly trust and feel safe with a person. Feeling secure is a very important part of a relationship.


In addition to everything mentioned previously, another very important reason why sex is important to a relationship is that it can result in pregnancy. Having a child with another person is the ultimate bonding experience that can result in a relationship lasting for an entire lifetime.

The act of conception becomes even more special when you’re intentionally trying to have a child. Lots of people accidentally conceive. When you’re intending on having a child with your partner, it goes to show that you love them and want to spend the rest of your life with them. It bonds you together for life.


Beyond everything else, sex is just fun. It’s a good way to laugh, enjoy yourself, and have fun with your partner. Sex doesn’t always need to have serious connotations. It can just be a good way to unwind after a long day. It’s something that’s crucial to a healthy relationship.

Sex is a very important part of most relationships, as this article demonstrates. There are many other reasons why sex is important to relationships. Make sure to only have sex with people that you’re comfortable and safe with. It’s so much more special when you have it with a person that you love.

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