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11 Geeky Yet Sexy Anime Movies You Should Watch ASAP

When people talk about anime, especially sexy anime, they can’t help but mention hentai. I mean, I know that’s the case with me. Although not everyone is after explicit sex scenes, nor do they need them to enjoy our anime, everyone loves a bit of sexiness sprinkled here and there. That’s precisely where sexy anime comes in.

Also known as ecchi anime, sexy anime has a specific animation that depicts sexualized characters and often showcases them in raunchy situations. I’m not talking fully explicit scenes here, of course. But sexy anime does feature revealing outfits, sexually charged dialogue, and sensual scenes that walk that risky line between naughty and explicit.

However, no matter how much I enjoy sexy girls (or boys) drawn provocatively, the best sexy anime also needs to have a substantial (or at least) exciting plot. I, for one, also wouldn’t say no to some character development and a bit of comic relief. Based on that, I’ve chosen the best sexy animes.

1. High School DxD

I can’t talk about sexy anime without mentioning perhaps the most popular show of the genre — High School DxD. It follows the pupils of Kuoh Academy, a school that teaches not only humans but also angels and devils. The main protagonist is a perverted teenage boy who, while dreaming of having an entire harem at his disposal, gets killed by Yuma Amano, a fallen angel. But, Rias Gremory resurrects him so he could be her devil servant, and hilarity (as well as a lot of sexiness) ensues.

The Sexiest Selling Point:

Although it features sexualized characters, the show is also quite humorous. What’s more, it is also full of action and exciting fight scenes.

2. Prison School (Purizun Sukūru)

Another show that features characters with oppai, Prison School is a sexy anime that starts with a bang (and teaches consent). Set in a fictional all-girl school, the Hachimitsu Academy, the show revolves around five boys who, like the real perverts they are, tried to spy on the girls upon their admittance.

As a punishment for their sins, the boys end up in the school’s underground prison. There, they face sexy, BDSM-style draconian punishments executed by none other than the girls of the school.

The Sexiest Selling Point:

Do I need to say more than “sexy girls in BDSM Domme roles”? I didn’t think so.

3. Highschool of the Dead (Gakuen Mokushiroku Haisukūru Uobu Za Deddo)

Riding on the coattails of so many zombie-themed movies and shows, Highschool of the Dead follows a simple student who’s trying to work his way through the zombie apocalypse. Now, you might be wondering how the creators managed to work some naked girls into a zombie anime, but they did! Aside from bashing in zombies’ heads and surviving the worst-case scenario, the main protagonist also manages to acquire his harem of busty, beautiful girls.

The Sexiest Selling Point:

This show will keep you on the edge of your seat, but it will also provide plenty of fan service. Aside from plenty of boobs bouncing their way through the dystopia of High School of the Dead, you’ll also see a naughty scene or two.

4. Nana

Nana is one of those animes that doesn’t really fit the ecchi genre. It’s gritty and definitely intended for a more mature audience.

The show revolves around two girls who have the same name, but seemingly have nothing in common apart from that. The viewers get to watch the two girls struggle through life, love, and self-realization. Of course, you’ll also see both of them enjoying all those things that make life fun (like sex).

The Sexiest Selling Point:

Nata has some nudity, but it doesn’t have overly sexualized characters. It does, however, tackle difficult topics and has quite a few scenes that will leave you blushing.

5. Sekirei

Sekirei is an anime that might as well be named “fan service.” There are quite a few wet, steamy scenes of hot characters in bathtubs. But it’s not just nudity that will make you want to binge this particular anime. The adult, well thought out humor is absolutely what captivates the audience.

If you’ve ever dreamed about getting a kiss from a princess that will turn you from a frog into a gorgeous, powerful prince, then Sekirei is a show for you. It’s a twist on precisely that well-known trope.

In this anime, a bunch of sexy aliens (Sekirei) seek out humans who have unique genes. Then they kiss them to awake the extraordinary powers in them. But, with great power comes great responsibility!

The Sexiest Selling Point:

Sekirei is one of the best sexy anime out there due to the fan service. If you don’t mind that it portrays women as sexual objects, then you’ll surely enjoy it.

6. Testament Of Sister New Devil (Shinmai Maou no Testament)

Acquiring brand new siblings seemingly out of nowhere isn’t as uncommon in anime as it is in real life. The main character of the Testament of Sister New Devil, Basara Toujou, happens to find himself in that particular situation. After his father tells him he’s getting two brand new stepsisters, he quickly saunders off to parts unknown and leaves Basara to deal with his new family members.

But, lo and behold, the stepsisters aren’t actually girls but a succubus and a demon. In a twist of fate, Basara becomes their master, and hilarity ensues.

The Sexiest Selling Point:

Did you not hear when I said that one of the girls is a succubus? Steamy, hot scenes are practically guaranteed.

7. To Love-Ru

Part sexy alien story, part Corpse Bride, To Love-Ru is a hilariously sexy anime about a guy who professes his love to the wrong girl and ends up having to defend himself from many of her suitors (and her pissed off father!).

To make matters worse, the girl is also an alien princess, so he’s kind of meant to rule the universe by her side. What happens next makes for an action-packed anime with lots of girls in skimpy outfits.

The Sexiest Selling Point:

While there are lots of girls in revealing outfits, To Love-Ru also has a good plot and the “will they/won’t they” moment that appeals to many anime viewers.

8. The Familiar of Zero (Zero no Tsukaima)

A sexy anime that mixes the tropes of harem and human pets, The Familiar of Zero follows Louise, a member of the nobility. Still, even though her birthright makes her super special, she’s simply terrible at magic, which is why everybody calls her Zero. During a summoning ritual that’s supposed to bind a familiar to her, Zero summons an ordinary boy, Saito Hiraga.

Zero decides to keep the boy and treat him as her familiar, even though it’s humiliating (for both of them). The show follows their adventures, as well as the storylines of several other characters.

The Sexiest Selling Point:

Zero has a riding crop that she uses to discipline Saito with. Just saying, does it get sexier than that?

9. Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne No Musume-Tachi

A perfect balance between horror and erotica, this anime doesn’t have a lot of fan service. But it has an excellent plot! The show follows two immortal women who work as detectives.

Rin Asogi, the main character, has been on this Earth for 65 years, and she can’t die. That doesn’t mean that others haven’t tried to torture and murder her. She tells her story over the course of six 45-minute episodes that will leave you begging for more.

The Sexiest Selling Point:

Bondage, torture and explicit sex scenes paired with an intelligent and intriguing plot. Could you ask for more?

10. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

A classic tale of a switcheroo, How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is a sexy take on slavery. Not real slavery, but you’ll definitely find consent issues in this sexy anime.

Takuma Sakamoto, a Demon Lord, is summoned to another dimension by two hot ladies. They called him with the idea to bind him to them and make him their slave. However, something goes wrong, and the two girls end up being his slaves instead.

The Sexiest Selling Point:

The show has a hilarious premise (and name), and it’s full of funny, erotic scenes. However, it also has quite a few serious moments that drive the audience to watch the entire show in one sitting (if possible). Not to mention, the juxtaposition of the two is exquisite.

11. Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt

Considering that this is a sexy anime with the most absurd name ever, I simply had to include it in my list. Panty, Stocking, and Garterbelt are (wait for it) the main characters of the show. Panty and Stocking are two of Heaven’s worst behaved angels, which is why they got kicked out. Garterbelt is their priest and guide who’s helping them catch enough ghosts so they can earn their place back in Heaven.

It’s definitely a comedy show more than a sexy one, but the fact that the girls transform their undergarments into weapons means that they earned a spot on the list.

The Sexiest Selling Point:

Panty, the raunchier of the dynamic duo, loves to indulge in her hobby that involves sleeping with as many people as she can. That means that there are quite a few sexy scenes. Even if they are done in a comedic fashion, you’ll surely enjoy them.

A Few Parting Words

When it comes to sexy anime, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. I did my best to include all types of sexy anime in my list. There’s something for those who enjoy fan service, comedy, and a frivolous plot, but also a gem or two for those with a more refined taste that like a gritty, smart story paired with their sexy anime.

The sights of lovely girls and gorgeous guys in these sexy anime shows will surely leave you with a thumping heart and maybe even cause a nosebleed or two. I hope you enjoy them!

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