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Your Best Options For Singapore Coworking Space

More and more freelancers and entrepreneurs in Singapore are turning to coworking spaces to get their businesses up and running. There are several reasons for this. Renting a coworking space is definitely cheaper than renting a whole office space. This makes coworking spaces perfect for startups. If you’re looking for the best Singapore coworking space then you may want to consider the ones on this list.

The Working Capital

Have you always wanted to work in a beautiful building? Well, now you can if you’ll sign up with The Working Capital. This coworking space is located in a gorgeous historical building so working there won’t feel like you’re in a traditional office.

But one of the best things about this coworking space is the rate. It’s one of the most affordable coworking spaces in Singapore. This coworking space has nice facilities too. It has an in-house cafe, a magazine library, a rooftop member’s bar, and even shower rooms. They also hold regular networking and startup events.

One Space

If you’re looking for a basic space with high-speed Internet, a pantry, and printing facilities, then One Space is for you. It’s also ideal for freelancers and business owners on a budget. It offers a day pass for just $30 per day. It has an excellent location too although it’s not in the CBD. It is just a short walk away from the Ubi MRT station. Their space is quite small and the design of the place is basic.

But if you’re looking for a coworking space with few distractions then this is for you. Because let’s face it, some amenities can only serve as distractions.

The Work Project

The Work Project is used to be known as The Collective Works. And it used to have only two locations. When the company rebranded, it also expanded into three more locations. They have also lowered their rates to make them more competitive. If you want a dedicated desk, however, then you need to pay more.

But it will give you a private office that can help you become more productive in your work or business. This coworking space also offers housekeeping service, a gourmet pantry, a high-speed Internet connection, and free use of the meeting rooms. If you’re not ready to commit to a full subscription, you can get a day pass for only $45.


JustCo is the biggest coworking space company in Singapore with a total of 18 branches islandwide. One of the best things about JustCo is the locations of its branches, which are all in the CBD. It’s also one of the best-looking coworking spaces in Singapore. Their units look like hipster cafes. And the cafe vibe doesn’t end in the interior. They even have an in-house barista who is always ready to whip up refreshing caffeinated concoctions.

Indeed, the aesthetic of the place can give a boost of inspiration, especially to creative types. Apart from the cafe, this coworking space also has recreation facilities that can help you unwind when your work becomes too stressful.

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