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40 Single Motivational Words: One Word Can Change Your Life

by Martha Simmonds

Oftentimes, in order to move on with their lives, people need a bit of encouragement and inspiration. In the darkest moments, even single motivational words can make a huge difference. Perhaps a random person on the street told you to “Smile,” which resulted in your mood being improved throughout the whole day. Or maybe you came across a one-word quote like “Strength” on social media, and that was the little push you needed to take action.

Such single motivational words have the power to lift people up in the most unexpected of ways. In this article, I have gathered some of the most effective single motivational words, which you can use to pick yourself up when you are feeling down.

40 Single Motivational Words to Lift Your Spirits

Single Motivational Words to Inspire

1. “Inspire.” — You can change someone’s life. You can be a person that others turn to for advice and guidance.

2. “Freedom.” — You will not be here forever. You are free to go wherever you want and do whatever you want to do.

3. “Fly.” — Take the risk. Do not worry about what will happen if you fall. What if you start flying instead?

4. “Dream.” — Never give up on your dreams. Focus on your goals, and nothing will be able to stop you.

5. “Motivate.” — You are capable of anything. Stop wasting time and become the best possible version of yourself.

6. “Believe.” — If you believe in good, good things will happen to you. Never surrender to despair, as the good times are just around the corner.

7. ”Karma.” — Everything you do eventually comes back to you. Patience will deliver you the sweetest revenge imaginable.

8. “Goals.” — Do you want to achieve something? Concentrate on your goals and don’t let anything get in your way.

9. “Bless.” — Every person is blessed in one way or another. You know what your strengths and talents are, so use them!

10. “Imagine.” — Imagination allows us to see the world from a different angle. Create your own scenario, and work to bring it to life.

11. “Compete.” — Don’t let people ignore you. Work with maximum effort, and make yourself known.

12. “Classy.” — It’s always good to be classy, just because it annoys the hell out of other people.

13. ”Confidence.” — Walk tall, and act with confidence. You are just that awesome.

14. “Focus.” — Don’t let the noise distract you from your goals and dreams.

15. “Brave.” — Bravery makes you strong. When you are at your lowest, show bravery and face your fears.

16. “Opportunities.” — People only get a few chances to make a real change and better themselves. Make sure you don’t miss out on yours.

17. “Win.” — The will to win against all odds is one of the most effective motivators you can use to succeed.

18. “Mistake.” — A mistake is just a way for you to learn and improve. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and use your newfound knowledge to better yourself.

19. “Strength.” — Your true strength lies in your heart. Learn to endure, forgive, and ask for forgiveness. There is no shame in any of that.

20. “Success.” — Success should never be taken for granted. If you want to achieve your goals, get ready to be persistent and work harder than ever.

Single Motivational Words to Make You Smile

21. “Smile.” — Never forget to smile. Your smile can change the world and influence everything around you.

22. “Enjoy.” — Don’t forget that you only have one life to live. Take some time to enjoy even the smallest things.

23. “Relax.” — Slow down a bit and just relax. Take five, find your center, and take care of yourself.

24. “Positive.” — You need to train your mind to think positively. A positive outlook will reshape your life and the lives of the people around you.

25. “Alive.” — Always appreciate the fact that you are here and now. Make your presence known, and good things will start to happen.

26. “Happy.” — Everyone deserves to be happy, so go ahead and do the things that make you happiest. Do not let anyone take away your happiness.

27. “Breathe.” — Stop for a second and just breathe. Feel the air circulating within you. Life is yours, and everything will be alright.

28. “Laugh.” — Laughter is the best therapy. Never make the mistake of taking yourself too seriously.

29. “Cuddle.” — Don’t be afraid to get close to someone. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and at peace.

30. “Blissful.” — Learn to take pleasure in everything that happens. Life is always worth living, no matter how complicated things get.

31. “Wander.” — You don’t have to be lost to wander. It actually shows that you are alive and kicking.

32. “Appreciate.” — If you appreciate everything you have in life, you will learn to enjoy it more.

33. “Forgive.” — Negative energy is poison for the soul. If you learn to forgive, your wounds will mend quicker, and life will be easier.

Single Motivational Words to Make You Think

34. “Infinity.” — The only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves. Don’t be afraid to dream of infinity and beyond.

35. “Hope.” — You never know what tomorrow will bring. Never give up hope, as things have a way of working themselves out.

36. “Fantasy.” — Fantasy often helps us deal with reality. Look at life from a different angle, and you might see things you couldn’t before.

37. ”Love.” — Treasure this priceless feeling that is out of your control. Loving somebody or something is not something you choose to do.

38. “Beautiful.” — The beauty of the soul usually outweighs the benefits of a good physical appearance.

39. “Meditate.” — Focus on your breathing, and sink deep within your mind. It often holds the answers to everything, even though you couldn’t see them before.

40. ”Creativity.” — Present yourself to the world through your creativity. The ingenuity of each soul is what makes life interesting, after all.

Even Single Motivational Words Are Enough to Make a Difference

Use my list of single motivational words to help yourself during difficult days. If a friend of yours is in a dark place, send them one of these inspiring words. Even though it might not seem like much, you will certainly make a positive difference in their life.

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