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7 Apps To Ironclad Social Media Privacy

Our social media profiles contain ample information on our whereabouts, personal details, etc. Hence, our foremost duty is to ensure that our social media profiles are kept secure. If the job seems too tough to handle on one’s own, there are some apps to do it on your behalf.

If you choose to ignore this caution and go about your day browsing unsafe sites on the web and expect it won’t hamper your social media privacy, you are wrong.

For example, you may download a movie from thenewpiratebay without VPN and antivirus, and your system is infected with malware. Likewise, if you don’t have the right app to protect your social media, the malware may infect it too. Therefore, these apps are essential.

7 Apps To Ironclad Social Media Privacy

It’s feisty even to think that nobody will target your social media even when there is so much information on them about you. So, we suggest you move on from that notion and identify the best apps to protect social media privacy.

1. Hootsuite Account Manager

Hootsuite Manager has to top our list of social media security apps list because this app manages all social media accounts.

Once you use this app, you can ensure that only trusted individuals access your social media profiles without disclosing confidential credentials.

So, if you are using business accounts on social media profiles, Hootsuite would be the best choice to go forward.

2. Social Media Vault

Are you using 2 to 3 social media sites on your phone? If your answer is YES, then social media vault would be the best app to handle those sites’ security.

When you are logged into your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at once, it makes the sites vulnerable to security threats.

Social media vault requires you to put a different PIN or pattern before logging into these apps, making them more secure.

3. LastPass Password Manager

You stay logged into your Facebook and LinkedIn because you don’t like to enter the password every time you see a notification.

We understand the logic!

But, what if we told you there’s an app that can manage all your passwords and can even generate new ones so that you always stay protected from hackers?

LastPass Password Manager is an amazing app entitled to do that job, so download it now.

4. LogDog

This app does what the name suggests. It supervises your social media apps and activities like a watchdog.

It can detect if someone is trying to breach your social media profiles and warn you accordingly so that you don’t have to burden yourself with this worry.

5. AppLock

Not only your social media profiles but your banking apps can also be password protected with this app.

Once you install this app and sync your social media profiles, you won’t have to remember those lengthy passwords anymore. All you need to do is to download AppLock and handle your social media security.

6. Kibo

Kibo is one of the best apps to make your social media messages as secure as possible.

The best part of this app is it is keyboard compatible, which means you can use the keyboard extension for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Chats.

Apart from the main features, a password protector and screen lock also ensure the protection one deserves while using social media sites.

7. CryptoChat

Be it online or offline, CryptoChat ensures all your chats stay secure. You obviously don’t want people to snoop around your Facebook chats or your emails, and CryptoChat will do a good job in this context.

It encrypts all your messages making sure you are protected from the prying eyes of hackers on the web.

Importance Of Social Media Privacy

  • Good privacy settings help you make sure you have control over your online activities and friendlist.
  • You can go about your social media business without any external interference.
  • If someone seems creepy or suspicious, you can block them.
  • You can monitor who views your posts and who doesn’t.
  • Your social media apps will be protected from hackers.
  • Your online anonymity and online identity will be kept secured.

Be Safe On Social Media!

Why do you think we have introduced these apps? So that, you can carry on with your social media business without a care in the world and let the apps protect you like a guardian angel.

However, if you are unsure which apps to download first and which ones to avoid, we suggest you go through this list once again and then decide.

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