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Soul Contracts: Are Some People Predestined to Be Important to Us?

by Gloria Louden

Have you ever looked at someone and known that they were meant to be in your life? If not, have you ever been hurt by someone, only to grow from the experience? According to some spiritualists, these are all experiences that are predetermined by our soul contracts.

I recently started wondering about this subject after one of my friends died much before his time. While looking through online support groups, I was introduced to the idea that all of us decide everything that’s going to happen in our lives before we are even born.

The notion was intriguing but mostly hurtful. After all, how could my friend have chosen to die so young? But something inside me compelled me to investigate the subject further. So today, we’re going to delve into this concept and see what we can learn from it.

What Are Soul Contracts?

The idea of a soul contract comes from karmic spirituality. Its primary use is to explain why the events in our lives unfold as they do. Specifically, people often use it to explain why they have so many negative influences and interactions throughout their lives.

As you know, the karmic balance represents the total amount of good and evil we have done throughout our lives. In Buddhism, intentions are actually more important than actions. So they’re the factor that determines whether a soul will ascend or cycle through another lifetime.

In that religion, our souls’ next lives are determined by our karmic balance in previous ones. So if you had cruel intentions in one lifetime, you will be reborn in worse conditions and expected to do better.

The concept of soul contracts implies that we have more control over what our next life will look like. Spiritualists who believe in this notion think of our souls as immortal, cosmic beings. That line of thinking allows us to imagine that we have lived our past lives on other planets as well as this one.

And when we die, we choose the events that will allow us to heal and grow in the next life. Essentially, we are the makers of our destiny, even though we promptly forget about it upon birth.

Supposedly, we have spirit guides who help us draft these agreements. They allow us to decide which events we need to go through to achieve healing and growth. But what does that mean, exactly?

What Do Soul Contracts Determine?

The idea that we agree to the circumstances we’re born to can be especially frustrating if you come from a poor or abusive family. However, many spiritualists believe that you can get rid of those conditions. You could even manifest better ones as you begin to understand that this existence is one you have agreed to. But that would be breaking the contract, which we’ll discuss later.

For now, let’s talk about what this agreement even entails. What are the things we choose before we are born?

  • Everything about our birth and death, including when, where, and how they happen. We also choose the name we get upon arrival, which has a special significance, according to spiritualists. They are specifically encoded with our energy signatures, our strengths and weaknesses, and many other things.
  • Our whole family is a network of other beings we have soul contracts with. Oftentimes, these are souls we have lived multiple lifetimes with in one way or another.
  • All of the vital people we will have in our lives are a part of our soul family. That even goes for those who do us harm. They help us heal and find our purpose, even when their surface-level motivations seem to be less noble.

So the notion of a soul contract revolves around the idea of consent. We consented to go through everything that is happening to us. That very idea can be challenging to accept when you imagine the awful things that happen to many people. However, if you believe in a higher power and purpose, it may be comforting to know that we all have a level of control over our lives.

How Long Do Soul Contracts Last?

Most spiritualists would admit that your soul contracts with other people have a definite expiration date. For example, we all have relationships and affairs that only last until we’ve learned what we needed. Those arrangements were only ever meant to last for a limited time.

On the other hand, there are people we’ll grow old with. They might stay by our sides forever or weave in and out of our lives for years. But generally, they’re the ones who’ll teach us the essential life lessons. Naturally, those soul agreements are more long-lasting.

Then, we have the parts of the soul contract that stipulate the conditions we will live and die in. That’s where you get to exercise your freedom of choice. So let’s talk about how you might revise or break a contract that no longer serves you.

How Can We Break These Agreements?

As we have established, free will is one of the most important aspects of a soul contract. And we don’t only get to exercise it before we are born. We can choose our fate and actively change our contracts during our time here. Sure, some things are written in our soul contracts, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t opt out at any time.

In fact, some spiritualists believe that we all have up to five exit clauses in our contracts. These are the potential exit points we have written into our lives — you might call them near-death experiences. Supposedly, we can choose any of these points without any repercussions.

However, if we don’t necessarily want to exit our agreements, we can also renegotiate with our spirit guides. According to some spiritualists, we vibrate at a higher frequency while we sleep. So that is when we can connect with our spirit guides and ask them to revise our contracts.

Remember, we agreed to all the stipulations of our contracts — they should allow us to grow and heal. But what if one of the conditions of your agreement is preventing you from living your highest truth?

Well, if that is the case, you should move past that part of your contract by manifesting better conditions. Most spiritualists would tell you to create or use someone else’s mantra. That would allow you to acknowledge that you have control over your fate and that such a condition is no longer helping you thrive. If you’re unsure how to verbalize that, I recommend Googling mantras until you find one that resonates with you.

Do Soul Debts Exist and How Can We Get Rid of Them?

Some of the details of our soul contracts with other people exist because we owe them a soul debt. We all obtain karmic debt throughout our lives — that goes back to the Buddhist idea of karma. If you’re purposely hurting other people, you’re racking up that debt. Conversely, if others are intentionally harming you, they will owe you.

The way these things usually resolve is simple. If your mother is doing you harm in this lifetime, you might be her mother in the next. You might inflict pain on her in the next round. But that shouldn’t be the point of life.

Ideally, we would all forgive all karmic debt against us and hope that others do the same. That would prevent destructive cycles of behavior from passing on to the next lifetime. Once again, there are mantras you can say to ensure that you have forgiven others for their debts against you.

After forgiving others’ debts against you, you should feel lighter and unburdened. That will lead to a deeper understanding of your inner self, allowing you to forgive yourself for any past mistakes as well.

Of course, not all people will get to clear the debt they have on their souls just like that. If someone was a murderer in this lifetime, they wouldn’t shed their debt easily. Instead, they would have to go through several cycles of remorse and growth before they have their absolution.

But why does all of this matter? What can we learn from all of this?

Why Do We Need to Know About Soul Contracts?

According to some spiritualists, developing a deeper understanding of our soul contracts is imperative for several reasons. Once we accept that our bodies are merely temporary vessels for our immortal souls, we can start to tap into the lessons we have learned over the eons. So revealing layers of consciousness that were previously beyond our understanding would lead to deeper self-knowledge.

By accepting that we have consented to everything that has happened to us, we should be able to release some of the hurt we’ve been holding on to. Furthermore, we’d take a moment to understand the lessons we learned from those ordeals. That alone may bring us closer to remembering the mission we were put on this planet to complete.

Moreover, if we understand the scope of our existence, we could also enlighten the people around us. Sharing the spirit of love and healing may inspire other people to shed their burdens as well.

There are also some romantic consequences to awakening our minds. For example, if we knew that our soulmates were on their way, we might spend less time in unsatisfactory or abusive relationships. Additionally, knowing that our ideal partners are coming will make us more patient and loving with other people as well. After all, who can be cruel when they know good things are in store for them?

Accept All the Universe Has to Give You

Ultimately, you don’t even have to believe in the concept of soul contracts to learn something from it. The basic idea is that everything we are going through can teach us a valuable lesson. So the natural progression of that would be to try to uncover that hidden meaning. Only then will we move on and accept all the universe has to give us.

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