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spa treatments worth splurge

Spoil Yourself With Self-Care: 4 Spa Treatments Worth The Splurge

by Gloria Louden

Most day spas offer treatments starting from $80 to $120, with Swedish massages costing $80 per hour in small markets and up to $200 in luxury resorts, according to a report on Tripsavvy. Spa breaks are a great way to pamper yourself, relax, and unwind from daily stressors experienced at work or home.

After all, you’ll have the chance to enjoy various therapies, including popular alternative healing techniques like reiki, massage, aromatherapy, and yoga. You’ll also be treated to grooming sessions that leave you feeling rejuvenated and looking good.

There are many benefits of going to a spa, such as improved heart health, healthy skin, reduced stress and depression, and improved sleep quality. If you have been planning a spa break, here are 4 spa treatments you should prioritize to boost your physical and mental health.

1. Indulge in a massage 

Massages are the most popular treatments offered in spas, and it’s easy to see why. The smooth stroking and kneading help release muscle knots and tension. As a result, you’ll feel relaxed, experience reduced muscle and joint pain, and improved sleep quality. To ensure you achieve the best results, therapists use different body massage techniques.

Depending on your specific needs, a therapist might offer Swedish massage, deep tissue, aromatherapy, or hot stone massage. Each massage therapy has its unique physical and mental benefits. For example, Swedish massage lowers stress levels by releasing body tension. This massage therapy entails smooth kneading, strokes, vibrations, and tappings that make you feel relaxed.

On the other hand, deep tissue massage is more focused on tight muscles and body tissues. A therapist will apply more pressure when stroking and kneading different body parts. When it comes to aromatherapy massages, therapists use essential oils to promote relaxation and boost your mood.

2. Opt for body treatments 

While it’s possible to enjoy body treatments at home, they might not be as thorough, relaxing, and effective as those offered in spas. In most cases, at-home body scrubs entail exfoliating with salt, sugar, fruit enzymes, or coffee grounds. This process is followed by a quick shower and application of lotion. A trip to the spa allows you to experience professional body scrubs and wraps that enhance your appearance and make you feel relaxed.

Instead of taking a shower immediately after a body scrub, you’ll be wrapped in mud, clay, cream, or seaweed for about 20 minutes. You’ll then take a shower to rinse off the clay, dirt, or seaweed and have lotion applied on your skin. However, if your body wrap is all about hydrating treatment, you don’t need to wash off the cream.

3. Add your favorite facial treatment

A day at your favorite spa is incomplete if you don’t get a facial treatment. There are various spa facials you can choose from depending on your unique needs. Popular facial treatments are European facials, anti-aging facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and aromatherapy facials. Facials offered in spas follow the basic rules; cleanse, exfoliate, massage, mask, and moisturize.

However, beauty experts in spa salons and resorts use exfoliating scrubs and moisturizing lotions with natural ingredients that target different skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, dark spots, and wrinkles. In most spas, beauticians will offer face massages, which release tension in facial muscles. You’ll also have the opportunity to choose facial extras like chemical peels, micro-needling, and led light therapy.

Whatever you choose, spa facial treatments offer many benefits like improved blood circulation, reduced stress, skin detoxification, and enhanced beauty.  

4. Don’t skimp on manicures and pedicures 

When people talk about manicures and pedicures, the first thing that comes to mind is making the nails look stunning. But there are many benefits linked to manicure and pedicure treatments provided in spas. Like body massages, these treatments are therapeutic and focus on ensuring you look after your hands and skin.

Besides filing, shaping, and removing cuticles, spa experts offer aromatherapy exfoliation and steam therapy. These techniques help remove dead skin cells, promote skin hydration, and reveal young, radiant skin.

DuSpa treatments have gained a lot of popularity among people of all ages and for good reasons. Taking a spa break is a perfect way of unwinding from your day-to-day routine while enjoying a range of holistic activities and body pampering sessions.

A day spent in a spa makes you feel rejuvenated thanks to massage therapies, body scrubs, and body wraps. Spa facials will help you achieve radiant skin while relaxing activities like yoga and meditation improve your overall mental health.

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