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sports fans visit los angeles

4 Reasons Why All Sports Fans Must Visit Los Angeles

by Martha Simmonds

You’ve probably heard of Los Angeles being famous for its Hollywood personalities or dry sunny climate, but did you know that the City of Angels is actually a great destination for sports fans to explore? If you’ve been wanting to take a trip to California but are not sure which area to choose, this is the sign to head out to LA.

And if you’re traveling with a non-sports fan, there will be plenty for them to do as well, as the city is home to gorgeous beaches, a bustling downtown center, top-notch restaurants, and much more. Let’s uncover some reasons why sports aficionados should visit LA today.

sports fans visit los angeles

1. The LA Dodgers

Baseball is America’s pastime, and one of the best places to enjoy it is LA. The Dodgers have called this city home since their start, playing at Dodger Stadium from 1962 to the present day. The franchise is hugely successful in the overall context of the league, with 7 World Series titles to their name and an additional 24 National League pennants.

Historically, their main rivals have been the New York Yankees, but on California turf, it is the San Francisco Giants whose fanbase they compete for. Fans will love touring the Dodgers stadium or even catching a live game if the visit is planned during baseball season (April – October).

2. It’s the home of SoFi Stadium

Another reason sports fans will love LA is the opportunity to see one of the most spectacular venues in sports – SoFi Stadium. With a budget of $6 billion, it broke ground in November of 2016 and was finally completed just in time for the NFL season in 2020. In fact, this was the premier venue of the 2022 Super Bowl game which just recently saw LA’s own franchise, the Rams, take home the title.

Nowadays, fans are already preparing for the 57th edition by analyzing top Super Bowl betting sites ahead of the season’s kick-off. Another way they can relish in football action is by touring this one-of-a-kind, modern-day stadium (also the home of the Los Angeles Chargers). Amazingly, SoFi Stadium has a capacity of 70,000. After all, LA is the second-largest city in the US after New York City, so they needed to create a venue that would be comfortable and accommodating for both locals and out-of-towners.

3. Lebron and the Lakers

The Lakers have been in LA since 1960, so they’ve seen it all. Their team colors, purple, gold and black, are big aspects of the city’s identity in the sports scene, with a large majority of fans supporting the NBA franchise. This is the team that gave us Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’ Neil and plenty of other legends.

Today it is Lebron James who is arguably one of the best overall basketball players out there. The Laker brand is stronger than ever, and if you visit LA this will be evident by the amount of people donning Lakers sports gear and standing in line to attend live games at Crypto.com Arena. If you get the opportunity, don’t hesitate to soak in all the basketball glory and history by catching a game in LA in real-time.

sports fans visit los angeles

4. There is something for every fan

So far, we have mainly mentioned football, basketball and baseball, but the truth is that LA quite literally has everything for sports fans, even if they prefer soccer or hockey. For example, the Anaheim Ducks, LA Galaxy and Los Angeles FC are all located here.

In fact, a total of 12 major league professional organizations call LA their home base. Add to this the large number of historic sports venues, and LA is a haven for athletic aficionados. When you aren’t running around trying to catch a game or tour a stadium, you can head to Hollywood or the beach to relax. Additionally, because LA is the perfect place to start a road trip tour of the Pacific Coast Highway, maybe you’ll end up wanting to extend your trip to tackle this fun adventure.

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