spot a shady crypto casino

Here’s How to Spot a Shady Crypto Casino

The popularity of crypto casinos continues to rage worldwide in our modern world. Each day, more individuals are investing their money in crypto betting-related establishments, making it one of the most profitable ways of increasing your income. However, as more people enjoy its numerous benefits, many others fall victim to fraudulent activities at dubious BTC casinos.

This implies one thing: not all casinos are actually what they say they are. The high risk of fraud continues to be one of the most common issues in crypto betting, and in order not to fall victim to such scams, you need to watch out for them. You can check here to skip to the best and most legit BTC casinos. You can also read on to learn more about how to spot a shady BTC casino.

What is a Crypto Casino?

Even though the in-game currency has been around for a while, the introduction of blockchain technology has opened up new possibilities for crypto-gaming producers. Players may compete for and gain digital assets like cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the BTC gaming circle.

Digital tokens earned in games may often be traded for stablecoins on regulated or unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges. These digital assets may be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat cash on Internet markets. They are also referred to as BTC casinos.

How to Spot a Shady Bitcoin Casino

There are specific requirements that typical casinos are meant to meet. If any of these criteria are missing from the platform, you should probably hesitate before jumping in. Here are some tips for spotting scam platforms:

Lack of Regulation or Licensing

The industry of Internet betting is unregulated on a global scale. However, there are betting regulations depending on the jurisdiction in question. Each of these regions has a formal organization (or, in some cases, several official organizations) in charge of overseeing websites.

These organizations are typically called “licensing authorities,” and they determine the requirements each site must meet. They also decide the requirements for obtaining and maintaining a license. Also, they provide many different parameters for what kinds of actions sites may and cannot take. You should bear in mind that the standards set by licensing bodies might vary greatly, so this can be a hugely unstable determining factor.

This implies that although most gaming sites are licensed and regulated, not all must meet the same requirements. For obvious reasons, you should only go to highly regulated sites. Online platforms without licensing or regulation should be avoided.

No History or Reputation

Establishments that have been there for quite some time and have earned a good reputation will always be the best option. It greatly enhances the user’s confidence in a site’s dependability and trustworthiness. Though not all new, flashy platforms are dubious, avoid platforms that appear out of nowhere without keeping track of their advancement.

Poor Security Features

The reliability of an online gaming platform will depend heavily on the tools it employs. For the same reason that all financial transactions should be encrypted, all customer data should be safeguarded by security software to keep hackers out. A website with subpar security is a major warning sign that you should avoid at all costs.

Efficiency & Choices in Banking

The ability to deposit and withdraw funds quickly and efficiently is crucial for any online gaming business. Here are some of the considerations to make when identifying scam platforms in terms of finances:

  • Deposit methods: There should be several different online deposit methods available to customers. It’s as easy as offering many options so that buyers may choose the one that works best for them. You should anticipate having the ability to make deposits using at least the following methods: credit card, debit card, cheque, and bank transfer. However, some sites may exempt some of these platforms due to country restrictions.
  • Withdrawal options: Customers should be able to withdraw using the same methods they used to deposit, although we understand this isn’t always feasible. However, there has to be some flexibility in how money might be withdrawn. Any site that has a tedious withdrawal process should be avoided. You may have been lucky to have your money out during such a stressful process.
  • The transaction fee is too high or too low: A legit site will neither have a transaction fee that’s too high nor too low. A platform with fees too high is an obvious scam, as you will naturally get discouraged. Also, a platform with too low fees should be an obvious scam. There is every possibility that your money will never leave.

Poor User Experience

There is no justification for a betting website that is difficult to navigate for its clients. It’s not difficult to design user-friendly navigation, significantly improving the experience. Within a few clicks, a consumer should be able to locate any topic of interest and reach any destination.

Hence, if you come across a platform with a poor user experience, it could be a sign that the site is not legit. Perhaps the scammers behind the platform are in a hurry or have little investment to put into their scheme. One thing is sure: such sites always have a panic on the front end.

No Customer Service

Many individuals give customer service hardly any thought until they need it. Then, if it doesn’t meet their expectations, they get frustrated. Sadly, many betting-related businesses fail to recognise the importance of quality customer service to their success. Still, this should be considered a red flag. 

Scammers would not want to render such a help service around their site. Even if the platform is open for customer service but the service is not functioning well enough or there are hidden agendas when you try to use it.

Poor Software Quality

We think that all gaming sites should employ slick, user-friendly software in this day and age of rapid technological innovation. The better ones usually do, but sometimes you’ll come across one with very out-of-date software, even among the best. If it’s still doing its job, this isn’t a big deal, but that’s not always the case. 

Using buggy software to make a wager or participate in a game may be annoying. Besides being annoying, it can be a sign that the platform is a complete scam and should be avoided.


While you may enjoy the development that BTC betting brings, always be cautious. You can lose all your investments in one fell swoop on the wrong platforms. These tips, though, will go a long way toward playing it safe.

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