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styling a bedroom with a large headboard

Styling A Bedroom With A Large Headboard: 4 Tips

by Martha Simmonds

It doesn’t matter if you want to give the bedroom you have now a bit of a facelift or if you have moved into a new home and want to try and make it something special because there are many things that you can do to try and channel your interior designer. Want some help with a large headboard? Take a look below.

1. Try Your Bed Centrally Placed

If you want to try and achieve a very central layout, then the first thing that you need to do is identify the center of the room. Take various measurements and then mark the center by using tape. This will not damage the flooring or even the area rug.

The next thing that you need to do is then place the bed in the center of the wall so it is facing the wall where the door might be located. You can then easily place a nightstand on either side. This is ideal if you want a nice and warm vibe, not to mention that it works very well if you have a bigger headboard. Remember, you can buy bedroom sets for cheap prices online if you feel as though the furniture you have now is not working for you.

2. Try Your Bed Against The Window

If you want the sun to welcome you every day, then this can be a very inspirational layout. Try and find a window in your room and pinpoint the one that can let in the maximum amount of light. You then need to place your bed’s headboard in the middle of the window so you can take advantage of the nice refreshing sunlight. You can also have a nightside either side if you want to bring everything together.

3. Place Your Bed Against The Biggest Wall

The third layout that you can use if you want to save on space while giving your bedroom a super cozy feel would be for you to place it against the biggest wall. First of all, you need to try and find out if you can put the bed against the wall with the headboard adjoining it. Your bed will be in the corner here, but you will have a lot of room if you want to arrange the rest of your furniture, so be mindful of this if you can.

4. Create A Natural Flow

The ability to move through your space, open drawers and even doors are essential if you want your bedroom to be as functional as it can be. You have to leave enough room between your furniture and your walls so you are then able to walk through comfortably.

A good rule of thumb would be for you to leave an average of 72cm of space so you can easily navigate everything. Plan out the furniture that you want to incorporate into the bedroom too. The second-most-important piece of furniture that you have to account for would be the wardrobe, so as long as you can fit this in comfortably, you shouldn’t have an issue at all.

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