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Is Subtle Jewelry Becoming More Fashionable?

We’ve come a long way from chunky, obviously fake pearl necklaces that would hang like boulders down from our neck, with the earrings to match, of course. There was once a time when big, bold statement pieces of jewelry were very much in fashion, and there were bonus points if you were showcasing real silver, gold, or diamonds. Now, the emphasis is not on how expensive the jewelry looks but on how it looks on us. Subtle jewelry is discrete, beautiful, and it’s delicate. Is it becoming the go-to?

Let’s explore the beauty of subtle jewelry and the best ways to style it.

Fine Jewelry Is Trending

Vogue – the most popular fashion and lifestyle magazine – thinks fine jewelry is trending again. Fine jewelry is subtle, often elegant, and it’s far easier to get your hands on pieces that look classy and expensive for less. You don’t need to splash out on expensive brands – a simple gold necklace, even just a fine gold chain necklace, is very much in fashion at the minute.

According to Vogue, people are turning to online stores, like the Israeli Center of Judaica and Art, to find uniquely delightful items to wear that allow people to express their style, beliefs, and sentiments in subtle ways. If you can find a handcrafted piece, it’s even better.

Bold Pieces Can Still Be Classy

There’s no denying that subtle jewelry is becoming more fashionable, but bold statement pieces can still portray class, power, and wealth, something some buyers are more interested in. Bold jewelry typically works better when they are designer; and if they’re items like a watch or earrings.

The Kardashians, Delevingne, and Beyonce are all known for preferring bold statement pieces like earrings and necklaces, and they know how to make them work well. For men, a bold statement watch is a power play – a subtle watch wouldn’t cut it.

Beware, bold pieces can look tacky and overpowering if it’s the wrong piece.

Styling Subtle Jewelry

Styling subtle jewelry is easy because it shouldn’t be an eye-catcher. It’s not there to steal the show; but rather to accompany the start so that they don’t feel as lonely. No matter what the outfit, subtle jewelry should accompany it effortlessly.

The only consideration is coordinating different pieces of jewelry. You might have found a beautiful thin chain necklace with a small diamond, but do you have the matching earrings to finish the look? Or can you find similar earrings? Coordinated fine jewelry looks simply divine, working in the background to accessorize and complete any look.

You can find many examples online to suit any style. You don’t need to overload with subtle jewelry – sometimes earrings and a necklace is enough, or a delicate ring and a watch. Whether it’s designer or not, you’ll feel glamorous with the right piece of subtle jewelry.

Jewelry is a way of feeling complete – some people simply can’t leave the house without wearing at least one item. It’s a way of feeling glamorous, stylish, and expressing yourself. You don’t need a big budget; all you need is an eye for detail and style to accessorize using fine jewelry.

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