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Everything You Need To Know About Sugaring For Hair Removal

There are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair but sugaring is one of the most popular methods. After the procedure, the skin remains smooth and soft for a long time. Many women have already given up shaving in favor of sugaring. Sugar paste effectively removes hair and helps a woman feel and look well in any situation.

What Is Sugaring

What is sugaring for hair removal, you may want to know? Sugaring is the removal of body hair using a special sugar paste. The skin on the problem area is covered with a layer of sugar caramel. A sticky and liquid substance tightly envelops the hair, penetrating the hair follicle, to the hair root. When the paste is removed from the skin, uprooted hair remains on the paste layer.

Sugaring (from the word “sugar”) is based on the sugar property to remove hair in a mechanical way. Hair sticks to the viscous sweet mass, which allows you to remove them from the root. 

An important feature of the technique is the removal of mass from the skin surface in the direction of hair growth. This reduces pain. Is sugar waxing less painful? We will definitely say yes.

Advantages Of Sugaring

Sugaring has clear advantages over other methods of hair removal:

• You do not injure the skin during the procedure.

• A sugar paste has a natural composition and is hypoallergenic, so sugaring rarely causes side effects.

• Salon procedure has an affordable price.

• For depilation, sugaring gives a rather long-term result. How long does a sugar wax last? The hair does not grow back for 3-4 weeks, plus or minus a few days, depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

• You can depilate with sugar paste any area of ​​the body. You just need to choose the right composition of the paste.

• The pain during the procedure is moderate and easily tolerated.

Types Of Pastes For Sugaring

What is sugar wax? It is a stringy, sticky base made up of glucose, fructose, water, and lemon juice. The composition sometimes includes nourishing essential oils that soothe the skin, as well as vitamin complexes. Lemon juice prevents the caramelization process.

Pastes differ in the main physical parameter – density. Proper selection of paste is very important, both with a bandage and manual techniques.

There are the following types of pastes:

• soft;
• medium density;
• hard.

You need to choose the paste depending on the technique and the area. The soft paste is good to remove soft hair. This type is intended for bandage sugaring.

The paste must not run down the surface. If streaks are formed, this means that the composition is not suitable for use in these conditions or the temperature of the paste is higher than required. You can correct the situation by adding a dense paste.

The hard paste is used to depilate places with a rigid hairline (bikini area). The structure of the mass implies manual sugaring techniques.

Medium-density paste is used for any sugaring method. Such compositions are considered universal. The mass is suitable for getting rid of unwanted hair on the legs, arms, and armpits. 

Quality Sugaring Pastes From Sugaring Factory™

The result of the procedure primarily depends on the professionalism of the master and the quality of the paste used. That is why it is important to buy pasta from reliable manufacturers who can guarantee the quality of the product.

SugaringFactory produces high-quality natural cosmetic products for professional and semi-professional sugaring for more than 7 years. The brand produces cosmetics but treats the product as a tool that customers work with. 

The main task of the company is to attract specialists who stay for a long time in the beauty business. For masters who have a list of regular customers, wholesale purchases of sugaring kits are available by link. Sugaring Factory also offers a consumer line for “home” use. 

The company continues to develop every day. Recently the brand started production of a new colored pastes line. It is still a novelty but already on sale!

How Is The Sugaring Procedure

Before depilation, you need to take care of the skin in advance. Timely preparation reduces the intensity of discomfort and ensures efficiency.

Depilation will be more effective when the length of the removed hair is about 5 – 6 mm. The day before the procedure, clean the pre-steamed skin with a scrub. Immediately before the procedure, to avoid the rash and signs of inflammation, the skin must be degreased for better adhesion to caramel and treated with an antiseptic. In case of hypersensitivity, the specialist will choose the right creams and solutions with anesthetics, after making sure that there are no allergic reactions.

How does sugaring hair removal work? Depilation with sugars is carried out using a special paste. All further sugaring techniques are based on the sticky and enveloping qualities of the paste using various types of application and removal. Beauticians use a manual, spatula, or bandage depilation techniques. The master chooses the technique depending on the individual characteristics of the woman.

The effect and the pain from the process depend on the skills of the specialist, as well as the correct selection of the paste. That is why it is important to contact reliable salons with a good reputation.

For Who Sugaring Is Not Suitable

Sugaring has a small list of contraindications that should be taken into account:

• disorders of carbohydrate metabolism (diabetes mellitus);
• dermatological infections;
• wounds and abrasions;
• severe cardiovascular diseases;
• varicose veins in the area of ​​application;
• tendency to bleed;
• neoplasms (including papillomas, overgrown moles, and warts).

You can do sugaring even during pregnancy and lactation but the increased susceptibility of the expectant mother should be taken into account. During the menstrual cycle period the pain threshold decreases.

To reduce discomfort from the procedure and achieve a good result, it is important to follow the rules and properly prepare the skin. When turning to specialists from a good salon, there is no doubt that high-quality sugar pastes will be used. With a professional approach, the sugaring will bring the desired result, which will last for a long time.

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