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super empath vs narcissist

Super Empath Vs Narcissist: An Interesting Comparison

by Martha Simmonds

A narcissist’s worst nightmare is an educated empath.” — Unknown

You will meet all kinds of people in this world, some you will cherish spending your time with and others you’d rather forget entirely. Among these people, there are two distinct types of individuals you are likely to meet.

While a narcissist is someone you’d wish you had probably never met, a super empath is one you’d want to get to know better and even protect. Knowing these two types of people can help you understand a lot about yourself, too. Here’s a fascinating comparison of super empath vs narcissist.

What Is A Super Empath?

Super Empath

The term “empath” comes from the word “empathy.” So, an empath is essentially a person who is more intuitive and understanding of other people’s feelings, emotions, and experiences. For instance, an empath would be more aware and be able to feel their friend’s emotions, whether they are sad, happy, scared, or disappointed.

A super empath, as the word suggests, refers to a person who has a more profound intuition about the needs and wants of the people around them. Super empaths don’t just sense or feel your emotions but can actually “feel” them as their own.

Research has shown that some super empaths also have mirror touch synesthesia, a rare condition where you can feel the exact sensation of touch if you see another person being touched. This makes super empaths highly sensitive to others’ feelings because they can feel what the other person is going through.

What Is A Narcissist?


A narcissist or a person with a narcissistic personality disorder is often described as arrogant and self-centered and only concerned with one thing — themselves.

Narcissists have an illogical love for themselves, and they value their self-image above everything else. Insecurity and self-doubt are foreign concepts to narcissists. Their delusions of self-grandeur, of being great and perfect, also significantly impact their behaviors towards the people around them.

They have little to no consideration for or empathy towards others. Narcissists thrive on being admired so much that they become manipulative, demanding, selfish, and condescending.

Super Empath Vs. Narcissist: Differences


You can think of super empaths and narcissists as being polar opposites of each other, but what they have in common is a unique understanding of other people’s emotional needs and motivation. This intuitive advantage gives them an edge in knowing the insecurities and vulnerabilities of other people.

The difference, however, is that super empaths use this information to help and connect with people while narcissists use it to help themselves.

Super empaths and narcissists have very different character traits, some of which are as follows.

#1. Motivation

Super empaths always try to put the needs of others before their own. They are usually motivated by wanting to heal and help people around them.

On the other hand, narcissists always put themselves first and are inspired by their selfish desires and interests.

#2. Resolving Problems

Shouldering the problem proactively is a common trait of super empaths. They do this in the hopes of finding a resolution to any challenges.

Meanwhile, narcissists tend to resort to emotional manipulation, which often causes more problems.

#3. Dealing With Emotions

Super empaths are passionate about their emotions and respect others’ feelings.

On the contrary, narcissists struggle with commitment and emotional attachments because they see almost everyone as a competition, including their partners.

#4. Attention

Super empaths rarely like being the center of attention and prefer working on the sidelines, offering support to other people.

Narcissists have a constant thirst for compliments, getting favors, and getting acknowledgment to boost their ego.

#5. Impact On Others

Super empaths are conscious of their feelings, behavior, and emotions and how they may affect others.

Narcissists do not understand how their words, actions, and feelings can impact other people and do not really care about it, much less see their behaviors as wrong.

How To Deal With A Super Empath

Deal With

Super empaths can be vulnerable as well as strong when processing their feelings. Being able to feel everyone’s emotions, including their pain, can be overwhelming.

If you know a super empath, you must consider what you expose them to as they can be highly sensitive. Avoid exposing them to unnecessarily negative or dehumanizing content such as in movies or social media feeds.

Super empaths may also feel alone with all the euphoria of emotions they experience. So, make sure that you acknowledge their feelings. Boost their confidence and be available to communicate and show support.

How To Deal With A Narcissist

Deal With A Narcissist

Dealing with narcissists entails an advanced emotional skill set and plenty of patience and tolerance.

Usually, around a narcissist, you’ll often feel frustrated, emotionally drained, and tired from their demands and arrogance.

The best way to deal with narcissists is to avoid directly confronting them. Remember that narcissists are susceptible to criticism and will only see it as an accusation.

Narcissists are not receptive to feedback, and anything that can present them in a bad light will be considered a direct attack. You can tell them these criticisms gradually by incorporating them into casual conversations. Try sandwiching your feedback with plenty of flattery or tell them that altering their behavior can make them more attractive and successful.

However, if a narcissist becomes too demanding, aggressive, or emotionally abusive, make sure that you set boundaries. You may not be able to control their behaviors and actions, but you can protect yourself from any emotional and psychological damage by setting limits.

5 Ways A Super Empath Destroys Narcissist


Let a narcissist meet a super empath if you want to destroy or at least teach a narcissist a lesson.

Narcissists love talking to a super empath as they are kind and always extend a helping hand. And as narcissists are fond of creating tragic stories to portray themselves as “victims,” empaths will often rush in to help.

But super empaths cannot be easily manipulated. Despite being prone to a narcissist’s gaslighting and emotional blackmail, super empaths can be the only ones who can destroy a narcissist’s ego. Here are several ways how super empaths can do it.

#1. Refusing to engage or fight back and provide your best poker face. It will make the narcissist feel powerless and show that you are not affected and thus cannot be manipulated.

#2. Show them you don’t care about their action, words, and behaviors, and that their drama, power dynamics, and manipulations don’t interest you.

#3. Put them on the spot in front of others. This can expose their lies, weaknesses, and exaggerations. You can also ask questions that you know they cannot answer as providing any answer will risk showing their incompetence or exposing the truth.

#4. Invalidate their feelings, accomplishments, words, and actions. This will show you’re in direct defiance of them and are taking a stand against their emotional manipulation.

#5. Disagree with them and say “No” to them. Super empaths know their worth and won’t bend to a narcissist’s demands.

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