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8 Vital Tips on How to Take Care of Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs instantly add elegance, splendor, and artistry to a room. Despite their outstanding beauty, they require a high standard of maintenance and regular care. The good news is that with proper attention, these carpets can last for decades or be handed over several generations.

Thanks to the intensive craftsmanship and durable materials, the carpets can withstand high traffic well. Remember that even if the carpets are hard-wearing, you should consider an intensive Oriental rug restoration every five years. Below are imperative care guidelines that you can practice at home to remove dirt and retain the sheen.

1. Obstruct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can lead to extensive fading on exposed areas of your carpet. Since they are expensive to maintain, blocking the sunlight from creeping into the house is prudent. There are several ways that you can achieve this. For instance, use curtain liners, mesh liners, blackout shade, or privacy films.

Whatever option, ensure that it does not impinge on the room ventilation or make the room excessively dark during the day. If need be, install ceiling lights instead of relying on natural illumination.

2. Rotate Carpet Regularly

Due to foot traffic or the weight of heavy furniture, certain areas of your rug may wear out faster than others. When this happens, you might notice an irregular, dull appearance on your carpet. One practical remedy to the problem is rotating the rug to allow evenly wear.

Most experts recommend rotation annually or after two years. However, you can turn it around after two to three months. In addition, rearrange the furniture to create new traffic routes every six months.

3. Spot Clean

Cleaning stains off an oriental rug is pretty challenging, especially if it has been there for a long time. The thumb rule is to dab the stained area immediately after it happens with a dry cloth.

After drying out the excess stain, use plain water to remove it entirely from the rug. Avoid using cleaning products, bleach, or soap, as they can affect the delicate fibers in your carpet.

4. Straighten the Fringe

One of the most outstanding features of an oriental rug is the striking fringes. Unfortunately, fringes become tangled and twisted over time. Even if you may find it highly tempting to comb them, defy the urge because it can wreak more damage on the fibers.

The best way to flatten the fringes is by lifting the edges, shaking them, and allowing them to fall back in place slowly.

5. Invest in Padding

Without proper padding, Oriental rugs tend to slide on the floor. In the long run, the impact can affect the shape or add wrinkles on the carpet. Luckily, padding also makes the rug thicker and comfortable for your feet. Also, it delays tear and wear, especially in high traffic areas.

There are modern pads in the market that protects the carpet from liquid spillage and staining. That way, you are more assured of superior care while saving you money on extensive stain removal procedures.

6. Vacuum Gently

All carpets require regular vacuuming to remove grim and dust. Nevertheless, an Oriental rug requires more vacuuming to thwart natural fibers from getting blocked by dirt. You can vacuum the carpet every week and the backside after every two months.

When cleaning, switch off the beater knob to prevent tears and run on the delicate yarns. Then slightly push the vacuum sideways across the carpet instead of running it up and down. By using this method, the vacuum cleans across the grain and manages to suck hidden dust without damaging the rug. Sometimes, wet vacuum the carpet to remove mites and allergens. Steam cleaning is also ideal because the heat kills germs and mites.

7. Air the Rug Often

Dampness or humidity on your carpet can have destructive effects such as mildew and mold formation. You can air your rugs to help in minimizing moisture buildup and the smell that comes with it. Hang them on a rail to allow fresh air in every pore.

If need be, repeat the procedure once every six months or sooner with the carpet that has come into contact with humidity.

8. Hire Professional Cleaners

An Oriental rug is an investment worth every coin. Therefore, you should handle it with elevated care by engaging qualified cleaning experts. Bear in mind that the cleaning frequency depends on your preference and traffic in the homestead.

The advantage of working with experts is that they have rich experience with Oriental rugs appropriately. Furthermore, they use methods of removing stains without damaging the fibers.

Bottom Line

The beauty of Oriental rugs is that they are imposing floor covers and pieces of art too. Additionally, they are never outdated but rather mix conventional and modern trends for unique final products. Thus, this heritage-rich home décor item deserves the attention of a king. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above would guide you on how to take care of an ancient Oriental rug with the dignity it deserves.

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