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Best Gadget Gifts: 10 Coolest Tech Gifts to Get Your Hands on for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and it is high time that you decide on your Christmas presents right now. This Christmas, be your own Santa or someone’s Santa by laying your hands on some of the most appealing tech gadgets of the year. Starting from kids to adults, technology has built some interesting gadgets that are not only useful in day-to-day life, making your work so much easier but also help to keep pace with the rapid growth of digitalisation. The best 10 gadgets that you must buy for this season are mentioned below.

1) iphone 13

One of the majestic gadgets of the year has to be the iPhone 13 and its series. Although there are not many changes, it is said that it has better dual-camera functionality with two and half hours of extended battery power. It also has 5g capabilities and wireless charging with Apple’s MagSafe Technology. Iphones have always been the top most priority of every smartphone user and with these many exciting features, it tops the list of desired phones. 


Picture Credit: – Apple

2) Sonos one and apple homepod mini

Both of these are smart speakers which can be easily installed in your house and makes your life easier with smart systems. You can command them and listen to music or news, you can also make phone calls as well. The sound quality of the Sonos is better than Amazon echo, Google and even Homepod. If you have Apple Ecosystem then installation of Homepod does not come as a huge task. Also the speakers are available in variant colour options.


Picture Credit: – Amazon

3) Oculus quest 2 

This is the best VR (Virtual Reality) in the market recently. Experts say that it gives you an amazing real experience of the virtual world. This VR is ideal for the gamers and is a bestseller on Amazon. 


Picture Credit: – Amazon

4) Bosch SDS

If you are looking for the best hammers for your house then Bosch SDS has to be the best. It can drill up to 1 inch maximum hole diameter in concrete, it has patented rotating brush, patented cord turret and has D-handle for easy drilling. If any of your family members love to do household chores then this can be the best Christmas gift for them. If bought from Northern tools, you’ll get a Northern Tool Promo Codes on your first purchase.


Picture Credit: – Amazon

5) GoPro hero 10 black

A go-to-go camera for all the vloggers, youtubers, bikers and riders have to be this new GoPro. It can take 5.3K60 and 4K120 video resolution and up to 23-megapixel photos. Also, it is waterproof with automatic backup while it charges itself. 


Picture Credit: – TechRadar

6) Apple watch series 7

Smartwatches have now become one of the most stylish accessories for fashion with its own benefits. This Apple watch series 7 has the largest display than any other smartwatch. It is always on so you won’t have to touch the screen now to see time or your fitness goals. This is also waterproof and the colour of the band can be changed according to your preference.

Apple watch

Picture Credit: – Apple

7) Dyson airwrap

For all the ladies out there, their favorite hairstyling kit has to be this amazing airwrap. It not only styles your hair but also dries it. The kit comes with six different styling tools and an amazing bag to carry them. It has a low heat temperature which causes less damage to your hair, keeping them healthy. 


Picture Credit: – Amazon

8) TCL 50-inch 4K Roku smart TV

Play games or watch movies on this big screen and experience the true joy of watching television. The tv can be connected to Amazon, Alexa or Google Assistant and then it can work on your command as well. 


Picture Credit: – Amazon

9) Owlet home pet camera with treat dispenser

This Christmas, get an exclusive gift for your pet as well. This smart pet camera can be your companion to look after your pet when you are not around. It has a 1080p HD camera with 165-degree wide angle view and auto night vision. You can watch and talk to your pet and even toss a treat from the phone app. This is applicable for every pet and is compatible with ios 7.0 or android 5.0 . Strong wifi is much needed for two way communication and only supports 2.4GHz. This is easily available on Petco and PetSmart and instead of searching Petco vs PetSmart, you can buy it from PetSmart as they are comparatively cheaper. 


Picture Credit: – Amazon

10) Sensor can

Upgrade your kitchen with a sensor can. It can sense your coming and going with a swipe of your hand. While you swipe, the lid will open and you can dispose of the waste materials. Another feature is that it also sets the garbage bag of its own and when pressed the button, it wraps it up too. If you have a pet and you are afraid that the can might get false triggers, but no it’s not the case.


Picture Credit: – HGTV


These were the top 10 gadgets that you can buy for yourself and your family. Apart from these, there are laptops, bluetooth earphones, air purifiers, automated vacuum mops and cleaners. This time for Christmas, turn your normal house into a digital house with these fab gadgets and experience a new side of living life. 

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