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the justice society of america in stargirl

The Justice Society of America in Stargirl

by Gloria Louden

At the beginning of the popular series Stargirl, the Justice Society of America seems to be finished. Years before, a series of attacks killed off most of the senior members, and the Injustice Society of America seemed to have finally prevailed. Yet all was not lost. The Golden AgeJSA members left their special weapons and gear behind, waiting for their successors to arise. The senior members also live on in memory (and sometimes surprisingly even in reality) and as inspiration for Stargirl and her colleagues as they form the new Justice Society of America.

Dr. Mid-Nite

In the series created by Geoff Johns, Dr. Charles McNider is the founder of the Justice Society of America, and before the battle the decimated the JSA, Dr. Mid-Nite, as his alter ego is called, brilliantly recorded his artificial intelligence into his goggles. When the new Dr. Mid-Nite, Beth Chapel, activates the goggles, she meets her mentor, the original Dr. Mid-Nite, who guides her as she settles into her new role.


Starman, also known as Sylvester Pemberton, left his Cosmic Staff in the care of his sidekick, Stripsey, on that fateful Christmas Eve in 2010 when the JSA headquarters was attacked. Stripsey is certain that Starman died that night, and he left the staff in his basement for years until it is found by his stepdaughter, Courtney Whitmore, who becomes Stargirl when the Staff activates for her. As the series progresses, Pemberton mysteriously reappears to help Stargirl at a critical juncture.


As Hourman, Rex Tyler’s hourglass allowed him to experience super strength and endurance for one hour every day. Rex fought with the other JSA superheroes in the Christmas Eve battle and survived with severe injuries. Later, however, he and his wife were killed in a car crash caused by an enemy, leaving behind a young son, Rick. Rick becomes the new Hourman in the new JSA as he tries to cope with his parents’ deaths and his own anger.


Ted Grant was the original Wildcat. Ted was a strong athlete, but his role as Wildcat gave him superhuman balance, agility and reflexes. He died during the Christmas Eve battle, but Yolanda Montez inherits Wildcat’s gear and abilities, taking over Ted’s role but transforming it to suit her own talents.

Green Lantern

As Green Lantern, Alan Scott used his Green Lantern Ring and Power Battery to manipulate energy and turn it into both a weapon and a creative force. He perished in the Christmas Eve battle, but his gear remained. His daughter, Jennie-Lynn Hayden, takes over his role as Green Lantern in the new JSA, finding inspiration and strength in his father’s memory and gear.


In the Golden Age of the JSA, Pat Dugan was Stripesy, the sidekick of Starman. Pat is an engineering genius, and he provided plenty of support to the original JSA. Pat becomes the caretaker of Starman’s Cosmic Staff and the gear of the other JSA members, setting the stage for the rise of the new JSA under Stargirl. Pat provides training and advice for the new JSA, and he uses the robotic armor S.T.R.I.P.E. in their defense.

Indeed, the original JSA still has plenty of influence as Courtney and her friends continue to fight evil.

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