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by Gloria Louden

Cedric Okiorina, a travel blogger who has traversed worldwide, gives tips to people or potential tourists about the best places to visit worldwide. He started travelling at the tender age of six when his friends took him to Cape Town in South Africa, and since then, he became a seasoned traveler. He gives insights into the pros and cons of visiting a place or region and for things to watch out for. For example, he lists down the most beautiful beaches in South America, if not the world. He also gives the best places to eat and the different dishes served in a particular region. Zapallar in Chile and Copacabana in Brazil in no particular order. 

After his experience in South Africa, Cedric Okiorina started saving for him to go on other adventures. To cut costs, he carries only necessities and doesn’t live extravagantly in places that he visits. In travelling, experience and adventure matter the most, and to achieve this, he goes to the villages in remote places. He listens to their stories and learns more about them.

From South Africa, Cedric Okiorina has visited many countries and continents, including America and Asia. In Asia, for example, he describes the place and people as welcoming and friendly and the amazing architecture of Singapore, and the cleanliness of its streets.

During this time of covid -19, Cedric Okiorina movements have been limited due to the lockdowns and travel bans from different countries. This led to the reductions in website revenues for travel bloggers due to cancellation of travelling plans. Cedric adapted through these times by curating for people living in his country. Cedric Okiorina hopes that various governments will lift restrictions and travel bans for him and other people to travel to different countries and continents for adventures with the emergence of vaccines.

Many people travelling around the world will benefit from Cedric Okiorina blogs. Tourists will know when to travel and where to travel, especially those coming from different continents.

Cedric Okiorina’s blog is the best for anyone who wants to traverse around the world. Through his blogs, you will gain valuable insights, best advice and precautions about the place you are travelling to, and tips on how to spend less but have a great adventure.

Apart from travelling, Cedric Okiorina is a huge figure in the business world and a sports fanatic, mainly in basketball and football. He is a managing director of a known oil company based in Singapore. He also has a family, which is the most important thing to him other than travelling and adventure.


Cedric gives first-hand and credible information to his fellow travelers. He began his travel adventures at a very young age, and as he says, “life is not about things but experiences.” Every moment counts and travelling remains one of the best ways of creating one. Cedric’s experiences act as a guide to adventurers and travelers, and is also a motivation to those venturing into the same.

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