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7 Things to do on Your Next Branson Vacation

Branson has become every tourist’s ideal vacation spot. Besides uncountable attractions, it offers peculiar dining experiences coupled with new amusements. After all, the city is famous as the world’s entertainment capital. So, whether you want to have a thrilling time in amusement parks or want to watch shows, Branson has everything to offer.

The city is nestled right in the Ozark mountains. It used to be a quaint town but soon became an entertainment city because of the Ozarks’ beauty. For someone looking to spend a relaxing time with their loved ones, you can head to this city and enjoy the beautiful mountain views. Similarly, visit the Ozarks history museum if you are a science buff. The place also has breathtaking hiking trails crossing the beautiful town.

If you are wondering where to begin, look below. We have a list of the top Branson attractions you need to visit on your trip.

1. Attend Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Attraction

What’s the one thing you always remember from the vacations you take? Probably, the meals, and the time spent with family. Everyone has that one meal they always recall with their family. And if there is one dinner attraction you want to visit in Branson, it is Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Attraction. Previously famous as the Dixie Stampede in Branson, it has now dropped Dixie from the name but remains one of Branson’s best attractions for visitors of all ages.

You won’t just get a regular dinner at Dolly Parton’s Stampede. While taking in some exciting entertainment, you could enjoy a fantastic four-course meal! And your eyes will be fixated on the center of the arena as you eat, where a cast of 32 stunning horses and trick riders show off their skills. The spectacle also includes a stunt dog relay, breathtaking special effects, and incredible musical performances.

2. Air Trampoline Park

Even though trampoline parks have become mainstream, this one offers over 60 attractions, keeping the visitors occupied during their stay. Jumping surfaces include dodgeball courts, ninja warrior courses, foam pits, launch pads, and other things. You can bounce off the walls and climb a few, but of course, with a safety harness. It also has various obstacle courses, ensuring visitors always have a bright moment during their visit. Depending on when you go, they have different special events like cosmic shows, offering live entertainment.

3. WonderWorks Museum

Branson has a strange building that looks like it has been dropped upside down. That building is what Branson calls the WonderWorks Museum. It has a massive professor’s lab, consisting of exhibits like an astronaut training gyro that gives the feeling of a weightless astronaut in space. It also has a hurricane shack that creates powerful winds.

Moreover, there is an entire zone dedicated to physical physics. Here, you will find a bed of nails where you can learn about the science of pressure. The museum also has a unique art gallery, displaying illusions from famous artists in Missouri. In short, your eyes will play tricks on you.

4. Silver Dollar City

A 19th-century theme park, popularly known as Silver Dollar City, is one of Branson’s best places to visit. Unlike ordinary amusement parks, it will bring you back to a bygone era of clockwork, vintage cabins, and steam trains. You will also spot blacksmiths sitting on different corners of the park, giving a Victorian vibe. Besides that, you can enjoy a wide range of rides to seek thrilling adventures. The amusement park is enormous, so make sure you plan to spend an entire day here.

Mystic River Falls at Silver Dollar City is the ride of a lifetime, the perfect treat for enthusiastic thrill seekers. It floats up, down, side-to-side in rapid rivers, making you scream and laugh simultaneously. It has the tallest drop on a water raft with a one-of-a-kind rotating platform. The round boats take rounds of an eight-story tower and travel 180 feet of a waterway. Afterward, it splashes down a 45-foot waterfall.

5. Fritz’s Adventure

Another famous attraction for tourists is Fritz’s Indoor Adventure Park. It offers more than 80,000 square feet of explorable space, occupying three stories full of thrilling challenges. You can opt for a treetop course, offering more than 11 ziplines, underground slides, tunnels, and rope courses. In short, the park has adventure courses for all ages. And once you have had your share of adventure, grab some food from Fritz’s Café.

6. Butterfly Palace

Branson has a breathtaking tropical-themed butterfly palace located on a hill. It is a giant palace filled with different species of butterflies and reptiles. You can feed the butterflies and touch the lizards.

If you want more fun, head to the enthralling banyan tree-inspired maze riddle. It is full of obstacles and challenges. It also has a different section full of flowers and mirrors, an ideal place to get Instagram-worthy pictures. Above all, the place has live butterfly releases four times a day.

7. Titanic Museum

Are you a fan of Titanic? If so, make sure to visit the Titanic Museum in Branson. The former TV producer, John Joslyn, opened this museum as a hardcore fan of the movie. It is home to over 400 artifacts from the sunken ship itself. You can also see interactive displays for children, such as touching the iceberg, dipping hands in water, and much more.

As you step inside the museum, you will get the feeling of entering the ship. The staff will give a boarding pass with the name of the actual Titanic passenger. The museum will take you back to 1912 with an ocean liner’s recreated cabins and grand staircase.

Final Thoughts

Branson has become an exotic vacation spot waiting to get explored. If you plan a vacation here, make the most of it. Fulfill all your adventurous desires by exploring different amusement parks in the city. You can also dive into the city’s ancient history and explore a few museums to learn more. After all, this city has something to offer every kind of tourist. So, build your trip itinerary, and have fun on your days off in Branson!

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