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things to do when visiting tel aviv

5 Things To Do When Visiting Tel Aviv

by Martha Simmonds

Tel Aviv is well known for its excellent nightlife, world-class cafe culture, and top-notch dining establishments. Tel Aviv is portrayed as the “city that never stops,” a booming, bright, urban, vibrant, and cosmopolitan city that is also materialistic and hedonistic. It is a city of the present that lacks significant historical roots.

The value of Tel Aviv as the hub of the Israeli economy and its extensive cultural and recreational offerings is growing. The standard of living in the town and its metro area has been the foundation of increasing civic pride. You can opt for top-grade accommodations with MY Rental Homes while visiting Tel Aviv.

Here’s a list of things you can explore in Tel Aviv.

1. Tel Aviv’s View Of Jerusalem And The Dead Sea

This action-packed day excursion from Tel Aviv includes a visit to the historic city of Jerusalem and the breathtaking Dead Sea. Travel to holy Jerusalem on a coach to visit its most respected religious sites. Visit the Old City to see the Via Dolorosa and Western Wall (the “Wailing Wall”). Then, take a leisurely trip to the glistening Dead Sea, where you can spend time relaxing in the salty waters, tanning, and taking a mud bath. Perfect for first-time tourists to Israel and individuals who have a limited amount of time.

2. TLV Lake

Tel Aviv’s Begin Park features TLV Lake, a man-made with upper edge cable waterskiing facilities, for the brave locals and tourists. Although the lake is open all year and offers athletic competitions between October and May, the peak period for families and amateurs is July. Before entering the water, first-timers can watch a brief instructional video and get safety advice from instructors. The seven obstacle courses around the lake, which include professional-use jumpers and gliders, may be upgraded to advance for quick learners.

3. Planetarium

The Eretz Israel Museum is much more than a collection of exhibitions that portray Israel’s history and culture. There is a magnificent location that is literally “out of this world” inside the transdisciplinary museum. You can sneak a glance at the sky at the planetarium in the exact way that Galileo explored with his telescope. Watch a captivating presentation on the mysterious galaxies that exist while rotating in revolving seats, or discover Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut, and witness real-time images of the space given by NASA.

4. Jaffa Port

Jaffa Port has been revitalised as a destination for dining, shopping, and entertainment in the city’s historic harbour. It is home to a variety of shops and merchants that provide a lively and fun experience influenced by the area’s chronological, ethnic, and, of course, traditional dishes.

Wander around the quaint harbour, watch the aged, weathered fishermen hook calamari, pause for an ice cream, or stop by the Port’s container bar for some live music. Traditional and ethnic characteristics are combined with contemporary, urban touches in Jaffa Port Market.

5. Carmel Market

Carmel Market, also named the Shuk Hacarmel, is Tel Aviv’s biggest market and is stuffed to the gills with fresh vegetables, clothes, and spices. You may enjoy all the sights, sounds, and aromas the Carmel Market has to offer while looking for the best deal among the several vendors providing fresh meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. Be prepared to arrive early for your Shabbat fixings because the market is very crowded on Fridays.

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