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7 Tips To Make Your Laser Hair Removal Session More Effective

Laser hair removal is a popular way to remove body hair with lasting results without any pain. While it can be pricey, laser hair removal is popular because it is safe, effective, and long-lasting—the treatments are well worth their cost. Over an extended period of time, it can be successful in eliminating body hair growth, so you don’t have to worry about shaving, waxing, or plucking each day.

Laser hair removal is popular on many different parts of the body, so you can get results where you need them most. If you want to get the best possible value from your laser hair removal sessions, follow these seven tips.

1. Avoid Removing Hair By The Roots For 6 Weeks Prior To Your Treatment

For six full weeks before your laser hair removal session, you should avoid removing your body hair from the roots. That means no plucking and no waxing. Instead, experts suggest that you use a hair removal cream like Nair or Veet to safely remove the hair without pulling at the root. The reason for this is that laser hair removal targets hair follicles that are in a growth stage, so pulling hairs out at the root can lead to an ineffective treatment, which can mean less hair removed over time.

2. Avoid Caffeine For 24 Hours Before Your Treatment

Many suggest to avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee, teas, energy drinks, and soda for at least 24 hours before getting a laser hair removal session. Staying off caffeine the day before can help you with any nerves you may have about the appointment, and can even help reduce any pain you might experience with the hair removal process.

3. Shave The Day Of Your Laser Hair Treatment

If you really want to make your laser hair removal session effective, make sure you shave the day of. Shaving the body hair in the area you are getting lasered will help the technician find the follicles of your hair more easily. This can lead to not only a more effective appointment, but a shorter appointment as well. So, do your tech a favor and get a shave in!

4. Don’t Miss A Treatment

It’s in all caps because it is absolutely essential! Do not miss a laser hair removal treatment. Staying consistent with your appointments is one of the most key ways to get the best results from your sessions. It’s important to understand heading into your session that you will need multiple laser hair removal treatments in order to get the best possible hair elimination results.

No matter which area of your body you are getting treated, small or large, you will need multiple sessions. Just make sure to talk with your provider and stay consistent with your appointments!

5. Limit Sun Exposure

Limiting your sun exposure between your laser hair removal treatments is important if you want to get the best, and the most painless, results. Laser hair removal can make your skin more photosensitive—sensitive to the sun—so getting a sunburn will be even more painful and harmful to your skin. That is why you should limit the time you spend in the sun and make sure to load up on SPF sunscreen if you do end up going out in the sun.

6. Don’t Wax Or Sugar

As discussed above, you should avoid waxing because it pulls your hair out at the root and can make it more difficult to eliminate hair at the follicle. Sugaring, a process similar to waxing in the way it pulls your hair out, should also be avoided between your appointments.

7. Schedule Treatments Ahead Of Time

If you want to ensure that you stay on top of your appointments and thus get the most out of your treatments, make sure you schedule your sessions ahead of time. Speak with your provider to schedule your appointments in advance; they will help you determine the best cadence of sessions for your hair type and goals. Consulting with a provider of Houston laser hair removal is the best way to achieve a successful schedule of treatment sessions.

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to achieve long-lasting hair removal on many different parts of your body. Following the above tips will help ensure that you get the best possible results from your session.

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