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traits shared by successful musicians

The 8 Traits Shared by the World’s Most Successful Musicians

by Martha Simmonds

You are probably asking, what percentage of musicians are successful? How much do successful musicians make? What sets successful musicians from those who are not?

Unfortunately, only 0.04 % of the musicians are successful.  Most of these musicians have a net worth of over $ 100 million. The music industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world, with so many talented artists, with new ones cropping up. You must leave your comfort zone to be higher than the rest. The following article covers traits of musicians you need to acquire to succeed in the industry. 

Traits of the world’s most successful musicians

Here are some of the unique traits of successful musicians. 

They are consistent

There is a famous quote that hard work beats talent. Your music career may not be picking up fast as you would love to. But are you the person to wake up and try?  Do you change your tactics or try studying the industry?

Successful musicians dedicate time and invest in their craft. These musicians don’t stop even when faced with inconveniences. They put in long working hours and are always working on something. Once they identify what works for them, they should keep trying until they succeed. No, they don’t give up when faced with little mishaps. Nevertheless, they take it as an opportunity to continue going hard on their craft. 

Educate yourself about music making. When starting out or at some point, you will have to be an artist, agent, and manager simultaneously. You will have to create schedules, plan tours, and market yourself. When not practicing, you can compose or market your music. Just do something that adds value to your career.

Exercise patience

Patience is a trait musicians should possess. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Unless you are lucky, it’s unlikely to happen. Most people see the glorious side of things and think the journey is linear. However, there is a long period of waiting, crying, and labor before a breakthrough.

For others, it might occur sooner and vice versa. Understand that everyone‘s journey is different, and even if it’s taking you longer to see the results, don’t stop working on your content.

It might take time before seeing any notable results, but you shouldn’t be discouraged. Even when nothing makes sense, it nevertheless goes on. If you are patient, you increase your chances of being successful. Lastly, learn how to manage your expectations. 

Leave time for honing your craft

The most successful musicians keep practicing. Practice makes you confident in your skills. You get to grow daily. Create art that resonates with your audience. You don’t have to please everybody.  

Dedicate time to practicing. Take time to learn new things about the areas you specialize in. Take part in melody ear training to recognize different varieties of music vocabulary using the ear. By sharpening your skills, you become a better individual.

Practicing takes you a notch higher than the rest. It alters the way you see your musical career. You become better at commitment, create an excellent content strategy and become a better time manager. Challenge yourself to improve your craft.

Set realistic goals

Having goals guides you in a clear direction to follow. Do you want to collaborate with an international artist? Do you want to become greater at your art? What are the small steps you can take to fulfill your wish? Despite having these big goals, successful musicians are grounded in their being. They work hard to reach their goals. It’s making the small steps towards the big dream. 

Are open to criticism

Even though you’ll spend hours working on your music and creating something you are emotionally attached to, you won’t fail to get both positive and negative comments. You have to build this system of resilience. 

Don’t be shaken by the little things that change your mindsets. Some comments can be hard to take in. Any career in music will have rejections. Be prepared to hear them. Learn not to take things personally. 

Are great networkers 

Networking is essential to be successful. You need to have the contacts of different people in the industry. You never know when they will need you or when you will need them. Even though they are talented, successful musicians understand the importance of building a solid network. Establishing new relationships helps in seizing different opportunities. Other musicians, producers, managers, and promoters can be a great connection at some points. 

They are excellent with their budgets

Being a musician doesn’t guarantee a lot of money. Your income could be sporadic, leaving you with stress and anxiety when you fail to spend the money well. Budget and stick to the basics.

Most successful female musicians and males are modest in their spending. You don’t want to worry about your next income because of poor budgeting. Creating seminars and instructing other artists on how to develop their abilities while networking is an even better way to diversify your revenue. You can also license the music in movies, television, and ads.

Authentic to themselves

Most successful musicians know who they are and understand what makes them powerful. Authenticity allows you to gain die-hard and long-term fans who genuinely enjoy your music even years after. Songs by artists always swayed by trends are likely to be forgotten. 

Fans not only get to interact with artists on stage but also on social media pages. Be yourself, because if you act like someone you’re not, people will eventually figure it out, and the results won’t be good. Fans like it when musicians stay true to themselves.

Bottom line

You have to put in the work to be a good musician. There is nothing easy in the music industry; set realistic goals, practice patience, be consistent, be persistent, and network. Having connections can open doors that you never expected. Don’t forget to budget your money and diversify your income. 

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