travel and work at the same time

5 Ways to Travel and Work at the Same Time

Nowadays, it has become much easier to travel and work at the same time. There are many aspects that have influenced this, the main one being the development of technology and digitalization. Unsurprisingly, the popularity of remote work is ever-increasing.

Almost everyone dreams of traveling and visiting every single corner of the earth, with personal finances being the main impediment. One cannot simply quit their job, pack a suitcase, and go conquer the world.

But maybe this proposition is not as unrealistic as it may seem. With the advent of global job aggregators like Jooble, finding a job that is remote by definition, or is available in a remote location, has never been easier. In this article, we will discuss some of the specifics of this type of employment, as well as try to give you several tips that will help you reach your goal, while looking a the most popular travel-friendly job options.

1. Freelancing

Working as a freelancer is one of the best employment options that leave you time for travel. But you still need a good resume, and if you want to be sure about it, in this case, use a good resume editing service.

You can work from anywhere on the planet, while using your free time to visit local attractions, relax on the beach or arrange for a gastronomic tour. This is precisely the reason why freelancing is as popular as it is today. In high demand on the market: programmers, web designers, copywriters, sound editors, digital artists and other creative specialists.


  • There is no attachment to a particular place or city. You can make money from anywhere on the globe.
  • Your schedule is extremely flexible. You will not waste any extra time, as long as you fulfill your contracts. However, do keep in mind that freelancing is a project-based occupation, and you need to be competent and respect deadlines.
  • Whether you accept a new project or contract, is always up to you. The same goes for your earnings and career growth.


  • There is no stability and no certainty. You can get a lot of contracts effortlessly, or you can just as easily find yourself out of work.
  • Difficulties may arise with the search for new projects, and in fact, earnings depend directly on their number.
  • Freelancing is not suitable for everyone, because you need to be extremely self-disciplined and organized to prosper in this occupation.

2. Stock Photography

This profession is quite commonplace. Basically, these are the photographers who take pictures of everything they see around them, then sell the photos to stock photography websites, magazines, advertising agencies, and book publications. Some even sell edited photos directly to individual customers.


  • Travelling actually helps with your job, as you get to see (and photograph) cool new places and things, all the time.
  • You get to express your creativity and artistic nature.
  • If you are persistent and conscious, you can attain considerable levels of monthly income.


  • There are many photographers out there, so the competition is particularly high.
  • In the modern digital era, it is rather challenging to come up with a truly original idea or approach.
  • Professional photography requires some serious investment, both in physical equipment, software and trainings.

3. House Sitter

Professional house sitters are people who take care of a home while the owners are not there. As a bonus, house sitters can live for free in houses and villas in all parts of the world, while in exchange they make sure that the flowers are watered, the lawn is mowed, maintenance work and cleaning is done in a timely fashion, or even that the dog has been taken for a walk.


  • You get to live for free in a cool house.
  • You can greatly reduce your monthly living expenses.
  • The experience of taking care of an entire building will surely prove useful in the long run.


  • House sitting can get somewhat boring at times.
  • For the duration of the contract, you are basically stuck at the location of the house.
  • The relationship with the owners might be strained or even awkward.

4. Party Animator

A party animator is someone who entertains hotel or restaurant guests, or children in amusement parks. An excellent animator needs to be fun, creative, and sociable, but also to possess the skills of a psychologist. Animators are very positive individuals, who manage to find ways to effortlessly communicate with other people.


  • You get to have loads of fun at work, on a daily basis.
  • The job helps you improve your social skills and develop your empathy.
  • Making other people smile and rejoice is a very rewarding experience.


  • As simple as the job may seem, it actually requires tremendous amounts of energy and responsibility.
  • Customer service can get tricky and even hectic at times.
  • The Animator occupation offers less flexibility and freedom than the other jobs on this list.

5. Guide or tour leader

Guides manage trips to local attractions or other notorious places and provide amazing entertainment for tourists. There are also hotel and transfer guides, who pick up guests from the airport, help with suitcases, and generally assist customers.


  • Guide jobs are usually available in exciting locations.
  • You will learn to communicate quickly and efficiently.
  • The opportunity to get hands-on experience in customer service and guest relations.


  • The guide occupation is usually more physically challenging than other roles.
  • In some cases, the job might entail certain risks.
  • Once you get used to working in a certain location, you might find yourself less inclined to travel to a new country or region.

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