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11 Ways to Drink Truly Vodka to Use the Rest of the Bottle

Truly is expanding. They used to be known for their hard seltzers, and while they still are, they have also started to make new vodka lines There are three Truly Vodka flavors to choose from, and you can add them to all sorts of different mixes, or you can even drink them on their own.

If you need some ideas on how to drink the flavors so you can get maximum enjoyment out of them, continue reading below.

Introduction to Truly Vodka

Introduction to Truly Vodka

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Truly now has vodkas out to go with their seltzers. However, people may be hard-pressed to try them. With such unique flavors available, it can be confusing to know how to use them unless you are willing to just try the vodkas plain.

But before we get into how to use these vodkas, let’s talk about what they are. There are three flavors, which are Strawberry Lemonade, Wild Berry, and Pineapple Mango. Whether they are planning on creating new flavors isn’t known at this time. It will likely depend on how sales go for their vodkas.

Like the seltzers, they aim to be somewhat low in calories, with a 1.5-ounce serving of Truly Vodka being about 99 calories. This is more or less standard compared with other flavored vodkas. They are also made with pure cane sugar. They are 30% ABV and are gluten-free.

While, like many other fruity and sweet-flavored vodkas, it is likely more aimed at younger generations of legal drinkers, it can be enjoyed by anyone that has a bit of a sweeter tooth and likes fruity flavors. They don’t taste overly like alcohol, which is, in part, due to the fact that there isn’t much alcohol in them, even for being vodka.

It should also be noted that these aren’t quite like other vodka brands, where the flavors are somewhat subtle. These are meant to have a forward fruity flavor, and they do. When thinking about Truly Vodkas, it is better to think of them as liquor mixes, that you could drink on their own with ice, if that is what you wanted.

11 Best Ways to Drink Truly Flavored Vodka


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1. Truly Spritz

A Truly spritz is a relatively simple drink. You just mix 1 part of Truly Vodka with 1 part soda water, and 1 part hard seltzer, preferably also by Truly. Since this recipe is so basic, you can mix and match all sorts of different combinations to get fun and unique flavors.

All you do is mix the drinks together and stir over ice. While you can use any mix of flavors, the lemonade hard seltzers are often the best.

2. Pineapple Mango Mule

To make a pineapple mango mule, you will mix 1 part of the Pineapple Mango Vodka from Truly, 2 parts of Truly Pineapple Seltzer, or any tropical hard seltzer of your choice, 2 parts ginger beer, and 1 part lime wedge.

You can also add a slice of pineapple, mango, or mint sprig to your glass. Add everything over ice and stir to combine.

3. Strawberry Lemonade Pucker

For this drink, add 2 parts Truly Strawberry Lemonade Vodka, 0.75 parts simple syrup, and 0.5 parts fresh lemon juice. For decoration, you can add strawberries, lemon wedges, or mint.

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker, shake, and strain over ice. You can also add muddled strawberries into the drink for an extra burst of flavor.

4. Vodka Wild Berries

For a Vodka Wild Berries, you’ll need a couple of things. To start, you will take a handful of fresh berries and about six mint leaves, and muddle them together.

Then you will add 1.5 parts of Truly Wild Berry Vodka and ice and shake well. Strain into a glass and top with 2 parts soda water and 2 parts Truly Hard Seltzer. For the best mix, you can use Truly Wild Berry or Berry Punch Seltzer, but you can also mix and create your own.

5. Shots

Of course, since they are so sweet, there is no reason that you can’t just drink them as shots. Pick your favorite flavor, layer them, or take them each in order to try out all the flavors. It might not be your shot of choice, but can be a fun way to finish a bottle. Turn it into a game, or just see who can take the most.

6. With Red Bull

Red Bull works well mixed with almost any vodka. It can be a lot of sugar but is a fun mix if you want a little energy. Just add a little bit of Red Bull to your vodka to help dilute the taste and add some fizz.

7. Vodka Soda

Vodka sodas are always a nice and simple option, and can be great when mixed with fruity flavors like what Truly offers. You can use club soda, San Pellegrino, or Sprite. The bubbles and mild flavor can hide some of the stronger flavors that you might not like about the vodkas by themselves. If you like things a bit more bitter, make a vodka tonic instead.

8. With Lemonade or Limeade

Lemonades and limeades mixed with almost any fruit taste good, so adding a fruity-flavored vodka mix to some lemonade is sure to please. It works well with all of them, but the Wild Berry flavor is the best.

However, this can make for a pretty sweet drink, so it’s a good idea if you are only going to have one or two drinks.

9. Mixed with Hard Seltzer

If you want to make your hard seltzer a little stronger without having to take straight shots, then adding a little bit of vodka into your seltzer may be a good option. Match similar flavors or try unique combinations.

10. In Punch

Add some fruity Truly Vodka to your favorite punch mix and enjoy the burst of flavor. Make it a fruit punch by mixing in lemonades, fruits, and soda for bubbles, or whatever combination you can come up with.

11. Juice

If you enjoy vodka with juice, don’t let the flavored options stop you. Find flavors that go well together and make an amazing vodka juice drink. Pineapple juice with the Pineapple Mango vodka, blueberry juice with the Strawberry Lemonade, or the Wild Berry mix. There are so many options.

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