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The Most Reliable TT To TRX Converter To Exchange Tokens Anonymously

With the gas fees on the Ethereum network reaching prohibitive prices, blockchain users are looking for smart contract alternatives. Fortunately, there are dozens of competitors out there that provide low transaction fees and increased scalability. 

Two such blockchains are the ThunderCore and Tron networks. In this article, we take a look at TT and TRX, the native cryptocurrencies of these blockchains. We will detail their advantages as well as the opportunities they present for traders. 

Finally, we will provide a short review of a TT to TRX converter where you can swap between these two tokens securely and anonymously. Let’s get started. 

What Is Thunder Token (TT)?

Thunder Token (TT) is the cryptocurrency of the ThunderCore blockchain, a protocol that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The ThunderCore project was launched in mid-2019 to address some of the scaling issues of other blockchains. 

ThunderCore provides a high transaction throughput of more than 4000 transactions per second, which is on par with traditional payment networks such as Visa. To achieve this, the network runs on a proof of stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, where anyone can become a validator and start earning TT by staking their funds on the network. 

The Advantages Of Thunder Token

TT provides several advantages over the competition, including: 

  • Fast transactions – confirmations are almost instantaneous, providing a great framework for mass usage with merchants. 
  • EVM compatibility – dapps created for the Ethereum network can be easily translated to work on ThunderCore. 

What Is Tron (TRX)?

Tron is one of the most successful cryptocurrencies of the previous bull run. Created by Justin Sun, the Tron blockchain is a popular platform for decentralized apps, including many blockchain casinos and NFT games. 

The TRX cryptocurrency can be used to vote to choose validators on the network (called Super Representatives on Tron). Users that stake TRX with SRs can gain a portion of the rewards they get for running validator nodes. 

The delegated proof of stake used for verifying transactions on Tron allows the network to become highly scalable and provide fast and cheap transactions for developers. 

The Advantages Of Tron

Even though the popularity of Tron has dwindled down a bit in the past year, the blockchain still provides some incredible advantages to its users: 

  • Highly scalable network – the TRX network can accommodate mass usage without sacrificing speed or security. 
  • Very low transaction fees – transaction fees on Tron cost less than a cent, making it one of the best platforms for microtransactions in the crypto ecosystem. 

The Best TT To TRX Converter On The Market – Godex

The aforementioned advantages of TT and TRX place these cryptocurrencies as potential winners for the future. They provide highly scalable networks, and both could become major players in the decentralized finance and NFT ecosystems. 

Consequently, as an investor, you must be wondering how you can exchange TT to TRX and vice versa, securely and reliably. Well, we have the answer – Godex exchange provides the best TT to TRX converter online at the moment. 

Why Choose Godex To Convert TT To TRX?

Godex provides an incredible range of advantages when it comes to swapping cryptocurrencies for one another. Below is just a sample of the different benefits you will enjoy from using their services: 

  • Total anonymity – the main appeal of the Godex crypto exchange is its privacy approach. This exchange will never ask you for your name or other personal details. What’s more, you won’t have to create an account to swap TT for TRX. Just provide your wallet address and you’re good to go!
  • A wide variety of cryptocurrencies – the TT to TRX trading pair is difficult to find on the market. Godex provides you with more than 300 different trading pairs, including unusual swaps such as a XEM to BTC exchange
  • Fixed rates – in addition to providing low exchange rates, Godex freezes the rate during your transaction. This way, you are protected from the volatility of the market while your transaction is executed. 
  • Passive earning opportunity – the website offers an affiliate program where you can get rewarded with 0.6% of the trading fees from each one of your referrals. 

Is Godex A Reliable Exchange?

Godex has been around since 2017 and has been serving clients from all around the world for more than four years. You can check their Trustpilot page and consult their stellar reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. 


Thunder Token and Tron are two promising cryptocurrencies that have similar applications. Consequently, it can be interesting to swap between them if you want to use their blockchains or make profits from price fluctuations. Using Godex will allow you to easily convert TT to TRX and vice versa, quickly, safely, and anonymously. 

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