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37 Types of Betta Fish You Should Consider for Your Aquarium

by Martha Simmonds

A betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, is a vibrantly colored pet you can catch swimming in aquariums all over the world. It is one of the most common pet fish in the world, primarily due to its beauty. But did you know that there are more than a hundred different types of betta fish currently out there?

They differ according to their colors, skin patterns, and tail types. We will dive into all these differences below so that you can get the full picture of these fantastic creatures.

How Many Different Types of Betta Fish Are There?

If you ask this question and start doing research, you will get quite overwhelmed quickly. It is not because there is too much info, and it is too hard to understand. It is simply because there are too many types of betta fish out there.

If you are a novice fish keeper, the sheer amount of choices you can make will astound you. That is why having a comprehensive guide with as many options as possible is vital.

How Did We Get So Many Types of Betta Fish?

Before the article focuses on the vast number of betta options to choose from, it is important to mention why this species has so much variety.

At first, the situation was not entirely as it is today. About 150 years prior, there weren’t that many betta types, and they definitely weren’t as colorful and bright as they are today. In fact, they were pretty dull in color and had simple tails. The only reason behind the species’ diversity today is human intervention.

Namely, people started wondering what would happen if different types of betta fish were put together and bred. This led to many variations and genetic combinations, resulting in the number of different kinds we have today.

Put simply, the vibrant colors and intricate patterns we can see nowadays are mutations. And the trend of creating these mutations continues, as enthusiasts worldwide are working on breeding new types of betta fish every day.

But to answer the question posed above with something a bit less vague: today, there are over 73 recognized types of betta fish out there. However, there are even more unrecognized ones, meaning that this number can never be truly accurate.

Find out all about them below.

All the Amazing Types of Betta Fish

As we mentioned earlier, betta fish can differ according to their tail types, colors, and patterns.

Types of Betta Fish According to Their Tails

#1. The Veiltail Betta Fish

Veiltail Betta Fish

Image source: Pinterest

This type is perhaps the most famous and common one among pet owners. You can recognize it by its long and flowing tail. The tail looks like a veil as the fish swims, which is how this type got its name.

#2. The Crowntail Betta Fish

Crowntail Betta Fish

Image source: Pinterest

This betta has a grandiose tail ending in countless little spikes, resembling a crown. The spikes waggle as the crowntail moves, making it look like a colorful whirl.

#3. The Double Tail Betta Fish

Double Tail Betta Fish

Image source: Pinterest

These bettas are not as brightly colored, but they have a different appeal. Namely, they have two distinct tails, which are separated at the base. This type usually has a slightly larger dorsal fin than other bettas.

#4. The Spadetail Betta Fish

Spadetail Betta Fish

Image source: Pinterest

As its name suggests, this betta resembles a spade thanks to the unique shape of its caudal fin. The tail is relatively broad and extravagant-looking, and it gradually narrows, ending in a smooth point.

#5. The Halfmoon Betta Fish

Halfmoon Betta Fish

Image source: Pinterest

The Halfmoon betta has a wide, fan-like tail. When the tail is flared, it creates a half-circle shape, resembling a half-moon fully. The only difference is the color, as it is often royal blue instead of pearly white.

#6. The Halfsun Betta Fish

Halfsun Betta Fish

Image source: Pinterest

Put simply, this betta is a mix of the Crowntail and Halfmoon fish. Thus, the tail is rather large and can be spread up to 180 degrees, while its ends resemble a crown.

#7. The Feathertail Betta Fish

Feathertail Betta Fish

Image source: Pinterest

This type resembles the Halfmoon because of its tail’s width. However, the critical difference is the excessive branching of the fin rays, which overlap. The overlapping gives these bettas a rather ruffled and luxurious look.

#8. The Dumbo Ear Betta Fish

Dumbo Ear Betta Fish

Image source: Pinterest

As their name indicates, these bettas have a narrow tail, while their wide fins look like Dumbo’s ears. This type is rather popular with little kids, who spot the resemblance immediately.

#9. The Plakat Betta Fish

Plakat Betta Fish

Image source: Pinterest

The Plakat betta fish have extremely short fins, and their tails are just little round whisps at the end of their bodies.

#10. The Rosetail Betta Fish

Rosetail Betta Fish

Image source: Pinterest

These bettas can flare their tails so that they are as wide as 180 degrees, and the rays of their fins branch in the process. The result is a beautiful tail that resembles the most intricate and exquisite of roses.

#11. The Over-Halfmoon Betta Fish


Image source: Pinterest

A variation of the Halfmoon, this fish can spread its tail even wider than 180 degrees. That makes it look as if they are enveloped in their tails as they swim, which most people love to see.

#12. The Delta Betta Fish

Delta Betta

Image source: Pinterest

Their tail starts quite narrowly at the base of their bodies. However, it then branches out and widens towards a tip in a rectangular shape.

#13. The Super Delta Betta Fish

Super Delta

Image source: Pinterest

This tail is somewhat similar to the OG Delta above, but it appears a bit more circular. The reason behind its shape is the fact that the tail can flare up to 160 degrees, at which point it looks more like a circle than a rectangle.

#14. The Combtail Betta Fish

Combtail Betta

Image source: Pinterest

As the name of this type suggests, the tail resembles a comb as the fish swims. The tail’s rays are slightly longer than the webbing, which is what creates this appearance.

Types Of Betta Fish According to Their Colors

#15. Blue/Steel Blue/Royal Blue Betta Fish

Royal Blue Betta

Image source: Pinterest

Though it is possible to find a betta colored in just one shade of blue, they are mostly covered in a mix of steel and royal blue. These fish are especially beautiful in water, where the blue shine exceptionally bright.

#16. The Clear/Cellophane Betta Fish

Cellophane Betta

Image source: Pinterest

As their name suggests, these bettas have fully translucent bodies. Their skin is so clear that their insides can be faintly seen, giving them a pinkish appearance. These fish are not albino, though, as their eyes are pitch black instead of pink.

#17. The Purple Betta Fish

Purple Betta

Image source: Pinterest

These bettas are, perhaps, the rarest ones you can find. They are fully colored in the deepest of purple, so they resemble fish royalty. Sadly, there are only a few purple bettas left in the world right now.

#18. The Copper Betta Fish

Copper Betta

Image source: Pinterest

Copper bettas are quite iridescent, with many shades of gold, auburn, and brown mingling together on their bodies and tail. They seem rather ordinary in weak lighting, but their true beauty shows when they are hit by sun rays.

#19. The Mustard Gas Betta Fish

Mustard Gas

Image source: Pinterest

This type has yellowish or orange fins paired with a darker body of steel blue or turquoise. When they move through the water at great speed, it looks as if someone had released mustard gas, which is how they got their name.

#20. The Opaque Betta Fish

Opaque Betta

Image source: Pinterest

Opaque bettas have a specific gene that gives them a milky white hue, regardless of their main color. Some of them look pastel due to this, while some just have opaque versions of all primary colors.

#21. The Orange Betta

Orange Betta

Image source: Pinterest

In bad lighting, these bettas often look red, which is why many were not aware that orange bettas actually existed for a long time. However, under full-spectrum illumination, you can see their rich tangerine shade.

#22. The Purple/Violet Betta Fish

Violet Betta

Image source: Pinterest

Though purple bettas are quite rare, as we have already mentioned, those with some violet undertones are common. All of them appear iridescent and can even look blueish under good lighting.

#23. The Red Betta Fish

Red Betta

Image source: Pinterest

Deep red is one of the most dominant colors in this species of fish. Still, it is one of the most popular too, as these bettas look striking and breathtaking in this hue.

#24. The Wild Type Betta Fish

Wild Type

Image source: Pinterest

As the name points out, these fish do not have one single color on their bodies. Instead, they are covered in green, red, purple, and blue specks, making them appear as true works of art as they move through their aquariums.

#25. The Yellow Beta Fish

Yellow Beta

Image source: Pinterest

These bettas can be in any shade of yellow, ranging from almost clear light yellow to rich buttery hues. Some even resemble pineapples with black lines creating a scale-like pattern on their bodies.

Types of Betta Fish According to Their Patterns

#26. The Marble Betta Fish

Marble Betta

Image source: Pinterest

These bettas have random splotches of color on their bodies, which makes them look like little pieces of marble in the water. The body is usually light, while the splotches are darker and more vivid.

#27. The Butterfly Betta Fish

Butterfly Betta

Image source: Pinterest

The Butterfly betta fish usually have either two or three different colors on their bodies. These colors never bleed into each other or mix, so the body and tail are symmetrically divided into different shades.

#28. The Dalmatian Betta Fish

Dalmatian Betta

Image source: Pinterest

As you can gather from their unique name, these fish have tiny specks all over their bodies, like dalmatians. Their body is usually white, while the spots are all in the same shades of red or black.

#29. The Grizzle Betta Fish

Grizzle Betta

Image source: Pinterest

This type looks like a true art canvas. Two colors, usually one light and one dark, mix together into patterns that resemble paintbrush strokes. This pattern is especially visually appealing on the tail and fins.

#30. The Metallic Betta Fish

Metallic Betta

Image source: Pinterest

These bettas look like someone had poured metallic paint all over them. Though this metallic film can come over any color, the most attractive ones are those whose bodies are silver. If you can find such a fish, your tank will become the home of one of the most famous bettas out there.

#31. The Dragon Betta Fish

Dragon Betta

Image source: Pinterest

As the name suggests, this betta mixes earthy green, orange, and yellow with black underlines that create scale-like patterns. When it moves, it really reminds one of a dragon flying, hence the name.

#32.The Bi-Color Betta Fish

Bi-Color Betta

Image source: Pinterest

This color scheme is the most easily recognizable one. Bi-color bettas have two distinct colors on them, one on the fins and the other on the rest of their bodies.

#33. The Cambodian Betta Fish

Cambodian Betta

Image source: Pinterest

This type of betta fish is relatively rare. Its fins are deep red, while their bodies are skin-colored. This opposition creates a stark contrast and makes them appear majestic.

#34. The Chocolate Betta Fish

Chocolate Betta

Image source: Pinterest

As its name implies, the Chocolate betta’s body is a rich brown, and it has little bars on the body like those of chocolate. Its fins are usually yellowish, with black lines in different patterns.

#35. The Lace Betta Fish

Lace Betta

Image source: Pinterest

These fish are primarily black. However, there are thin white lines on their tails and fins, which make them look like they are wearing lace. When they swim, these lines seem to be moving, making for a rather trippy sight.

#36. The Thai Flag Betta Fish

Thai Flag

Image source: Pinterest

Much like the Thai flag, this betta has red, white, and blue on its body. These colors usually don’t mix and really remind one of a flag as the fish swims in its tank.

#37. The Black Orchid Betta Fish

Black Orchid

Image source: Pinterest

While the body of this betta is pitch black, its fins are either red or blue. When it moves around in the water, it looks like an orchid, which is how it got its name.

Final Thoughts

As you have read, betta fish are highly varied in their colors, tail types, as well as body patterns. Hopefully, this guide to all the types of betta fish helps you choose the one you love the most. Just remember that bettas require extreme care and devotion no matter their appearance, and you’ll be ready to welcome your new pet.

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