unique gifts for quirky friends

Unique Gifts for Your Quirky Friends

So, it’s time for you to shop for that one friend of yours that you secretly love just a little bit more than the rest of your friend group. Gifting them a mani-pedi set doesn’t do this friend justice. They are super fun but also very quirky, so that makes it a bit harder to shop for them. However, we see this more as a challenge than a bad thing and have a few ideas we think will knock the socks off of your unique and quirky friend.

Check out the following types of unique gifts that your quirky friend will absolutely adore and never forget.

Quilting and Sewing

Sewing and quilting gifts don’t have to be a thing of the past. In fact, you can have a lot of fun giving a personalized and unique gift to someone by gifting them a quilt or sewing materials. Your quirky friend probably either already sews or is wanting to try it, so why not gift her a starter set for her quilting and sewing needs.

Shops such as Love Sews is a great website where you can purchase starter kits for quilting and sewing. This also a fun gift that can lead to a fun activity between the both of you. Working together to create a personalized quilt or learning to sew some fun outfits is the gift that keeps on giving, and makes it that much more special to share between the both of you. Don’t sleep on quilts, especially when you can create ones that show off your and your friend’s quirky personality. 

Wine Bundles

You can never go wrong with a classic bottle of wine as a present for your quirky friend. But, what is even better than wine? A wine bundle that includes fun glasses, spa items like gel masks, and so much more of course! If your friend is a wino, getting them a wine gift set is definitely the way to go. Not only can they enjoy a bottle of wine all to themselves but they get some neat surprise gifts to go along with it.

Most wine gift box sets typically come with other items that elevate their wine-drinking experience. So, your friend will definitely find something they like to indulge after a long day at work or when the mood calls for it. Most wine gift sets even come with customization so you can even make it extra special by putting their name on it, a funny quote, or even an inside joke. There is all kind of ways you can make this gift uniquely special for your unique friend.

A Meat Flower Bouquet

Ok, stay with us here for this one. Getting a bouquet made out of meat is totally a thing and we are here to tell you that you should totally get it for your friend. It may sound strange but we think your cool friend will definitely dig into it. Gone are the days where only flowers are for bouquets. In 2021, we’re mixing things up and adding meat to the list of things you can turn into a bouquet.

You can use many different types of meat for a bouquet but the best meats to use are beef jerky or bacon. This is such a fun and unique gift idea for your meat-loving friend, they may not even want to have real flowers in their bouquets ever again. Another great thing about a beef bouquet is that it can be shaped to look like any flower you want. So, not only does it look like a real flower bouquet, but you can eat it too. And to us, that is the best of both worlds.

In addition to having your beef bouquet look like actual flowers, you can also get it flavored too. If your friend has a particular flavor they like or maybe you want to gift them something new to try, you can add some delicious flavors to it as well. So, the next time you think gifting flowers is the way to go, think again. Gifting a beef bouquet is not only a funny and delicious gift but a gift they will never see coming and won’t soon forget. 

Face Blanket

If you love your friend, why not give them something that is the ultimate personalized gift? Look no further than getting their face on a blanket. This gift is not only hilarious, depending on the picture you use of them, but there are so many different ways you can customize it. You can either have their entire face blown up to stretch over the whole blanket, or you could have their face printed as a pattern, creating multiple images of their face overlapping.

This is also another gift they won’t see coming and something they can keep on using for years to come. They can either use it as a throw blanket for the couch or sleep within their room. It has longevity in terms of uses and can be customized in many different ways. It could even be passed down in the family and considered a generational item and honestly, we feel as if this is exactly something your quirky friend would do. 

Giant Bread Loaf Pillow

Is your friend a baker or just loves bread? They probably fall into one or both of those categories and if so, getting them a giant bread loaf pillow is the way to go. This fun pillow is great for lounging around on the couch or in their room, where they can snuggle with their giant bread loaf pillow and think about how much they love bread. Honestly, any giant-sized pillow shaped like food is always a good idea. 

If your friend isn’t into bread, you can also get giant-sized slices of pizza, a potato, and so much more as a pillow. Your giant-sized pillows resembling food item choices are really limitless, so you can go wild picking out one that they really like. This is also a great gift if your friend is obsessed with a certain type of food, eats it all the time, have knick-knacks plastered everywhere, etc. And since they are quirky, we feel like this is definitely something they would definitely do. 

Quirky Gifts Fit For Your Friend’s Quirks

Since traditional gifts for your quirky friend won’t work, you now know there are options out there that will really have your friend over the moon for your incredible gift-giving skills. 

The next time you are shopping for your quirky friend, check out the following gift ideas that they will absolutely love:

  • Quilting and sewing kit – have some fun making cool quilts or just learning how to sew, they’ll love it and you can even do it together.
  • Wine bundles – who says you just have to gift wine? Make this gift truly unique and add it to a bundle that includes eyemasks, candy, cool drinking glasses, and more.
  • Beef Bouquet – flowers are so overrated, spring for a beef bouquet and give your friend something that not only smells great but tastes great too.
  • Face blanket – a blanket with your friend’s face on it? They’ll never see it coming and love you for it.
  • Giant Bread Loaf Pillow – this would pair nicely with the face blanket you gave them and will really make it a stand-out conversation piece.

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