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When Using A Klaviyo Agency, Is it Really Worth The Cost?

Business outlays are business outlays, so when someone considers using a Klaviyo agency, it’s only natural to wonder if the cost is worth it. Here we aim to demonstrate the level of skill that they offer, to show you that it’s a) not usually something that others can do and b) worth it, in terms of what your business gets out of it.

The first thing to consider when trying to work out the cost of these services is what you actually need help with. The level of support you will need will, of course, have quite a large bearing on what you’ll need to pay for in terms of work carried out.

During your initial discussions with your agency of choice, you’ll talk about strategies, as well as the creative side of things. This will give those Klaviyo agency professionals what they need to be able to come up with ideas of how to help you.

The More Info You Can Give The Agency, The Better

As part of the fact-finding stage, it always pays to get directly involved in the brief that’s provided, as it will go a long way to shaping the strategy that’s used. What’s more, you’ll set a working relationship with the pros you’re working with.

Giving things your full attention is a fantastic way to start the relationship off, as they’ll fully understand your goals, the industry challenges you face, as well as your thoughts as the expert in your field.

Sure, you don’t want to be micromanaging the Klaviyo agency people you are working with – as you might as well do it yourself otherwise – but being ‘present’ will ensure expectations are set with regards to how ‘in the loop’ you’re kept.

Did You Know Exactly What An Agency Like This Can Do?

While your average layman will take quite a while to get their head around putting together a relatively basic email marketing email flow, a pro that does it 5 days a week will understandably be working at a higher level than you or me.

Experts like these are masters in all things email marketing, so you might be quite surprised to know the extent of what they can do for your campaigns. The following is a selection of the tasks that are second nature to good Klaviyo agencies: 

  • Email marketing audits
  • Email automation & workflow creation
  • Email strategy formulation
  • Email segmentation
  • Email optimization
  • Email marketing copywriting
  • Email HTML development
  • Emails integrated with AI
  • Email templating
  • Email design

Of course, you’re not always going to get every agency offering everything listed here, but when you find one that does offer a full selection of options, you know that you’re onto a winner.

So, here’s the rub – a good agency will work hard to minimize the spending while also maximizing your returns, so rather than focusing on the outgoings, think about what the work they do is going to bring in – which typically far outweighs it. 

A Good Klaviyo Agency Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

When you’re working with the best Klaviyo experts, you’ll be far too interested in the traffic, conversions and extra revenue that you get on an ongoing basis to worry about how much of your budget it is taking up. They save you vast swathes of time too, as you’re spared the task yourself. 

So, when you find a good one to take care of what is still a hugely effective way to generate leads and sales, we think you’ll agree that they’re worth their weight in gold.

So, yes, in our opinion, they’re very much worth the cost.

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